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You probably have some tables that you never intend to add to the game list, such as backup copies or test games. Don t worry - you can easily kick these out of the list. Just bring up the Operator Menu and select Hide Game. That will relegate the game to a separate Hidden list that will never show up - unless you specifically ask to see the hidden games by selecting Show Hidden Games from the Operator Menu.

Startup audio video You can make PinballY play a custom video and or audio file each time the program starts up. To show a custom startup video, place a file called Startup Video. mp4 in the Media folder within your main PinballY install folder. It has to have exactly that base file name, including the space, but you can use any of the other supported video format suffixes instead of. If this video file is present, PinballY will play it back in the main playfield window at startup, then display the selected game as usual.

To play back a custom audio track, place a file called Startup Audio. mp3 in the Media folder within your main PinballY install folder. ogg if you use one of those formats instead of mp3. If startup audio and video files are both present, they ll be played concurrently, so you ll probably want to use a silent video. Admin mode A lot of pin cab users are accustomed to having to run some or all of their software in Administrator Modemeaning that you give the software full system privileges as though it were a core operating system component.

It s best to minimize this, since Admin Mode opens up your system to more risks from malware and program bugs, but many pin cab users just give up and run everything in Admin mode to work around weird problems. PinballY has some features can will help you at least reduce Admin mode usage. Ideally, you should be able to eliminate Admin mode entirely, but you might have some programs that really do require it for one reason or another.

The big thing that you shouldn t do with PinballY is to run the main PinballY. exe program in Admin mode. You might be used to doing that with other front ends, but don t do it with PinballY. Instead, if you find that you must use Admin mode, run the separate PinballY Admin Mode. exe program instead. That program identifies itself to Windows as requiring Admin privileges, so you don t have to explicitly set the Run as Admin checkbox in the properties and you don t have to use the Run as Admin command from the desktop.

Just run it like a normal program and it ll automatically use Admin mode. You ll still see a User Access Control UAC warning from Windows asking for your permission to do this, so this isn t some kind of end run around the Windows security system. The PinballY Admin Mode. exe program splits up the system into two parts a small Admin mode part that runs in the background, and the main PinballY user interface program that runs in regular user mode.

This allows PinballY to launch most games in regular user mode as well. User mode is preferable whenever possible because it provides a degree of protection against system damage from malicious code or just accidental bugs. If you do try to launch any games that require Admin mode, the Admin mode background task lets PinballY launch those Admin mode games without any UAC prompts, and allows PinballY to interact with them even though they re running with elevated privileges.

The idea is to allow you to use Admin mode when it s truly necessary, without forcing you to use it all the time, and without constant permissions prompts from Windows. If you ve personally added the Run as Administrator setting to any of your pinball software such as one of the Visual Pinball programsyou might want to review those settings and see if they re really necessary. They probably aren t. A lot of pin cab users try Run as Administrator as a basic troubleshooting step, but in most cases it won t help - and when it doesn t help, it s actively harmful, iqoption 4 of the complications it creates for interactions with other programs.

New Table Setup. First off, forget everything you know about PinballX and HyperPin. With PinballY, you won t be hand-editing any XML files and you won t be running any separate table editor programs. The process with PinballY is more streamlined. You do everything from within the main PinballY program, and you never even have to exit the program and restart it.

Step one download the table. The first step, obviously, is to obtain the new table. PinballY doesn t change anything about this part. Just do this like you always did. Go to your favorite download site, such as VP Forums or VP Universe, and grab the new table you re looking for. Unpack it into the Tables folder for Visual Pinball or whichever iqoption 4 it uses.

Note that there s no need to exit PinballY while you do this; you can leave it running in the background. Step two find the new file in the PinballY wheel. As described above under Unconfigured table files, PinballY normally shows new, unconfigured tables in its game wheel, right alongside configured games. The new game will be displayed under its filename, since PinballY doesn t know its title yet that s kind of what unconfigured means. PinballY sorts the wheel in alphabetical order, so just navigate through the wheel to the spot where the filename sorts in.

You don t have to exit and restart PinballY during this part, by the way. You can just leave it in the background while you browse the download sites and grab files. PinballY looks for new table files every time it switches back into the foreground, so the new tables will show up immediately in the wheel. If you don t see the new file immediately, make sure that you re viewing the All Tables filter rather than some more selective filter.

And if you checked the box for Hide unconfigured games in the options dialog, that will obviously prevent the new table from showing up in the normal list. In this case, you ll have to specifically select the Show Unconfigured Games filter from the Operator Menu. Step three enter the game s details. Once you ve found the new file in the game wheel, press Start Enter to bring up the main menu.

There ll be a new command near the top, Game Setup. The main menu adds this command whenever an unconfigured game is selected. This command isn t in the main menu for games that have already been configured, but it s always available in the Operator Menu, so you can always go back and further edit a game s details any time after setting it up. Game Setup will bring up another menu with commands for editing the game.

