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Don t have a WPS button on your hub. Set up with WiFi enabled device instead. Fixing a problem Get help if you have a problem setting up your booster, including if your device isn t switching between your hub and booster s WiFi signal and how to reset your booster. And, with the 2020 season just days away from starting, I convened our SOTU contributors for a roundtable Q A to give their thoughts and predictions for the season. Here s the first part of our discussion, with the second part coming tomorrow.

SOTU 2020 season predictions roundtable part 1. What are your expectations for year 2 of the Manny Diaz era. Cam Underwood A step forward. A 6-7 record in 2019 was bad, and some of the losses were atrocious y all know the list. But Diaz made the move to change the offense, bring in a bunch of coaches who excel in spread schemes, got a couple key transfers, a nice recruiting class, and a favorable schedule a little less-so with some of the COVID-19 schedule change, but still not bad.

Marshall Thomas My expectations for the 2020 season is to see overall improvement, not just in the win-loss record, but a more positive feeling in the locker room and surrounding the program. As far as a win-loss prediction, I m between 8-3 or 9-2. After a long offseason, made longer by virtue of a horrific 2019 season AAAAND COVID-19 which shortened spring practice to 4 daysMiami Hurricanes Football is almost back.

Clemson will obviously be our toughest game, but I also think Virginia Tech and Louisville could give Miami problems. But overall, I want to see a big improvement, especially on the offensive side of the ball, and more consistent domination from the defense. I expect Miami to take a step forward this year. Justin Dottavio Miami had better see drastic improvement on offense and in the kicking game or it s going to be a long season for the fans.

That said, the real area where improvement is needed to be seen is in the culture of the program. No more reports of guys skipping practice or sneaking out and getting to play. The me culture needs to take a backseat to the we culture ASAP. John Michaels An ACC Championship Game appearance at minimum, and then the team must be competitive with Clemson.

The excuses of a year ago have been eradicated with Enos and others no longer on the coaching staff. Changing from Jarren Williams to D Eriq King is a huge upgrade at QB. Manny needs to win games to justify all of the off-season hype. Roman Marciante A winning record. Can t regress into the ACC abyss this year. No more dancing on the sidelines. Your offense and defense need to be top 25 caliber or bust. And playing Clemson close or beyond is something that can spring this program forward.

You need to do it. Stephan Cheatham A Coastal Championship and an Orange Bowl Berth. Though only entering his second season leading the Canes, Diaz has coordinated for them since 2016. His defense has no room for regression and talk of curing the disease is entering its 5th year. It s a a make or break season for Coach Diaz and the current leadership of the program. The defense needs to continue to do what it has done in the Diaz era. Carl Bleich The offense needs to improve monumentally in all facets.

Special teams must improve vastly. If Diaz doesn t get at least seven wins, he will need a real estate agent. Candis McLean Manny always produces a strong defense. I don t expect a drop off on that side of the ball. Inconsistency and a lack of accountability reigned supreme last year. Hopefully, the roster is full of players who have bought into bringing Miami back to greatness.

I want to see a dominant defense and an explosive offense. Dylan Sherry With all the changes that were made in the offseason, I expect to see a new brand of football for Miami in Diaz s second year. 2019 had some embarrassing moments, I expect and hope to see a team that is driven and focused. Those three things will equate to at least nine wins for Miami.

Jake Marcus I expect marked improvement on the offense, which shouldn t be all that difficult as the last game they played they were shut out by Louisiana Tech in the Bowl game. Regardless of what it s compared to, the uptempo spread offense should be fun to watch in 2020 with an improved and deep OL, as well as playmakers across the formation. That and finishing drives are going to need to be the impetus behind the transformation.

John Reynolds Give respect to Manny Diaz. Unlike several recent Miami head coaches, Diaz made the changes necessary to move forward in a positive manner for the program. I expect a big step forward in year two of the Manny Diaz Era. His defenses have always been strong, and a move to the spread should do wonders for a team that has long needed to free up the speed that resides up and down the roster. Robby Espin Entering year two of the Manny Diaz Era, I expect Miami to win at least 8 games.

