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Safety Data Sheets. EXCEL 64 bit command line vba code. I have code to fetch command line arguments when opening up excel book 64 bit; but 32 bit code is also there under if clause. So for example, when I run the following line of code at the command prompt, I am expecting to be able to fetch the input string as the command line arguments. xlsm p kjh dg. By the way, the reason why start is there, is so that it would work in a. bat batch file. I am expecting to be able to capture.

xlsm and p kjh dg. pdf as parameters. The code doesn t do that. start Excel. Why is it not fetching the second argument. I don t know too much about how pointers work. Is there a piece of code that I can use to capture at least a string that contains both parameters, so that I can parse it. If it contains more, that is fine. I can always interpret it, as long as it is consistent.

I put stubs in the program MsgBoxand I am not sure why the second stub shows blank. Here s a function to get the command line from the current process. Note that you ll have to use the e switch to avoid a redirection to an already launched instance of Excel and thus to keep the provided parameters. But if your goal is to provide some arguments to VBA from a batch, then use an environment variable.then to get the argument from Excel.

Browse other questions tagged vba excel 64-bit 32bit-64bit or ask your own question. Posted 1 decade ago on 26 09 2009 at 08h43. Export options on a 64 bit machine. Well the software may run on 64 bit but it s a boat in the basement. The only real export option is quicktime and there is no 64 bit quicktime. Really unhappy since I just blew a bundle on software and hardware.

I ve never seen such poor export options on a Pro level software. No frame sequence at all. All I see are Flash formats, quicktime and open GL. What s the point of all the power and no export options. Is it really just a high end Flash animator. Login or register to post comments. Posted 1 decade ago. Posted 1 decade ago on 28 09 2009 at 15h31. Have you tried using the Render network option along with a Write module instead of using the straight render movie option.

Render network is actually the way to do frame sequence render and it should work without much difficulties. On a side note be aware that the fact Quicktime is not yet 64 bits is one of the main reason why we can t currently officialize the support of the 64 bits counterparts of the current Windows OS. If you have the option you should opt for a 32 bit version for the time being as indicated in the system requirements.

Posted 1 decade ago on 28 09 2009 at 16h26. Hey Belseth, frustrated eh. This is how you make a render of sequence of images from Animate Pro Set the WRITE module to Drawing and select your preferred Drawing Type TGA for instance. When that s done, you go to File Render Network. Your sequence of frames will be found in the Frames folder, within the project folder. I guess people use Flash for web purposes. Open GL rendering just exports what you see in Camera, mode minus the antialiasing.

Good feature to have if you ever need it, but I hardly use that one. The software also supports alpha channels on import AND export. Most studios using Tonnboom software typically export as sequence of images and use Quicktimes for previewing. Toon Boom Animation Inc. 4200 St-Laurent Blvd, Suite 1020 Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2W 2R2 View on Google Maps 1 514 278-8666. 1994-2020 Toon Boom Animation Inc. Without frame sequence support and alpha channels it s pretty unusable. Open GL is pretty useless except for pencil test slugs.

Expose 64-bit OOP as an option, and make it the default 46578. sharwell commented Aug 5, 2020. Expose 64-bit OOP as an option see screenshot Make 64-bit OOP the default Make devenv. exe the host for 32-bit code analysis. Most users will keep this option enabled for performance purposes. However, disabling this option has a few notable benefits. It makes it easier to debug behaviors normally implemented out-of-process, to the extent that problematic behaviors are not caused by running out-of-process It provides a workaround for the breaking behavior changes involved with running VSIX-installed analyzers out-of-process.

This comment was marked as resolved. tmat left a comment. sharwell commented Aug 6, 2020. tmat I completed the initial audit. Designer attributes now supports both scenarios TODO comments now supports both scenarios API telemetry no user visible features; only supports OOP execution the default configuration since users in resource-constrained environments should not be subjected to unnecessary overhead Unit testing the code is implemented to support both scenarios, but the partner team needs to update the entry point to follow the expected patterns, e.

cs L26-L29 SymbolTreeInfoIncrementalAnalyzerProvider and SyntaxTreeInfoIncrementalAnalyzerProvider Both of these are disabled for in-proc scenarios, but it doesn t seem to have an impact on feature availability. It seems viable to leave them only enabled for OOP scenarios. JoeRobich commented Aug 6, 2020. RikkiGibson commented Aug 12, 2020. sharwell jinujoseph what is the status on this PR.