On this menu, select Edit game details. This will bring up a dialog box. This is one of the points in PinballY where you ll need to reach for the regular mouse and keyboard. Much as I like the media-rich, button-only UI style for game playing functions, it s just not the right interface when you have to enter a bunch of text. On-screen keyboards with two-button navigation are just way too tedious. So PinballY resorts to an ordinary dialog box here. Note that if you ve rotated your playfield, the dialog box won t rotate with it; it ll appear in the normal Windows desktop orientation for the monitor.

Now we get to one of my favorite parts. You can see that the Title field has a little drop-list arrow at the right. This will bring up a list of likely matches from a giant master list derived from IPDB of just about all of the pinballs ever made. The dialog tries to make a guess about which game this is based on the filename, using a fuzzy matching procedure. The best guess is listed first, then a few other possible matches.

If you see the right title in the drop list, just pick it. This will automatically fill in the rest of the dialog with the appropriate values for the selected game, taken from the IPDB data. The one other detail you might have to set manually is the System. If you have multiple versions of Visual Pinball installed which most people doyou ll have to select the one to use with this game.

PinballY can t always figure that out on its own because several VP versions use exactly the same file types, even though they re not really compatible with each other. Once you re satisfied with the game s details, click OK to save changes. Step four download media. Bring up the Game Setup menu again. This time, select Find game media onlinethen select Search. This will bring up your Web browser and navigate to a Google search for a HyperPin Media Pack for this game.

At this point, you ll have to rely on your Web savvy to find the right HP Media Pack file. Fortunately, this is usually really easy because the Web search usually works like magic. The top result is almost always the right file from VP Forums. If the Web search doesn t turn up a good result, though, I d recommend as a fallback that you manually browse for the file in the Frontend Media and Backglass section on VP Forums.

Once you find the file on VP Forums or elsewhere, click through the links to download the file. You should end up with a downloaded ZIP file or perhaps another archive format like RAR or 7z. Now simply drag and drop the downloaded ZIP file onto the PinballY playfield window. Assuming that the downloaded file is a valid HP Media Pack file, PinballY will show you a iqoption 4 of the media files it contains, giving you a chance to select the individual items to include or skip.

Make your selections and select Add Media from the menu. The new media will appear on-screen immediately. Again, there s no need to reboot PinballY. By the way, if you find any individual media items for a game that you want to add separately, that s easy, too. For example, suppose you find a video of the backglass that you want to install. Just download the video and drop the file onto the backglass window. If you find a DMD video, download it and drop it onto the DMD window.

PinballY will install the file in the appropriate location for the window where you drop it. You can do this with still graphics or videos for any of the windows. You can also drop an audio file. mp3 onto the playfield to install a Launch Audio file, which is played automatically each time you launch the game. Step five capture videos optional. The HP Media Packs usually have static graphics for the playfield and backglass, but they almost never include any video.

PinballY can display animated video graphics in all windows, which makes for a livelier browsing experience. Videos for some games are available online, but coverage is spotty, and they re not as easy to find as the Media Packs. Fortunately, PinballY makes it easy to create your own videos for all windows by capturing screen shots of the live game actually running. To capture media, go back to the Game Setup menu. Remember that you can always reach Game Setup through the Operator Menu, even if the command no longer appears on the main menu after completing the initial setup.

This time, select Capture images video. This will bring up another menu that lets you select which images and videos to capture. This menu offers media types for visible windows only, so it you want to capture screen shots for any windows you normally leave closed, you ll have to temporarily open them before starting a capture. Select the items you d like to capture on this run.

You can also adjust the initial delay time if necessary as some games take longer to start up than others. Select Begin Capture when you re ready. Now just stand back and let PinballY run through the automatic capture process. PinballY will launch the game and capture screen images and or videos for each window. The captured screen area for each media type will exactly match your PinballY window layout for that item.

Once the capture process is completed, PinballY will automatically terminate the game and return to its normal display. The newly captured items will all be automatically installed and you should see them immediately. The capture process uses the popular FFMPEG program. By default, FFMPEG will capture and compress video at the same time. This requires a pretty fast CPU, though; the resulting videos can look choppy on a slower machine, because FFMPEG has to reduce the frame rate if the compression can t keep up with real time.

If your captured videos do look choppy, try the Two-pass encoding option in the settings dialog. That tells FFMPEG to perform the capture and compression steps separately, which requires a lot less CPU power. Troubleshooting tips If you run a capture, and the resulting playfield video or image shows a gray or black background with the text Capturing Mediaor shows the capture status box, you might need to increase the startup delay time.

