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We use voice recordings to evaluate each headset s microphone, as well as listen back to any Twitch broadcasts we ve conducted with them on. We generally wear each headset for at least two full days to assess comfort level. We almost always get a second iq option f from someone else on staff, as what s comfortable to one gamer could be unbearable to the next. The best gaming desks can keep all your PC gear together For better performance in-game, try the best gaming keyboards Also consider one of the best microphones.

Man, no major headphone brands for the review. I would have loved to see how the Sennheiser or Audio Technica gaming sets compare; especially since they re in the price range of the Astro and Steel Series units reviewed. Other than that, a well done article with the units you had to compare with. I was actually going to purchase a pair of Siberia Elite Prisms until I read about the numerous problems it has, such as the fualty audio cards and bad mics.

5 mm connectivity could be helpful in this case. The best whisky 2020 or whiskey if you re after an Irish. The best whisky is a thing to truly savour. It may be Scotland s greatest gift to the world, but Scotch whisky is not the only game in town when it comes to distilled alcoholic beverages made from fermented grain mash thank you, Wikipedia.

Enjoy a wee dram with our guide to the best whiskies. Ireland is home to many a fine whisk e y the different spelling is due to its Gaelic derivation. A recent Whisky World Champion hailed from Taiwan. American and Canadian bourbons have their fans. Even the Welsh make it, these days. Now, drinking all of the world s best whiskies and then choosing the best ones is a big ask. Japan makes fantastic whiskies.

Rejoin us after our liver transplant, and we ll talk you through our favourites. But that s what we ve done. Before we get started with the best whisky options this season, let s cover off the main types and what they mean to help you with your search. First up, we have single malt whisky. The Queen of Scotch, this is made from malted barley and distilled in pot stills twice is the normthen aged in oak barrels for at least three years.

Single malts are the highest quality form of malt whisky, the word single denoting that the bottled product is from one distillery only blended malts can come from multiple distilleries. You can also get single barrel examples of the drink, where what you re drinking has only ever been in one barrel, taking on more of the qualities of the type of wood used. They re also matured for less time that malt whisky which tends to make for a lighter flavour, ideal for beginners.

Anyone with a gluten allergy should steer clear, mind. Grain Whisky can be made from any grain, although it is usually wheat, and is often distilled in column stills, which connoisseurs will tell you means the flavour of a grain whisky is less complex. Rye Whisky is the Marmite of the whisky world. Made from rye, obvs, this strong-tasting beverage is matured for at least 2 years, and usually hails from North America. Another American classic is Bourbon. Mainly produced in Kentucky, this must contain at least 51 corn with the remainder being made up of rye, barley, malt etc.

Typically matured for up to 4 years in fresh, toasted casks, the rock n roll mouthwash has a peaty kind of flavour. How to buy the best whisky for you. For real whisky aficionados, earthy and rich blends tend to be popular; in which case you can t go wrong with a traditional Malt Whisky. The level of literally earthy, peat flavours is another key differentiator. Blended grain whiskies tend to be sweeter, more citrusy and gentler on the palate and hence better for beginners or what the Scots fondly call soft Sassenach bastards.

Purists will tell you that adding water to it never mind a dash of lemonade, is tantamount to heresy. How should you enjoy your whisky. Of course, the correct way to drink whisky is whatever way you happen to like it, but our recommendation would be to try adding a small amount of water to a full glass and then more if you feel you need it.

You might think that diluting whisky would spoil it, but it can actually unlock new flavours. And it makes each glass last longer. There are also numerous cocktails involving whiskies, especially bourbon. These can be fantastic, but if you use our best single malt to make an old fashioned or Manhattan, we will find you, and we will kill you. The best whisky to buy for Christmas and beyond.

Highland Park 18-Year-Old Whisky. Best mainstream single malt. Reasons to avoid. Sure, there are more obscure delights in the world o Scotch, but this awards-laden, special occasion whisky is hard to beat. One for drinks cabinet savouring, rather than guzzling over dinner, this relatively pricey bottle is aged for 18 years, and offers a full-bodied yet sweet flavour, with the trademark notes of Highland smokiness.

Honey and toffee add richness and with subtle floral and spiced elements, this matured scotch is as smooooooth as it is luxurious. Johnnie Walker Green Label. Best blended Scotch and hardy airport duty free perennial. Ever popular with business class travellers, Johnnie Walker s Green Label has a subtly smoky nose and a palette that leads to stewed fruit, nuts and soft spice. There s no surprise mister Walker is so popular.

In spite of its smoky undertones, the oak taste is not overwhelming, so it pairs with just about anything or nothing. The medium bodied nature of this blended malt is gentle on the palette without seeming unsophisticated. That s why it awards time and time again. Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky. Its mid-range price tag and wide availability is also pretty attractive, including for gift shoppers.

Best Japanese whisky. Some rate Japanese whiskies over Scottish ones, although don t tell any Scots that if you want to remain friends. Some Japanese drams trade in smoky, intense, small-batch perfection, but this more quaffable effort goes for a honey-sweet and orange-inflected flavour, with notes of white chocolate creating light warming vibes. With its 24-faceted bottle a nod to the Japanese seasons, apparently this is a more-ish whisky that can even team up well with puddings.

Talisker Storm Islands Single Malt Whisky. Best mid-priced single malt Scotch, packs a punch. Talisker has upped the flavour of this Scotch, creating little short of a multi-layered flavour sensation. This is the one to go for if you like the idea of the Highland Park 18-Year-Old Whisky for its quality, but want something a bit more budget friendly. With notes of wood brine, oak, orange and spice, this relative newcomer to the supermarket shelves packs a punch.