I expect Manny Diaz to lead a more disciplined team. Last year was derailed in part by immaturity and a lack of leadership in the locker room. During the offseason, Miami added veteran transfers such as QB D Eriq King, DE Quincy Roche, and OT Jarrid Williams. After seeing what happened in 2019, Manny Diaz has made it a point to hold his players accountable. Who is the bigger addition OC Rhett Lashlee or QB D Eriq King.

Underwood The answer is yes. But if I have to choose, I m going with Lashlee. Miami also had multiple players with known issues leave the program this offseason. King is a great player, but the addition of Lashlee brings an offensive scheme that Miami can and should use to great success this season AND BEYOND. That s the tipping point for me in Lashlee s favor, but if someone chose King here, I think there s definitely a case to be made.

Thomas I think Rhett Lashlee is the biggest overall addition for the Hurricanes, because of what the program can now do with a coach who runs a modern offensive system. I wanted to say D Eriq King at first, but the hype surrounding King for 2020, wouldn t be where it is without an OC like Lashlee. Dottavio I m always taking Jimmy s and Joe s over X s and O s. It s going to open up a lot more opportunities for the Canes on the football field and also in recruiting. There s a reason there is a Blue Chip Ratio that s been proven to be true for now.

Great teams have talent and great teams have great QB s ie Tebow, Burrow, Winston, Frazier, Dorsey. Michaels Rhett Lashlee. For one season King will be a bigger addition because Miami has struggled at QB for almost two decades. Lashlee is bigger long term because Miami will finally be playing a modern offense which will get more Miami kids to stay home. If he is successful and leaves, Miami will most likely stay on that same offensive path.

Implementation of the spread uptempo offense with tactful considerations of check with me is something so long overdue in Miami. This style of offense is culturally aligned with the DNA of high school football down here. Native tongue goes beyond one player. Marciante Rhett Lashlee. Without Lashlee, I doubt we get King. The additions of Rob Likens and Garin Justice fall under his achievements as well. So the total package is huge. King may very well do fine if he weren t in Lashlee s offense, but I believe Lashlee is the only available option able to really tap into King s potential.

Bleich Since Rhett Lashlee didn t score 50 touchdowns in 2018, I have to say D Eriq King. I will always take an elite player over an elite coach in any situation since the player is the one with the ball in his hands. McLean Rhett Lashlee is the bigger addition to the team. Cheatham Lashlee. From the offensive line to the skill position players, an enhanced offense makes everyone better. A dominant play caller is finally with the Hurricanes and I can t wait.

Sherry Lashlee is my choice here because it s an entire change in the system. D Eriq King is a beast, but he s only here for one season, presumably. If Lashlee s offense works in Coral Gables, Miami should cough up the big bucks for him. His offense can be exactly what Canes fans have wanted for half a decade, something that could restore the program to an elite level. Marcus Lashlee. This is a perfect marriage of a veteran QB, who is more than capable of operating the spread formation, coming in with a coach who has to completely renovate the offensive mess from a year ago.

King is currently slated as one of the favorites for the Heisman. However, Lashlee s operation of the entire offensive scheme has been pronounced in prior programs, most recently at SMU where Baltimore Ravens rookie, James Proche, went from catching 97 balls in two years without Lashlee to 204 receptions in the final two years under Lashlee s offense. Expect breakouts like that at the U due to Lashlee s guidance. Reynolds This is really, really tough.

D Eriq King is absolutely potentially a program-changing quarterback, but this has to go to Rhett Lashlee. Lashlee was quite possibly the primary reason Auburn made the national title game in 2013, as he rejuvenated a scuffling offense that was struggling under Gus Malzahn. After that, at every stop of his career, Lashlee has improved every offense he s been a part of.

There s no reason to expect otherwise at Miami, where his power-spread should stand to benefit the Hurricanes more than almost any other team he s coached. Espin D Eriq King. Although the Rhett Lashlee hire should have a lasting effect for years going forward, adding D Eriq King to this squad is a dream come true. It has been decades since Miami has had a game changing dynamic quarterback.

D Eriq King is just that, dynamic. King currently has a 15-game streak of consecutive games with at least one passing touchdown and one rushing touchdown. This streak is an FBS record that was previously held by Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. What do you expect from D Eriq King at Quarterback. Underwood Honestly, I expect 2018 D Eriq King the one who was a whisper away from a 3000 yard passing, 1500 yard rushing season with a 36-6 TD INT ratio and 14 rushing TDs.