FFMPEG might have started recording the screen image before the game actually started, making it capture PinballY loading screens instead of the game. You might need a longer startup delay, which you can configure in the PinballY Capture options. Another possibility is that the game is running in Exclusive Full-Screen mode. Visual Pinball and some other systems offer this option, which sends graphics directly to the video card, bypassing Windows.

FFMPEG captures from the Windows display drivers, so it can t capture games running in Exclusive mode. If possible, change the game options to use Windowed Full-Screen mode. That s an option you have to set in the game player program itself, not PinballY. Media compatibility. PinballY uses the same media pack format used by HyperPin and PinballX, and also reads the XML table list files used by those systems.

You won t need to move or copy the files. PinballY uses all of the following media types from HyperPin PinballX table images and videos; backglass images and videos; DMD images and videos; real DMD images and videos, monochrome and full color; topper images and videos; instruction cards; flyers; launch audio. All of the folder structures are the same as in PinballX and HyperPin. PinballY is compatible with practically all common media types. It uses libvlc for video playback. Libvlc is the core engine of the popular VLC video player, and it supports practically every video file and format around, natively, without the need for any external codecs.

PinballY can also read the Flash SWF format, which has traditionally been used in HyperPin media packs for instruction cards. SWF support requires that you have Adobe s Flash Player installed on your system. Pinball player compatibility. You should be able to launch games in almost any pinball player system from PinballY. The default settings come pre-configured for Visual Pinball versions 10, 9. If you already have PinballX installed, PinballY will require practically no additional setup, as it should read your existing table lists and media files directly.

2Future Pinball, and The Pinball Arcade. But the launcher is designed to handle just about anything that you can launch via the Windows shell, and there s no practical limit to the number of different systems you can add. The paramount special feature of PinballY, the one that motivated its creation in the first place, is that it s open-source. I was tired of being stuck with a closed-source launcher that I couldn t customize and couldn t fix when I encountered bugs or annoyances.

So to a first approximation, PinballY just replicates what the other launchers do, but with a published and well-documented source code base that anyone can download, build, modify, and reuse. I think it has pretty thorough coverage of the basic features, as outlined above. But PinballY doesn t entirely stop there; it has a few nifty new features of its own. Easier setup. The older launchers tended to need quite a lot of setup. I tried to make things as automatic as possible, and when manual intervention is unavoidable, to at least make things easier.

For example, you set the window layout in PinballY using the normal Windows mouse gestures, rather than typing numbers into a dialog box. PinballY figures out where Visual Pinball and other programs are installed by reading the same registry information that the Windows desktop uses, so you don t have to type all of those paths into yet another config file. That s not only easier, it also makes the config file less brittle, since it won t break on simple changes like reinstalling VP in a new folder.

PINemHi, DOF, real DMD, and Pinscape Controller support are built-in and are pretty much automatic and zero-config. For the settings you do want or need to configure manually, you can adjust settings right in the running program; no need to exit out of the program and run a separate setup tool every time you want to tweak something. Starting with the Beta 2 version, PinballY lets you write custom Javascript code to modify and extend the program s standard features.

This offers extensive new customization capabilities that let you go way beyond what you can do with simple option settings, but without the need to get into the C source code. Javascript is an extremely powerful and expressive programming language that s also easy to learn and use. PinballY s Javascript API gives your scripting code access to a lot of the program s functionality, to make a wide range of customizations possible.

Star ratings. You can enter a star rating for every game right in the UI, in half-star steps from 0 to 5. And of course there s a filter that lets you select the games at any star rating level for display. Have you ever noticed how many Amazon reviewers say I wish I could give this POS zero stars. Well, with PinballY, you can. Zero stars and no rating are distinct, valid ratings. You can finally give your least favorite tables the ratings they deserve. Category tags. PinballY lets you create your own category tags and assign them to games, and then filter games to display only games from a particular category.

This is all done from the in-UI menus, not in some separate table list editor program. You can assign any number of categories to each game, too; no need to pick just one. High-score display on the DMD. PinballY automatically displays the latest high scores for the selected game on the DMD using simulated DMD-style graphics in the video DMD window, or directly on your real DMD if you have one. The display alternates between the high scores and the game s DMD video or still image every few seconds, to approximate the normal attract mode DMD display you see when you re actually running the table s ROM.

If there s a DMD video for the game, the high scores are displayed between each full loop of the video. In-UI game setup. You can set up a game s metadata from within the UI - no need to edit an XML file by hand or exit the program and run a separate table editor program. Javascript customization. If you see something wrong in the UI, you can fix it in place with a few keystrokes. If there s a new table that hasn t been set up yet, you can set it up with a few keystrokes.

New table discovery. PinballY automatically scans each pinball player system s table folders for new table files that haven t been set up yet, and includes them in the table list. You can launch a newly discovered table without even bothering to set it up, or you can hide it if it s just an old file that you re keeping around as a backup, or you can enter its details immediately using the in-UI game setup feature. Drag-and-drop media installation. Just as you can set up a game s bibliographic details within the UI, you can add media within the UI.