Woodford Reserve. The best Bourbon whisky. This Kentucky Bourbon packs a punch. Triple distilled in copper pot stills and aged in new charred American oak barrels for intense flavour, this American classic is perfect for after dinner drinks, perhaps with a fat Cuban cigar, or other stereotypically American thing. Experts love the hint of tobacco which appears alongside toffee, caramel and spice, making it the perfect follow up act to any dinner party. Ben Nevis 10 Year old Single Malt Whisky.

This is the best whisky for mixing on our list and is the ideal base for an old fashioned. Best single malt for those on a budget. What makes it a great budget buy. It s not just the price. This whisky also shares many qualities of a more expensive whisky and is, as they say, beyond its years in body. It doesn t quite have the complexity or depth of flavour of its Scotch peers on this list, but, for half the price of most bottles, you can t really go wrong.

The best thing about this whisky is the gentle dryness it promotes on the palette, so if you are a whisky novice, this one won t be overwhelming. Millstone Rye 100. Remember to let the whisky mingle with the air before drinking to release the flavours in this one. Best, er, Dutch whisky. No, come back it s good, really. This Dutch Rye is a great one for whisky novices with a sweet tooth as its very palatable and easy to drink.

Be warned though, seasoned whisky drinkers who enjoy a smokey tasting tipple may find this one a bit too sickly. Underneath the sweetness, there s also hints of vanilla and spice, making it a great winter warmer or an after dinner chaser. A smooth, spicy, quality dram from the Netherlands. We ve been eagerly waiting for LG s budget OLED TV, and the LG BX is finally available to order. By Matthew Bolton 2020-09-11T15 55 04Z.

Hampton Astley makes some of the most sumptuous bedding we ve slept in. and right now you can pick it up for half price. By Ruth Hamilton 2020-09-11T15 33 18Z. We ve rounded up the best gins on the market that are bursting with botanicals. By Sarah-Jane Butcher 2020-08-02T13 35 45Z. Warm out, isn t it.

How about a cool, golden beer in a frosted glass. These are the best beers to put in it. By Aimée Bradshaw 2020-08-02T13 30 33Z. Often enjoyed with a slice of orange as an after-dinner drink, we ve rounded up the best tequila on the market. By Sarah-Jane Butcher 2020-08-02T13 27 28Z. Give up smoking or enjoy the biggest clouds of fruity or herb-tinged vapour possible with the best vaporisers.

By Derek Adams 2020-07-11T19 35 18Z. Enhance the flavour of your vaping with the best e juice, e liquids and vape liquids for all your fruity cloud chasing needs. By Derek Adams 2020-07-04T12 13 13Z. Bourbon is an all-American classic, and we re here to help you swig only the best. By Carys Lowry-Carter 2019-01-01T15 28 32Z. From Grey Goose Martini s to Russian Standard; we ve rounded up the top 10 vodkas on the market right now to wet your whistle.

From vodka to brandy keep your booze easily to hand with one of these lavishly hand tooled drinks cupboards. By Sarah-Jane Butcher 2018-01-13T14 53 17. By Sarah-Jane Butcher 2019-01-01T13 20 31Z. With whiffs of tropical fruit, dark chocolate, coffee and light peaty tones, this Ben Nevis 10 Year old Single Malt Whisky boasts a rich, rounded flavour. Whether you re looking for earbuds, on-ears, or to go completely wire-free, start with the best wireless headphones we ve tested.

Cut yourself some slack and switch to Bluetooth headphones. The Best Wireless Headphones for 2020. Related Headphone Picks. Best for Voice Assistant Users. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. Best for Affordable On-Ear Headphones. Jabra Elite 45h. Best for Classic Rock Aesthetes. Marshall Mid ANC. Best for Affordable Noise Cancellation. Sennheiser HD 450BT. Best for Noise-Sensitive Audiophiles.

Sony WH-1000XM4. Best for Affordable True Wireless Earphones. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air. Best for Apple Users. Apple AirPods Pro. Best for Long Battery Life. JBL UA True Wireless Flash X. Best for Stylish On-Ear Headphones. Status Audio BT One. Best for High-End Audio with ANC. Technics AZ70. Who Needs a Headphone Jack. Stereo headphones have been around since before the first Sony Walkman, and that s roughly how long we ve put up with tangled wires while listening to music on the go.

Fortunately, this is where wireless headphones come in. That s long enough, if you ask us. They re convenient for any situation where you don t want to deal with dangling cables especially at the gym. Wireless no longer means poor sound, either. And now that many phone makers are ditching the headphone jack, wireless headphones are a good way to ensure compatibility with just about any new device. These days, Bluetooth audio sounds much better than it ever has.

Even though the stereo Bluetooth data signal is compressed, various headphone and earphone vendors have discovered ways of enhancing the signal to compensate for deficiencies in fidelity. Wireless Earphones vs. Tired of tangled cords. Check out our buying advice below before picking the perfect pair. Earphones or earbuds, or in-ear headphones offer a slightly different sound profile compared with conventional headphones.

Generally, you ll get better sound from a full set of cans around your head than from buds in your ears, but in-ear sound quality has improved a great deal. More importantly, in-ear headphones are much more likely to be water resistant, and much better suited for use when working out. Get a good sweat going, and you ll turn your headphone earpads into a nasty mess. For our top picks, check out the best earphones, the best headphones for running, and the best true wireless earphones for running.