King is the truth. He s the perfect player to run Lashlee s system, and Miami has all the talent in the world around him. I expect him to remind the CFB world why he was looked at so highly heading into last season, and help bring Miami back to prominence for winning in the present, not just the championships of the past. Thomas I have real high hopes from King in 2020.

Dottavio I expect a dynamic playmaker, that s a no brainer. I don t think he s going to throw for 36 touchdowns and run for 14 TD s like he did in 2018, but I wouldn t be surprised if his numbers are somewhat close to that, and I won t be shocked if he breaks the Miami single-season passing TD record, which is in 29. But what I really expect is someone that can lead and command the commitment of those around him.

Someone that has learned leadership skills and will be a vocal officer in the locker room. Michaels 35 TDs total, and close to 4000 yards of total offense. King put up 50 TDs in 2018 his last full year as a starter, and in Lashlee s offense I look for him to be a fringe Heisman contender. King will give Miami a dynamic they have not had in years gone by, which will open up the rest of the offense.

Marciante A run threat that will keep defenses up at night. Surgical efficiency on short passes and a deep ball touch that will make teams think twice to just sit in bump and run all day. My expectations is a multifaceted nightmare for opposing teams to deal with. Cheatham Something similar to what we saw with Hurts at Oklahoma, highlighted by a similar leadership and hunger.

He has the IT factor that players rally behind. Statistically, the potential is there to mirror Hurts on field impact, albeit with more flair in a faster paced offense. Bleich I expect Miami to have the best leader it has had at quarterback since Brad Kaaya. It is easy to talk about the talent of signal callers but leadership can be just as important. The lack of leadership from the position put Miami in a terrible spot last season.

King is a strong leader who will work his hardest to right the ship with Rhett Lashlee. He ll bring a swagger and a poise to the position that we haven t had in a while. If the offense has any chance to reach its unstoppable hype, it starts with him. Sherry I expect efficiency and good decision making. If no one is open, he can scramble for a first down. If someone gets open late downfield, he can roll out and make the throw, while also picking apart the defense with underneath routes.

Marcus Hopefully a QB that doesn t look like they are running for their life on every snap. Seriously though, I expect King to be distributing the ball pretty well amongst his targets speedy receivers, two-TE sets, and strong RB corewhich should keep defenses off balance. Reynolds D Eriq King is the essence of what you look for in a modern college quarterback.

He s incredibly smart, a born leader, and as talented as anyone you ll see on the field. King should provide dynamic playmaking that the Hurricanes haven t seen in nearly two decades, and should help out a still inconsistent offensive line and receiving corps. All in all, I expect King to set the standard for QB play at the University of Miami, and provide an example for Rhett Lashlee to build on with the rest of the quarterbacks on the roster.

McLean D Eriq King is a primetime player. Espin I expect D Eriq King to be the player who pushes the Canes to the next level. With NFL scouts doubting his ability to play QB at the next level, King is motivated to prove himself against Power 5 competition at the highest level. Which offensive position is the strongest for Miami in 2020.

Underwood Running back. Cam Harris is a monster, and has proven that he s a weapon running and receiving through last year and fall camp. Add to that Jaylan Knighton, a HS All-American and Broward County HS s 2nd all-time career rusher who has earned rave reviews ever since enrolling in January, and Donald Chaney Jr, another All-American caliber RB and 3 time High Jump State Champion in HS, and you have a trio of backs that can impact the game in a variety of ways.

And, if you add in King s running ability here, which is more dynamic than arguably any other Miami Hurricanes QB in the history of the program, and this is the clear answer to me. Thomas Just because of D Eriq King, I m going to have to say quarterback. He brings a skill-set that we ve never seen out of a Hurricanes quarterback, pair that with his experience and the play-calling of Rhett Lashlee, the Miami offense will go as far as King takes them.

Dottavio Tight end. Brevin Jordan, Will Mallory, Larry Hodges, and Dominic Mammarelli are all highly talented individuals that I hope were recruited because they re the Best fit and not just the most Talented fit. Michaels Running Back. Maybe I m drinking the freshmen Kool-Aid but the addition of Knighton and Chaney Jr to go along with Cam Ron Harris, Miami should be loaded.