Simply download the game s HyperPin Media Pack from your favorite forum site, and drag-and-drop the Media Pack ZIP file onto a PinballY window. PinballY even scans for tables when you switch to another program and back, so you can download and install a new table without even exiting the program PinballY will find the new table as soon as you download it. PinballY will examine iqoption 4 file and offer to unpack it into the correct folder tree for the currently selected game, fixing up the file names as needed.

There s even a menu command that runs a Web search for the appropriate media pack, so it only takes a few steps to find and install media for a new game. In-UI media capture. The HyperPin Media Packs are great for wheel images, flyers, instruction cards, and basic static table images, but they don t usually include video. PinballY makes it easy to capture live video from your installed games. The game setup menu lets you run an automated capture process that launches the current game and captures selected videos and or images.

Setup is simple because PinballY already knows exactly where all of the images should appear it uses its own window positions to determine where the running windows will appear. Newly captured videos and images appear in the UI immediately after capture. Starting with the Alpha 20 release, you can capture media from a whole list of games in one operation via Batch Capture. This lets you set up a new system or fill in missing media for newly added games more automatically, without having to go through the capture process for each game individually.

Built-in DOF support DOF is supported natively; there are no plugins to install and no settings to configure. PinballY should connect to DOF automatically if it s installed. DOF attract mode integration. PinballY generates DOF events while in attract mode that can put on a light show when the machine is idling, with no need for an external program like LedBlinky. Attract mode is the screen saver-like mode that PinballY enter if you don t touch the controls for a while.

You can configure attract mode lighting effects entirely within the DOF config tool. Pinscape Controller support The Operator Menu includes an option to switch Night Mode on and off if you have a Pinscape Controller attached. The option won t appear if you don t. Broad media suport. PinballY uses libvlc for video format support.

Libvlc is the core engine of the popular VLC media player, and it has excellent support for just about every format out there, including full HD and 4K videos, without the need for any added codecs or plugins. The 64-bit version of PinballY is recommended for 4K videos, since 4K video playback requires very large amounts of memory that can overwhelm a 32-bit system.

Monitor startup coordination. Windows doesn t always recognize all monitors immediately at startup on a multi-monitor system. This can make it difficult for a program that launches at system startup like PinballY to properly restore its window layout, since some parts of the desktop may be missing until all of the monitors finish coming on-line. This setting can be found in the Startup page of the options dialog. High-performance C and Direct3D 11.

PinballY is written entirely in C for low overhead and high performance, directly on the Win32 API and the modern Direct3D 11 graphics system. Low-overhead background operation. Whenever you launch a game, PinballY automatically unloads all media to reduce its memory footprint, shuts off most of its Windows UI elements, and reduces its own process priority to minimize its CPU usage while in the background. The point is to hand over control of system resources to the launched pinball program as much as possible so that it gives you the smoothest playing experience.

Safer Admin mode support. A few older pinball player programs are bad actors in terms of Windows security, by forcing you to run them in Admin Mode. This is enough of a pain that a lot of cab users either turn off the Windows security controls such as UAC or just run everything in Admin Mode, to work around weird bugs or just to stop getting harassed by permissions dialogs.

PinballY offers a better way to handle this. It has an Admin Mode version that lets you launch player programs in Admin Mode only when necessary. And in reality, it s hardly ever necessary. Even when running this way, PinballY itself run in regular user mode, and it launches all of the the normal, well-behaved pinball player programs in user mode as well; the only things that run in Admin mode are the programs that truly require it. If this is a problem on your system, you can fix it by telling PinballY to wait for a given number of monitors to come online before PinballY starts running.

If you ve been running PinballX in Admin Mode because that was the only way you could get it working reliably, you should try PinballY in regular user mode. It ll probably fix your problems and let you reinstate safe and sane security settings on your system. PinballY sends game title information to PinVol if it s running that lets PinVol show the title of the current running game instead of just the filename.

Coin simulation. It s just pointless fun, but if you have coin acceptors installed on your cab, you can amuse yourself by amassing credits on the PinballY display. The settings file lets you set up just about any coin and pricing scheme, to simulate any era of real pinballs. Löfflmann computer scientist. Welcome to my private homepage computer scientific subjects and more. Description Copyright Requirements Download FAQ Release Notes.

If you doubleclick on a jar file, and your Java application does not start, your. jar association has been hijacked. You can fix the problem with Jarfix. The root cause for the problem above is, that a program has stolen the. jar association. If you have installed the Java Runtime Environment the first time, the file type called jar is assigned to javaw. exe correctly. jar is an abbreviation for java archive and javaw.

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