If you aren t primarily looking for a set of wireless earphones for the gym, conventional headphones can offer a very good listening experience. You ll still have to choose between on-ear and over-ear models, however. On-ear headphones rest the earcups against your ears, but don t surround them. Over-ear headphones completely enclose your ears. Over-ear headphones block out the most outside noise and usually provide a more powerful, rich sound, iq option f on-ear headphones are less bulky and distracting to wear when you re out and about.

See the best headphones for more. The Best Wireless Headphone Deals This Week. Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphones 178. Dre Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones 349. 99 List Price 349. 00 List Price 248; Save 70 Beats by Dr. 99; Save 150 Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System Save 81. And if you re shopping for your little one, we ve also rounded up a collection of the best wired and wireless headphones for kids. How Long Do Bluetooth Headphones Last.

Some headphone manufacturers include a portable charging case, like Apple does with its AirPods. Others include a 3. Bluetooth headphones are convenient when they re charged, but once the batteries run out you re left without music. 5mm detachable cable. For models with a wired option, you can plug the cable in and use them as conventional headphones until you can charge them again, and use them without issue on airplanes, to boot.

Wireless earphones almost never have this option, because they re already so small there simply isn t any room to place a headphone cable jack. Active noise cancellation uses outward-facing microphones to pick up and analyze noise, which then gets canceled out by circuitry that generates an inverse wave in the headphones. It was previously an expensive, cumbersome technology that couldn t be found on wireless headphones, but that changed a few years ago with advances in battery life and circuit miniaturization.

What Are the Best Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones. You ll pay a premium for headphones with active noise cancellation, but it s a handy feature if you just want to tune out everything around you besides your music. For more, check out the best noise-cancelling headphones and the best noise-cancelling true wireless earphones. What About Completely Wire-Free Earbuds. Truly wireless earphones completely remove the cable and make each earpiece its own discrete device that wirelessly syncs with the other one.

Apple got the wire-free ball rolling with the AirPods, and since then many other earphone manufacturers have been working on their own takes on the concept. Wire-free earphones are generally gym-friendly, with most models sporting some form of water resistance. The trade-off is that most wire-free earphones have inferior battery life compared with tethered models, forcing you to pop them in their charging case fairly often.

Their small size also means on-earphone controls are generally limited, and their price is usually significantly more than similar tethered wireless earphones. They also usually come with their own battery-equipped carrying case for keeping them topped off when not in use, and the simple advantage of not dealing with a wire is its own significant benefit.

Our reviews go into greater detail about these benefits and limitations, and highlight how certain models are starting to overcome these growing pains. Do You Need Apple s H1 Chip. If you re an iPhone user, it s worth considering a pair of headphones that use Apple s proprietary H1 or older W1 chip. The chip makes Bluetooth pairing even easier there s no need to open the Settings menu, as your phone automatically prompts you to connect whenever the headphones are nearby.

The chip also makes for a more stable connection and increased wireless range. Currently only Apple and Beats which is owned by Apple make headphones with the chip, but that might change in the future. How Much Should You Spend on Wireless Headphones. This is a look at the top wireless headphones we ve tested overall, regardless of price. As such, many of the options here fall in the 100 and up range.

That doesn t mean you need to spend a lot of money to get headphones that deliver quality audio. If you re shopping on a budget, head over to best headphones under 50 for plenty of great options that won t break the bank. With that in mind, we ve included a range of styles and prices here. You re bound to find something that fits well, sounds great, and above all doesn t tie you up in knots. Once you ve found the perfect pair, check out our five easy tips to extend the life of your headphones and six ways you re using your headphones wrong.

And if you want to share your tunes with others, look no further than our favorite wireless speakers. Headphone Best Picks. Compare Specs Our Headphones Picks. The Best Wired Headphones for 2020 The Best Earbuds In-Ear Headphones for 2020 The Best Cheap Earbuds and Headphones Under 50 The Best Audiophile Headphones for 2020 Cheap AirPod Alternatives The Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 100. Skullcandy Sesh Evo Tribit QuietPlus 72 JLab JBuds Air Play HiFiMan Deva Philips Fidelio X3.

Bose Prepares 279 AirPods Pro Killer With QuietComfort Earbuds TCL Adds 10 Tab Series Tablets, Senior-Focused Smartwatch to Its Lineup Apple Settles Powerbeats 2 Lawsuit for 9. Headphone Reviews. 75M and It May Owe You Some Cash Google s Find My Device Can Now Locate Lost Pixel Buds More in Headphones. Kettles Tea Makers. the IQ Kettle Tea Kettle Breville. the IQ Kettle. 5 temperature settings and soft open lid. PERFECT TEMPERATURE EVERY TIME. The Kettle IQ features exact temperatures to bring out optimal taste and quality of your favorite tea or coffee.

5 VARIETAL SETTINGS. Pre-programmed and customizable 1-touch functionalities create ideal brewing conditions for Black, Green, White or Oolong teas and French Press Coffee. KEEP WARM BUTTON. One-touch functionality keeps your favorite brew at your chosen temperature for 20 minutes and can be activated before during or on completion of the water heating cycle. A bubbling brew presents a few hazards on the way from kettle to cup. This specialized lid gently releases steam and eliminates splashing.