Look for these 3 to combine for over 2000 yards on the ground and a bunch of highlight pays. Harris will show people he is a true number one back, and these freshmen will be special in this wide open offense. Marciante Offensive line. SMU had 34 less sacks then a year ago and the system was the reason why. This system and the fact those hogmollies are sick of hearing about how bad they were last year is the reason they will be the core stronghold this year.

Cheatham I don t feel like there is wrong answer here with the depth of talent, but tight end feels like a spot that features more talent than most rooms in the country. You have three guys that can beat you in a variety of ways and have a short drop off from one to the next. Solid group for coach Field. Bleich Tight end. I think Will Mallory is the starting tight end at 95 percent of schools in the country, but not Miami. With Brevin Jordan back healthy, he leads an elite tight end room that will benefit from a new offensive system.

Don t sleep on Larry Hodges either. McLean Quarterback is the strongest position group for Miami offensively. There s talent at the starting and backup positions. The quarterback spot also has a backup QB with tons of experience. Sherry I d say quarterback, which would ve been crazy to say if that was my answer a year ago.

N Kosi Perry is a great security blanket to have if King was to be injured. Marcus It s gotta be TE. Under Lashlee s new system, I think Kosi can thrive as well. Will Mallory is on the cusp on a breakout and Brevin Jordan should be one of the best TE s in the nation. Combine that with Larry Hodges and Dominic Mammarelli and this group will keep the TEU reputation rolling for a while.

If the current tight end commits for 2021, Elijah Arroyo and Kahlil Brantley, have any hesitations about joining the Canes, this group s play will quickly eradicate that. Reynolds This is close between tight end and running back, but I ll side with the running backs. Miami has an incredibly talented starter in Cam Harris, who was strong last season despite a horrendous passing game and even worse run blocking. Then, in the offseason the Hurricanes added Jaylan Knighton and Don Chaney, two impact freshmen who should see plenty of carries this season.

Espin Running back. A knee injury to Robert Burns impacts the Hurricanes depth, but this should still be a great place of strength for Miami in 2020. Cam Harris returns in 2020 after being very productive as Miami s second option behind Deejay Dallas last year. Harris is a punishing and powerful back who welcomes contact.

Miami added the two best running backs in the state of Florida in true freshmen Don Chaney Jr. Knighton has looked EXCEPTIONAL during practice since enrolling in January. He should make an immediate impact as a true freshman as an explosive option with good pass catching ability. Chaney has been as advertised, a powerful yet speedy back who could be a workhorse at some point in his career. and Jaylan Knighton. Which offensive position is the weakest most concerning for Miami in 2020.

Underwood Offensive Line. The last time we saw them, they were a MESS. And yes, there s been an infusion of talent and an updated scheme that should hopefully help them, but at this point, they re the weak link. honorable mention Wide Receivers, a group with LOTS of talent but little in the way of on-field success to this point. And I hope they go out and prove that things are different now, but yeah, it s gotta be the OL after what we saw from them last year.

Thomas I d have to say wide receivers for this question. We all know the talent is there, when you think of guys like Mark Pope, Dee Wiggins and Jeremiah Payton. Though, and this has been a big question that has plagued Hurricanes players for the last 15 players, can the production meet the hype. Dottavio Offensive line. Sorry guys, but it s got to be proven that the room has improved.

That comes from the S C program, the individual coaching and the desire of the athletes to get better. Miami hasn t had a good line in a decade. Michaels It has to be OLine until proven otherwise. I think the scheme and another year in Dan Feeley s weight program will help, but this group was an utter disaster last year. I hope the influx in talent will make some marked improvements, but until I see it in game action, I still think this group is a huge question mark.

Marciante Wide receiver. I feel good about this group as a whole but I need a dominant X receiver to emerge from this group. It is the one thing that I have concerns about. What receiver, if any, can literally take over a game if he has to. Cheatham It has to be offensive line in my opinion. The is there talent there at every other position. To an extent the others have shown strong signs. The OLine, for as much as been made of improvements, still have to show us on the field.

Bleich Wide receiver. Who is King throwing the ball to with the game on the line. Who has proven an ability to make big plays in big games when it matters most. I think Miami has a lot of wide receivers with about the same of amount of talent and badly needs someone to step up and take charge of the room circa Braxton Berrios in 2017.