CORDLESS CONVENIENCE. Cordless Jug with 360 degree multi directional base with cord storage wrap. SOFT TOP LID. Using MACD histograms as buy sell signals. The MACD as a lagging indicator MACD histogram What does the histogram represent. The MACD as a Lagging Indicator. The MACD is an indicator that uses exponential moving averages EMA to determine trend strength along with entry points based on crossovers. Traders who use the MACD indicator often are critical of the fact that it will signal an entry after the initial move has begun and therefore leave pips behind.

As such, many traders wanting to enter a trade sooner dismiss it as a lagging indicator. A lagging indicator is a technical indicator that uses past price data to formulate the actions of the indicator itself. Therefore, all indicators are lagging since they are computed on trading data that has already taken place and then factored in with what is occurring. In the case of the MACD indicator, the most widely used entry signal is when the MACD line crosses over the signal Line in the direction of the trend.

Since these two lines are simply two moving averages, by their very nature the crossover will not occur until the move itself is under way. Some traders prefer this method of entry as it offers more confirmation that the move is more likely to continue in that direction however the MACD histogram can offer an earlier signal to enter. MACD Histogram What does the Histogram Represent. The histogram or bar chart included in the background of the MACD see images below displays the difference between the MACD and signal line.

When the MACD is above the signal line, the bar is positive. When the MACD is below the signal line, the bar is negative. The actual height of the bar is the difference between the MACD and signal line itself. For more aggressive traders who are not interested in the additional confirmation and are simply looking for an early entry, they may prefer this less widely used entry signal based on the MACD histogram bars.

This is because the histogram bars have a faster setting 9 than either the MACD line or the signal line, resulting in a timelier trigger see MACD crossover vs MACD histogram below. MACD crossover vs MACD histogram. The first point of analysis would be to pursue the MACD histogram as it moves away from the zero line both positive or negative - track it as its bars grow larger. The actual signal comes when the histogram no longer increases in height and produces a smaller bar.

Once the histogram prints a smaller bar, traders look to enter in the direction of the histogram s decline. The buy signal on the left blue was created by five swelling red bars in a row followed by a fifth bar that closed smaller. Two bars later, the MACD line crosses above the signal line which is a traditional MACD signal.

This later signal would have missed most of the move to the upside that the histogram signal would have caught. The sell signal on the right yellow is a similar story. We saw fourteen bars growing consecutively until a contracted 15th bar was formed. This buy trade came several bars before the MACD signal line cross. Iq option f USD MACD histogram buy sell signal. Learn More About Technical Indicators. Grow your foundational knowledge about technical indicators for forex traders Enhance your understanding of price action as an initial technical indicator Technical traders have different styles and forex trading strategies.

Explore these thoroughly to find out if this type of analysis suits your personality If you are just starting out on your trading journey it is essential to understand the basics of forex trading in our new to forex guide. MACD histogram talking points. The MACD Histogram and How It Works as a Buy Sell Signal.

This in one Medtainer, the picture shows both sides of the bottle. Don t go to Cochella without this one. The Medtainer Storage w Grinder Straight Chellin Good Vibes White 1 Medtainer 20 Dram. Design printed on side and top of cap. 8 smart cooking functions. the Mini Smart Oven. the Mini Smart Oven Toaster Oven Breville. Element IQ transfers heat intelligently across 4 quartz elements for precise and stable heat where and when you want it for perfect results, every time. 8 COOKING FUNCTIONS.

Super fast 1800W preheat gets your meals on the table more quickly. 8 cooking functions to guide you to perfection Bagel, Toast, Bake, Broil, Pizza, Roast, Cookies, and Reheat. NOT-SO-MINI CAPACITY. Your Mini Smart Oven fits 4 not-so-mini slices of toast, cookies, tuna melts and 11 pizzas. BACKLIT EASY-READ LCD. Calculates correct time and temperature, illuminating orange during preheating and cooking, and blue once cycle is complete.

99 per order for unlimited items. Inside Shipping. Curbside Shipping. 299 per order, additional fees may apply. Expected to arrive between. Facebook Pinterest Email. Introducing the Classic Fridge, our most anticipated new product. The Classic Fridge is the epitome of industrial chic and the perfect complement to any elegant kitchen. The Classic Fridge has 19. 86 cubic feet capacity, an internal water dispenser and ice maker, and stunning interior LED lighting.

The Classic Fridge is counter depth, Energy Star rated and designed, assembled and shipped from our US factories. The Classic Fridge is also available in over 200 custom color options to make the ultimate kitchen statement. Available in 5 standard colors and 4 trim options including brass, copper, chrome and nickel. Designed by our award-winning team in Boulder, Colorado 19. Classic Fridge. 86 cubic feet capacity Perfect for all kitchen sizes Stamped Metal Body Authentic chrome, brass or satin nickel trim Duo cycle cooling Gallon Door Storage 2 Half-Width Clear Crisper Drawers Four Half-Width Adjustable Glass Shelves Internal water dispenser Ice maker Interior LED lighting Digital temperature management System Slide-Out Upper Freezer Basket Glide-Out Freezer Basket with Organizer Energy Star Qualified Counter depth sizing.

Designed, assembled, and shipped from Boulder, CO. Supports American manufacturing. 2 year warranty on parts and labor. Total Capacity 19. ft Refrigerator Capacity 13. ft Freezer Capacity 6. ft Clearance Back 1 2 Clearance Side 1 4 Side Clearance for door to open 90 4 1 2 Adjustable Rollers Standard Energy Guide kWh year 566 E Star Warranty 2 Years Parts and Labor Warranty Electrical 120V, 60Hz, AC only, 15 or 20amp fused download specifications.