McLean The offensive line has been fortified at key spots but it s still a position group of intrigue. The only sure thing upfront is Corey Gaynor. There is tons of experience on the offensive line. We can only hope that the new scheme and strength and conditioning work will launch them in the right direction. Sherry The offensive line is still concerning for me, I haven t forgotten how frustrating it was to watch in 2019. If we can run the ball, we won t have to rely on King to carry us.

There were far too many games in 2019 that could ve gone our way if we had proper protection for the quarterback and open lanes for the runners. Marcus Offensive Line. The 51 sacks allowed last year requires more than just a makeover, it requires invasive reconstructive surgery. I like the idea of slowly assimilating the young players as DJ Scaife Jr. and Corey Gaynor should do a decent job of keeping the RG and C positions steady, but beyond that, I m not completely convinced at any position.

While I m also optimistic about graduate transfer Jarrid Williams at RT due to his experience and familiarity with King, but he still has to learn a new offense and get up to speed with the spread formation. Reynolds Wide receiver. In recent years the Hurricanes have been wildly inconsistent in the receiving room. Miami s scheme certainly hasn t helped, but drops and other inconsistencies have plagued this position group for years.

In 2020, without the leadership and production of KJ Osborn, the Hurricanes will need to find a primary receiver, and fast, or the offense could struggle to meet Manny Diaz and Rhett Lashlee s expectations. Espin Offensive Line. They got better with experience, but there is a ton of work to be done with this line. While the team added Jarrid Williams at RT, this is mainly the same group that allowed 51 sacks in 2019.

Who is your breakout player on offense in 2020 not King and why. Underwood Freshman WR Keyshawn Smith. I think he s the biggest steal in last year s recruiting class and he has the talent and temperament to make an impact immediately this year. He s gonna take someone s snaps at WR and I m ready for it. Thomas I m really high on junior tight end Will Mallory heading into 2020. Looking at how Lashlee used his tight ends at SMU last year, Mallory has the athleticism to produce big numbers.

Dottavio Jaylan Knighton, insert highlight tape here. Michaels Mark Pope. Maybe this is hope, or maybe it s opportunities that he hasn t had before. Pope has all the talent and now is in a new system that should fit his skill set. Marciante Rooster editor s note that s Jaylan Knighton s nickname, for anyone who didn t know. I saw his TD run vs the Miami defense in scrimmage and I haven t seen a 4 torch a Miami defense that bad since Dalvin Cook. I don t care that he is a freshman, speed doesn t discriminate.

Pope should be a 50 catch type guy operating out of the slot and on the outside. Unless you are a slow defense. Cheatham Brevin Jordan. How can a player that is regarded as a high draft pick, after only two seasons, breakout. Watching tape on how Lashlee uses tight ends, there is massive potential here for Jordan to blast off. Stay healthy and play a full season. 500 yards last year in limited games under Dan Enos tells me he can clear 800 and grab some major hardware with Lashlee and a full season.

Bleich Cam Harris. It is finally Harris time to shine. The Miami native has earned his starting position and is ready to slide into the DeeJay Dallas role from 2019 and the Travis Homer role from 2018. McLean Dee Wiggins is in line for a great year. The open offense will do wonders for someone with his YAC ability. I can t want to see is long speed on display in a scheme predicated on getting WRs in space and allowing them to make plays.

Sherry Cam Ron Harris. Harris had great moments in 2019, but I think 2020 will show his development. At this point in his college career, the game is most likely slowing down for him, he s becoming a seasoned back. Marcus Mike Harley. If the offensive line can provide some daylight, I think he ll easily rush for 1,000 yards. WR Coach, Rob Likens, has described Harley as being courageous across the middle. Harley, who is a Senior, is the most productive returning WR and will likely assume a leadership role.

After James Proche s breakout under Lashlee s system, one of the receivers is bound to breakout, and I expect it to be someone who mainly operates out of the slot. He s not afraid and that s what you need with some guys that are going to play in the inside. Harley also has the speed to match out of the blocks, which should assist on quick slant patterns. I expected big things from the 5 11180lbs slot guy. Reynolds Jeremiah Payton is my breakout player for 2020.