Shipping Full Size Refrigerators. For a Curbside delivery your appliance will be brought to the street-side entrance of the delivery address by a forty-foot semi and lowered by a lift-gate to the ground. Curbside Delivery 99 per order. With a Curbside delivery, grab a tool set and a few of your strongest friends. The shipping weight for our fridges is between 300 and 500 pounds. The weight for our stoves is between 375 and 625 pounds. Inside Delivery 299 Per Order. Our shipping company does all the hard work.

They will uncrate your fridge, remove the debris, and place in your room of choice. Getting the fridge up a flight of stairs and removing your old fridge are extra charges. Our delivery personnel are handy, but they re not authorized to connect water lines. Many of our customers read through the homeowner s manual and connect the water line themselves. You can also hire a plumber for extra help. Fridge Door Removal 95. This service is often needed with older homes where the doors are narrow.

Please check our Specifications sheet if you have any questions. The delivery personnel will remove your fridge doors, take the unit inside and reinstall the doors. Old Fridge Removal to Curb 95. The delivery personnel will remove your old fridge from the house and leave it at the curb. Customers can call a disposal service, as our shippers cannot remove the fridge from the property. Stair Carry 75. The price per flight of stairs. We won t charge you for one or two steps in front of your home.

You are responsible for uncrating unpacking the appliance and getting it in your house. the Smart Grill Panini Press Breville. Grills Sandwich Makers. the Smart Grill. 1800W high sear grill with removable plates. With 1800W heating elements embedded into the plates, not underneath them, and an electronic thermostat to quickly sense and controlthis grill cooks and sears steaks with consistent high heat. DISHWASHER SAFE REMOVABLE PLATES. Just pop them out and put them in the dishwasher for easy, convenient clean up.

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The convection setting reduces cooking time by up to 30. Integrated oven light automatically turns on at the end of the cooking cycle to help you see inside. Replaceable componentry like your regular large oven. Breville Smart Oven Pro. 9 smart cooking functions including keep warm. the Smart Oven Toaster Oven Breville. the Smart Oven.

9 COOKING FUNCTIONS. 9 cooking functions to guide you to perfection Toast 6 slices, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat and Warm. LCD DISPLAY to more easily access the built in smart functionality, choose from 9 cooking functions. the Smart Oven - Key features. The Top Technical Indicators for Options Trading. There are hundreds of technical indicators traders can utilize depending on their trading style and the type of security to be traded. This article focuses on a few important technical indicators popular among options traders.

How Options Trading is Different. If you are not sure whether technical trading or options are for you, check out the Investopedia Introduction to Stock Trader Types tutorial to decide your preferred style. Technical indicators are often used in short-term trading to help the trader determine. The direction of the move which way. Range of movement how much. Duration of the move how long. Since options are subject to time decay, the holding period takes significance. Also, please note that this article assumes familiarity with options terminology and calculations involved in technical indicators.

A stock trader can hold a position indefinitely, while an options trader is constrained by the limited duration defined by the option s expiration date. Given the time constraints, momentum indicators, which tend to identify overbought and oversold levels, are popular among options traders. Let s look iq option f a few common indicators momentum and others used by options traders.

RSI values range from 0 to100. Values above 70 generally indicate overbought levels, and a value below 30 indicates oversold levels. A price move outside of the Bollinger bands can signal an asset is ripe for a reversal, and options traders can position themselves accordingly. A money flow index reading over 80 indicates that a security is overbought; a reading below 20 indicates that the security is oversold.

Intraday momentum index combines the concepts of intraday candlesticks and RSI, providing a suitable range similar to RSI for intraday trading by indicating overbought and oversold levels. The put-call ratio measures trading volume using put options versus call options and changes in its value indicate a change in overall market sentiment. The open interest provides indications about the strength of a particular trend. The relative strength index is a momentum indicator that compares the magnitude of recent gains to recent losses over a specified period of time to measure a security s speed and change of price movements in an attempt to determine overbought and oversold conditions.

RSI values range from 0-100, with a value above 70 generally considered to indicate overbought levels, and a value below 30 indicating oversold levels. RSI works best for options on individual stocks, as opposed to indexes, as stocks demonstrate overbought and oversold conditions more frequently than indexes. Options on highly liquid, high-beta stocks make the best candidates for short-term trading based on RSI.

All options traders are aware of the importance of volatility, and Bollinger bands are a popular way to measure volatility. The closer the price moves to the upper band, the more overbought the security may be, and the closer the price moves to the lower band, the more oversold it may be. The bands expand as volatility increases and contract as volatility decreases. For instance, after a breakout above the top band, the trader may initiate a long put or a short call position.

Conversely, a breakout below the lower band may represent an opportunity to use a long call or short put strategy. Also, in general, keep in mind that it often makes sense to sell options in periods of high volatility, when option prices are elevated, and buy options in periods of low volatility, when options are cheaper. Intraday Momentum Index IMI. The Intraday Momentum Index is a good technical indicator for high-frequency option traders looking to bet on intraday moves.

A price move outside of the bands can signal the security is ripe for a reversal, and options traders can position themselves accordingly. It combines the concepts of intraday candlesticks and RSI, thereby providing a suitable range similar to RSI for intraday trading by indicating overbought and oversold levels. Using IMI, an options trader may be able to spot potential opportunities to initiate a bullish trade in an up-trending market at an intraday correction or initiate a bearish trade in a down-trending market at an intraday price bump.