Ever since arriving on campus the Hurricanes coaches have raved about the redshirt freshman. Payton has all the tools to be a first round receiver, and Coach Rob Likens remarked that he s the most talented guy I ve ever coached. Payton should be poised for a breakout year in an offensive scheme that should allow receivers to play to their strengths and find space. With Rhett Lashlee s spread offense, there are bound to be more targets to go around in 2020.

Espin Jeremiah Payton. New WRs coach Rob Likens had high praise for Payton, saying his talent level is as good as anyone he s ever coached. Likens has coached elite talent at WR, producing back to back first round picks in N Keal Harry and Brandon Aiyuk while at Arizona State. Payton could carve out a role for himself as a red zone threat. Payton is a redshirt freshman who sat out most of last year. Who is your offensive newcomer of the year and why. Underwood RB Jaylan Knighton.

Learn the name. Thomas Without hesitation, I m saying running back Jaylan Knighton. The news on Knighton coming out of fall camp has been spectacular. He lead Miami in rushing in their two scrimmages, and with how much Lashlee loves to run the ball, I expect to see plenty of Rooster this fall. Dottavio Jaylan Knighton. After that it s up to Knighton and Don Chaney.

Miami has one proven running back in Cam Ron Harris. Knighton has more explosion to him and I believe will be a break away threat for explosive plays. Michaels Xavier Restrepo. Maybe I m having flashbacks of Braxton Berrios from 2017, but again in this offense WR s will have chances to make plays. Restrepo seems like the guy who will step up and push some of the iq option win.

Marciante I used Rooster as a breakout candidate. But I also think X avier Restrepo will factor this year on offense. Speaking with this young man he just has that intangible work ethic to be the best he can be and better than the next guy. Cheatham Jarrid Williams. An offense is wildly dependent on solid play in the trenches.

The Canes adding a proven bookend on the line ripples down the starting line, strengthening each spot as the chips are reshuffled to accommodate Williams. Also, having another spot that doesn t need consistent help is a bigger win than we can quantify. Getting a sixth-year senior at tackle to stabilize the offensive line will prove priceless for the Hurricanes this season. Miami will be running behind Williams and DJ Scaife Jr.

Bleich Jarrid Williams. on the right side a lot this season. McLean Jaylan Knighton s speed will be on display this year. The Broward County standout should see a good number of reps in the rotation behind Cam Ron Harris. He s truly a matchup nightmare and the Canes can get creative in the ways they use him. We ve seen freshmen receivers make immediate impacts on the playing field time and time again for the Canes.

Sherry Xavier Restrepo is my choice. Stacy Coley, Jeff Thomas, Ahmmon Richards; I think Restrepo will get some decent looks in the rotation and be the next prolific freshman wideout for the Canes. Marcus Jaylan Knighton for sure. It will largely be a RB by committee with veteran Cam Ron Harris as the expected workhorse, Don Chaney, and Knighton, but Knighton will be the biggest beneficiary.

Reynolds Jaylan Knighton. His carries will be split with Miami having such a talented group of running backs, but Knighton s talent and big-play ability should shine through to help him make an impact and maybe even a run at ACC Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2020; he s that talented. Espin Xavier Restrepo. The freshman WR has shown leadership on and off the field.

Restrepo was the leader of the 2020 class, recruiting teammate Jaylan Knighton to The U. Many have compared Restrepo to another slot WR, Braxton Berrios. I disagree with these comparisons. Restrepo has the potential to be a totally different player with a unique skill set. And that brings us to the end of the first part of our SOTU 2020 season roundtable. Which contributor do you most align your thoughts with.

Who is WAY off base. Talk it up, Canes fam. We re back with part 2 of our roundtable tomorrow afternoon. Miami s staff was incredibly excited when Knighton flipped from FSU and joined the Hurricanes most recent recruiting class, and for good reason. Knighton has impressed all through fall camp and has an incredible talent for his position.

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Image Copyright 2017 iPhone X Concept, iDrop News. Attribution required. Step into the Future iPhone X Running iOS 11. Here are the most beautiful and realistic iPhone X renders available today, as confirmed by our inside sources on Twitter last week. More recently, a bombshell exposé posted to Reddit by user AMA also corroborated iDrop News leaks stating the iPhone X would feature a vertical dual-lens camera setup, wireless charging, as well as facial and iris biometric security scanners.