When there is a strong visible uptrend or downtrend, momentum indicators will frequently show overbought oversold readings. To calculate the IMI, the sum of up days is divided by the sum of up days plus the sum of down days, or ISup ISup IS downwhich is then multiplied by 100. It is important to be aware of the trendiness of the price moves. While the trader can choose the number of days to look at, 14 days is the most common time frame.

Like RSI, if the resulting number is greater than 70, the stock is considered overbought. Money Flow Index MFI. And if the resulting number is less than 30, the stock is considered oversold. The Money Flow Index is a momentum indicator that combines price and volume data. It is also known as volume-weighted RSI. The MFI indicator measures the inflow and outflow of money into an asset over a specific period of time typically 14 daysand is an indicator of trading pressure.

Due to dependency on volume data, MFI is better suited to stock-based options trading as opposed to index-based and longer-duration trades. When the MFI moves in the opposite direction as the stock price, this can be a leading indicator of a trend change. The put-call ratio measures trading volume using put options versus call options. Put-Call Ratio PCR Indicator.

Instead of the absolute value of the put-call ratio, the changes in its value indicate a change in overall market sentiment. A reading over 80 indicates that a security is overbought, while a reading below 20 indicates that the security is oversold. When there are more puts than calls, the ratio is above 1, indicating bearishness. When call volume is higher than put volume, the ratio is less than 1, indicating bullishness. However, traders also view the put-call ratio as a contrarian indicator.

Open Interest OI. Open interest indicates the open or unsettled contracts in options. OI does not necessarily indicate a specific uptrend or downtrend, but it does provide indications about the strength of a particular trend. Increasing open interest indicates new capital inflow and, hence, the sustainability of the existing trend, while declining OI indicates a weakening trend.

Open Interest. For options traders looking to benefit from short-term price moves and trends, consider the following. Market security is strong. Market security is weakening. Market security is weak. Market security is strengthening. In addition to the above-mentioned technical indicators, there are hundreds of other indicators that can be used for trading options like stochastic oscillators, average true range, and cumulative tick.

On top of those, variations exist with smoothing techniques on resultant values, averaging principals and combinations of various indicators. An options trader should select the indicators best suited to his or her trading style and strategy, after carefully examining the mathematical dependencies and calculations. And even if all that cool performance-enhancing Six Million Dollar Man gear is still just a laboratory dream, and those infomercial ab-building electrical gizmos received mixed reviews at best, don t give up hope.

Cigar Aficionado. Here are a dozen digital devices designed to make your athletic training more effective and your outdoor activities a lot more fun. The thrill of victory the agony of defeat the comforting glow of an LCD readout we went spanning the globe to bring you the best of digital athletic and outdoor gear. Super Satellite Guidance. Whether you re a sailor, fisherman, hiker, hunter or just a sap like me who habitually loses his car in humongous mall parking lots, a GPS Global Positioning System receiver can be an aggravation-reduction device or even, quite literally, a lifesaver, pinpointing your position and direction wherever you wander by reading data from overhead satellites.

The top-of-the-line Meridian Color from Magellan boasts an easy-on-the-eyes, high-contrast color screen -- a huge improvement over the typical black-on-gray screen found on most models. But beauty is more than skin-deep in this case. There s also an extensive built-in North American database of highways, waterways, roads, airports and more, plus the option to add a memory card and download detailed street-level or even topographical maps.

Controls are surprisingly simple, operation is speedy, and the system is accurate to within three meters i.less than the length of my hide-and-seek-playing car. com800-707-5221. For nighttime excursions -- hikingbiking, rock climbing, camping, you name it -- the Photon Fusion LED Lamp from L. is the most practical, powerful way to see where you re going. Using LEDs instead of conventional bulbs means lighter weight, brighter light and much longer battery life; figure about 24 hours of continuous illumination at medium brightness on a single set of three AA batteries.

The Fusion lamp features four brightness and three strobe settings, plus a single, red LED to be to protect your night vision. Weighing just over six ounces with batteries, and equipped with a headband and a mounting clamp, the Photon Fusion makes leaving your traditional flashlight at home a very bright idea. com877-584-6898. Wrist Heart Monitor. Wristwatches that measure your heart rate have been around for quite a while, but what seemed like a slick way to monitor your workout didn t work out that well, because to pick up your pulse rate you had to wear an uncomfortable chest strap.

The Mio Shape watch from Physi-Cal Enterprises is an elegant alternative a lightweight, digital model that reads your heart rate with electrocardiogram accuracy without strapping you in. Just place two fingers on the front sensor buttons, press gently, and in seconds, you ll know precisely how fast your valves and ventricles are racing. Knowing when I ve reached my aerobic target heart rate is the be-all and end-all of the Mio for me, but the more anal retentive can also calculate food-intake and calories burned.

Oh yeah, it also tells time, with chronometer and alarm functions. com877-566-4636. Club-Head Speed Gun. Beltronics, known for building high-performance radar detectors for lead-footed drivers, now turns its sophisticated radar technology to a different kind of driver entirely the one that fits in your golf bag. The SwingMate accurately measures the speed of your club head. The Wired World of Sports. The digital readout displays swing speed and the distance the ball should travel based on that speed.