These renders, which show the iPhone X running iOS 11, are nearly identical to the actual device and operating system set to debut this fall. We are providing you a peek into Apple s September keynote unlike anyone else online. iPhone X Features. We know more about the upcoming iPhone X aka iPhone Edition or iPhone 8 than any other iPhone pre-release before.

We are confident the iPhone X will possess the following features. Wireless Charging. Schematics of the iPhone X have shown a large pad on the inside of the upcoming device. This pad will enable wireless charging, and will be facilitated by the iPhone X s glass back panel. Vertical Dual-Lens Camera System. See the full resolution image gallery at the bottom of this page. The iPhone X will feature a vertical dual-lens camera system.

The camera setup has been repositioned due to Apple s major endeavor into the field of augmented reality. Placing the dual-lens camera in a vertical position will enhance its usability and effectiveness when the phone is placed in landscape mode while using augmented reality. Facial and Iris Biometric Security. A laser and infrared sensor on the front of the device will work in conjunction with a front-facing 3D dual-camera lens system to add additional layers of security including facial and iris recognition.

Hidden Touch ID Under the Display. There has been proof provided for and against the idea of Apple incorporating a hidden Touch ID mechanism underneath the display of the iPhone X. While iDrop News was told specifically in March that the iPhone X would feature Touch ID on the rear of the device, we believe that Apple has tested multiple devices and ultimately the iPhone X model that will make its way into production will feature Touch ID technology built into the front-facing glass. iPhone X Sensor Bar.

While some details are essentially confirmed, other details are still up in the air, reported based on speculation. It iq option win anticipated but not confirmed that the iPhone X will feature a small sensor bar in the center of the display, which will house the dual front-facing cameras, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, and earpiece. It s still unknown which iOS design choice Apple will implement regarding the unusual top half of the iPhone X s display, which is covered partially by the bar.

Apple could go one of two ways with this design 1. iOS could employ the entire display, ignoring the bar, as shown in the photos provided to display full-size pictures, backgrounds, screensavers, apps, and more. This would be the most striking and unique option, however that could be a tricky prospect for app developers who would be required to navigate app or game interfaces around the center bar.

The second, and more conservative, option would to black-out or white-out the portions of the display that are separated by the center bar, and use contrasting color icons for battery, signal strength, Wi-Fi strength, time etc.leaving a traditional rectangular display beneath. Jet Black iPhone X. But beyond iOS 11 speculation, we are still pondering final exterior design options for the iPhone X.

Leaked iPhone X dummy models show a stainless steel trim around the edge of a black device, which definitely reminds us of the original iPhone released ten years ago. But since then, Apple has varied the available color options of the iPhone lineup increasingly, even introducing a totally unique Jet Black color option for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus last year. So far, we ve only seen the iPhone X wrapped with silver stainless steel, however it s not unlikely that Apple will introduce a new Jet Black option for the iPhone X, in which the stainless steel will be colored black to match its body.

iPhone X Running iOS 11 Image Gallery. See more examples of a Jet Black iPhone X below. This Smartwatch, Packed Full of Features, Costs 4x Less than an Apple Watch. iPhone Certified Charging Sync Cable 3-Pack - 24. Brand New Device Fixes Slow WiFi Exposes Greedy Internet Service Providers. 5 Mac Features Most People Didn t Even Know Existed. It s Official Apple Is Holding Its iPhone Event Next Tuesday. AirTags Are Now in Production Could They Launch at the Apple Event Next Week.

5 iPhone 12 Rumors We Hope Are Real. 5 Reasons You Shouldn t Buy the Apple Watch Series 5. News iPhone iPad Mac Apple TV Apple Watch Fast Tech Rumors iPhone iPad Mac Apple TV Apple Watch How To AirDrop Apple TV Apple Watch iCloud iPad iPhone Mac Mail Drop Features Apple Gloves Reviews Privacy Security Store AAPL Concepts Apple Giveaways Company About Us Store Support Advertise with Us Privacy Policy Store Support Terms of Use Unsubscribe Wallpapers Latest Abstract Apple Illustration Photography Nature Space.

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