The SwingMate stores up to 10 readings, calculates your average speed, and can even recommend the right club to use for a specified distance based on your personal performance. No need to hook electrodes to your clubs -- just place the device three or four feet behind the ball real or imaginaryset it for the club you re carrying, and swing away. Battery-powered and portable, SwingMate is the perfect driving range companion -- informative, useful and, best of all, completely silent when you muff a shot.

com800-341-2288. Judging distance by eye is inevitably a hit-and-miss proposition, and hitting and missing is not exactly a golfer s favorite experience. Golf-Shot Range Finder. That s where the handheld Yardage Pro Tour laser range finder comes into play. Just point it at a pin, bunker, tree or trap the 6x magnification and visible crosshairs make pinpoint spotting easypress a single button, and you ll instantly know what you re up against, within one yard.

8 ounces and comes with a handy belt-clip carrying case. The Yardage Pro Tour weighs just 6. And despite the intimidating laser in the product name, the Yardage Pro uses invisible, eye-safe infrared energy pulses -- reassuring if you re concerned about your fellow golfers, disappointing if you were hoping to give the foursome dragging their heels in front of you a long-distance hotfoot. com800 423-3537. Speed and Distance Watch. com800-448-4639. Computer-Age Pocketknife. With a 99-year history of making fine knives and cutlery, Imperial Shrade Corp.

moves into the digital age with this unique all-in-one device for outdoor recreation. But there s also a water-resistant computer module with a digital clock including alarm and stopwatchaltimeter, digital compass and barometer, with a backlit screen for easy reading. Yes, with the i-Quip you get the usual complement of pocketknife essentials cutting blade, saw, scissors, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, bottle opener, can opener and corkscrew.

Binocular Camera Combo. If you can see it, you can snap it with DigiBino DB100, an innovative binocular digital camera combination. There s even a convenient compartment for storing a cigar lighter. com845-647-7600. Flip up the 1. You start out with a fixed-magnification 7x roof prism binocular, compact and comfortable to hold, with a standard focusing knob mounted between the lenses.

At 1,024 x 768 resolution, pictures look great when transferred to your computer for e-mailing or posting to a Web site, but aren t really sharp enough for creating large printouts. 6-inch LCD screen mounted on top, though, and you have a digital camera at your disposal, ready to grab a snapshot of whatever you re watching. Resolution isn t the only reason you wouldn t want to use the DigiBino as your only camera -- since you re always shooting with a high-powered telephoto lens, it s hard to use close-up.

Honey, Daddy wants to take your picture -- why don t you run a block or two away. It s better for grabbing a snapshot of a yellow-bellied sapsucker, Tiger at the tee or a scrumptious sun worshiper on a passing boat. Inexpensive two-way radios have come a long way from the GI Joe toys you played with as a kid. Long-Range, Two-Way Radio. The GMRS7000CH Audiovox radio is the first model with a maximum range up to seven miles under ideal conditions over water, for example.

The looks are a bit stodgy, but practicality more than makes up for its lack of styling sizzle. With 15 main channels and 38 subfrequencies in each, you should have no trouble finding a free channel for you and your friends to grab and gab. For hands-free operation, the VOX option lets you transmit automatically whenever you speak, without having to hold the Talk button. Another feature I found useful is a dual-watch mode that monitors two channels -- that way, if natural or human interference garbles one channel, you can easily switch to an agreed-upon fallback position.

139 each, www. com800-645-4994. Digital-Camera Dive Housing. For divers and snorkelers who want to capture what they see beneath the sea, Ikelite Underwater Systems offers a variety of rugged, watertight housings that fit more than 70 different digital camera models from Canon, Fuji, and Kodak, to Nikon, Olympus, and Sony. com800-877-0155. The completely clear housing lets you see all your camera displays, and individual waterproof buttons and knobs set into the casing are perfectly aligned with the camera controls so you can tweak photographic settings to your heart s content without surfacing.

Since the camera s built-in flash won t do much good underwater, the housings let you attach an underwater strobe using a sync cable or a slave sensor that triggers the external strobe when the built-in flash fires. Molded from corrosion-free polycarbonate, the Ikelite housings operate safely down to 200 feet. 300- 950 depending on camera model, www. com317-923-4523. Gear Garment. The SCOTTeVEST Version 2. 5, a unique technology-enabled jacket vest combo, doesn t perform any digital tricks of its own, but it lets you carry an extraordinary array of gear and gadgetry, keeping everything securely stowed even during vigorous exercise but still readily available.

Checking the spectacular photos on the company s Web site will sink any hesitation about buying one. Nearly two dozen pockets accommodate a range of sizes, from hand pockets big enough for a camcorder to breast pockets suitable for PDAs and cell phones to a huge pocket in the back of the jacket, perfect for toting a small laptop computer. The most ingenious feature is an internal conduit system for routing wires through the garment -- leave your portable CD, MP3 player or cell phone in a front pocket and snake the headphone wire through to the collar.

Made of lightweight, machine-washable microfiber with zip-off sleeves for comfort in many climates, this geek-chic jacket makes tech easy to take. com866-909-8378. Assuming you don t want to cart a symphony orchestra with you while you work out, MP3 players are your best bet for musical accompaniment -- they re lightweight, hold hours of music and won t skip no matter how hard you bounce them. The RioSport S35S, from SONICblue, was specifically designed for sports enthusiasts, with a rugged rubberized shell, an adjustable armband for easy portability, a big display and easy-to-find buttons for controlling playback without disrupting your workout, an FM tuner, even a clock and a stopwatch.

com800-468-5846. Steve Morgenstern, a freelance writer living in New York, writes often on technology issues for Cigar Aficionado. Built-in memory holds about two hours of high-quality music, and you can double that by inserting an optional memory card. Everyone knows that music goes hand in glove with athletic achievement -- let Rocky run up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art without the driving Gonna Fly soundtrack, and suddenly he s just some badly dressed guy pumping his fists in the air like a jerk.

Today s Top 50 Trending Stocks. The stocks below have been rated as today†s top 50 stocks by MarketClub†s Trade Triangle and Smart Scan technology. GPS Accessories Biometric Monitors Misc. See Matches in. Health Beauty Audio Video Accessories. Narrow Search Results. com Back Market Camera Wholesalers Factory Outlet Store. By Parallel Channels. By Features. By Product Lines. By PC Connection. Bluetooth USB. Control Interface Voice Guidance PC Interface Maps Included GPS Type Points of Interest Navigation Functions GPS Sitemap.

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Stores are responsible for providing Bizrate with correct and current prices. Sales taxes and shipping costs are estimates; please check store for exact amounts. Product specifications are obtained from merchants or third parties. Although we make every effort to present accurate information, Bizrate is not responsible for inaccuracies. We encourage you to notify us of any discrepancies by clicking here.

You re in GPS. Store ratings and product reviews are submitted by online shoppers; they do not reflect our opinions and we have no responsibility for their content. Jose Luis Pelaez Inc. Top 10 Facts About Adult Autism. Steven Gans, MD, is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. If you search for information online about autism, you ll find a surprising number of articles about and images of young children.

In fact, most articles written about autism are written about children. Instead, it s a lifelong challenge that can make the adult years somewhat or very challenging. While it s true that symptoms of autism appear first in early childhood, however, autism is not a pediatric disorder. So why is relatively little written about autism and adulthood. While there s no absolute answer, here are some educated guesses.

Because autism first manifests before age 3, many people receive new diagnoses of autism as children. Most people who actively want to read about autism are the worried-but-hopeful parents of children who are or may be autistic. By the time their autistic children are adults, many parents have learned a vast amount about autism and feel they are now as expert as anyone who might be writing about it.

Because of the changes in how autism is defined, many adults whom we would now consider to be autistic never received an autism diagnosis. High-functioning adults with autism are often uninterested in reading about non-autistic perspectives on autism. Some adults with autism have intellectual disabilities that would make it extremely difficult to read about autism.

So why is it so important to learn about adults with autism. Simply put, people with autism, like everyone else, are adults for much longer than they are kids. As kids age into adulthood, they may need more help rather than less in navigating the incredibly complex, chaotic, and demanding world of the 21st century. Here are 10 facts to get you started. What do you need to know about adults with autism.

Children With Autism Become Adults With Autism. Yes, children with autism may build skills and workarounds that make autism less obvious. Yes, teens with autism may learn more social skills so that they are able to pass in some situations. Despite stories you may have read on the Internet, it is incredibly rare for a child accurately diagnosed with autism to become an adult who is no longer diagnosable.

But no, a child with autism won t just get over their autism to become a typical adult. Adults With Autism Are Very Different From One Another. Some adults with autism are in successful careers in demanding fields such as information technology, robotics, and video game production. Some are working part-time while also taking advantage of day programs and resources. Some are unable to function in the workplace and spend their days in sheltered settings. Some adults on the spectrum are happily married or partnered; others have romantic friendships; a significant number are unable to form meaningful, reciprocal relationships with peers.

These vast differences make it just as tough to define or provide services for adults with autism as for children on the spectrum. Some Autistic Adults Are Very Successful. While it s relatively rare, there are quite a few adults with diagnosed autism who are moderate to extremely successful people. Some are happily married and partnered, and many are fully employed.

Quite a few have become role models for young adults on the spectrum who hope to live full, independent lives. Just a few such role models include. Temple Grandin, animal husbandry expert, author, and public speaker Stephen Shore, author, musician, professor, public speaker John Elder Robison, author, and public speaker Dan Ackroyd, actor, singer, radio personality Daryl Hannah, actor.

All of the individuals above, along with many others, are active autism advocates. Some Autistic Adults Have Severe Challenges. Many speak publicly about their experiences and offer resources and insights both to autistic adults and to their family members. While some high functioning autistic adults are quite successful, quite a few are severely challenged. Surprisingly, severe autism is not always the biggest obstacle to employment or even personal happiness. Higher functioning individuals are sometimes at a greater disadvantage because they may be struggling to pass for normal while trying to cope with severe anxiety, sensory dysfunction, and social communication deficits.

According to recent research, up to 56 percent of people with autism are also aggressive toward others, especially their caretakers. Between 25 percent and 30 percent of autistic adults are non-verbal or minimally verbal beginning in childhood, meaning they are unable to use spoken language or have significant impairments with it. Naturally, non-verbal, aggressive adults with autism are unable to successfully manage typical living situations or jobs.

Many Autistic Adults Have Great Strengths and Abilities. In general, people with autism are honest and dependable; most are focused on their work and are rarely distracted by social activities or outside interests. Quite a few have exceptional talents in areas such as computer coding, mathematics, music, drafting, organizing, and visual arts.

While it can be tough for autistic adults to set up and manage their own space and schedules, many are outstanding employees. Some corporations have started to recognize the value of actively recruiting and hiring autistic individuals; a few include. Freddie Mac Microsoft Walgreens SAP. Adults With Autism Face Big Hurdles to Independence.

All 2-year-olds throw tantrums. All teens have issues. As a result, autistic kids and teens often get a bit of a break after all, they re just kids. But once you re an adult, you re expected to put away your emotional challenges, tuck in your shirt, and act like a grown-up.

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