Are we taking it into preview2. Read the blog post here. And an FAQ has been posted in our Knowledge Base. Hey folks, We re excited to be launching the Guild Wars 2 Mac 64-bit Test Client today June 21, 2017and want to offer you an opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions in this forum thread. Feedback Guild Wars 2 Mac 64-Bit Client. Please share your thoughts. This is a recreation from the old forums.

All feedback given there has been noted. No specific reason for anyone to repeat their earlier feedback. The window goes to Untitledand then should go to the actual Character select window, but just locks me out of doing anything with the black Untitled window, no control of the mouse nor keyboard, nothing. I sometimes get a whole system freeze after logging in, and hitting READY.

I need to hard restart by long-pressing the power button. Not always thought, feels like old times when using Window and it was Plug Pray. Thank you Anet. The 64-bit client now seems very solid as far as not crashing and the keyboard bug seems to be gone. I haven t had either of these issues for quite some time. The ghosting problem still seems to be happening, but it seems to be capturing the sky now instead of the land.

I m sure this has something to do with the Ambient Occlusion setting, which by-the-way, keeps defalting to the On mode everytime I relaunch the game. Spooky moment of waiting after clicking READYwill it run or crash. I still notice that some of the trees and bushes flicker with what looks like lighting, but that s a minor thing. Also, the round labels that appear on the ground in WvW camps sometimes seem to detach and float around the screen. It s like they re not locked down to the ground.

Anyway, I hope these notes keep helping you solve things. 4627 said I sometimes get a whole system freeze after logging in, and hitting READY. Related to my own post, I have a question How where can I look into to see the crash and or error log for the GW2 game when it crashed. I do not remember if I see the Unexpectedly shut down error report dialogue after restarting the Mac once power-cycling it.

I will try to remember to check for the dialogue if any, and if a report is made, I will save it as well. The previous forum thread was a bit overwhelming to comb through so I appreciate kind of a fresh start. Unfortunately, I m not sure what was already said so that I don t repeat it. I ve been running the 64-bit client on an iMac mid-2011 16 GB RAM i7 Sierra but I read that it was recommended for newer Macs. Should I be running the old Mac-Beta instead.

I currently play the game on Windows through Bootcamp we well, as I prefer it to the Mac-Beta, though a native mac client I can run on my current system would be ideal. The 64-bit runs ok, but loading screens are much longer than they ever have been on the Mac-Beta or Windows and I have lighting shadow and texture issues along with the following. Missing or replaced clothing and skin textures on Character Select Face textures appear low-res mainly noticeable on Human Norn but visible on other races as well.

Characters have an eternal shadow over them unless facing a direct light source. UI, gliders, other player characters and nodes take a pretty long while to load. Random crashes. I can t figure out if this last one happens because of the client or my system, to be honest. Is there anything I should be providing that I haven t yet.

Should I not be using the 64-bit client on my current older iMac. Whatever the answer is, I still appreciate the effort of bringing us a Mac client. I d just love to be able to actually run it. Thanks for all the hard work. Anyone with bad fps on the 64-bit client compared to the 32-bit. I ve been playing on the 32-bit client on lowest resolution and can get 40 fps on average in places like dungeons fractals, getting lower fps on Heart of The Mist, 30 fps average, and Lion s Arch, depending on how populated the area is 10-30 fps.

I tried the 64-bit a while back and the fps I had in Dungeons Fractals is as low as I would have in Lion s Arch in the 32-bit client. And when I visited LA on the 64-bit client, it was jumping around between 10-5 fps. Any plans to add a bouncy icon indicator or something similar when pvp queue pops but you re tabbed iq option d, the way the Windows client does. Did WvW today and crashed 3x. About 20-30min between crashes, didn t even get a popup that allowed me to send a report, just a straight up crash.

9572 said Anyone with bad fps on the 64-bit client compared to the 32-bit. Pretty much my results no matter how much I mess with the settings etc. The new client is STILL UNPLAYABLE and we are now required to use the new one despite it not being ready. This is going to make the expansion and the game unplayable until all of the issues are ironed out. I have not been looking at it much recently since it is still a beta, but I looked recently and it was at 30 fps.

The 32 bit would run at 60, but it was much lower graphics settings too. Raw fps is not ideal though as it is dynamic based on what is in the scene if nothing moves ideally your fps would be less than 1. At a crowded boss fight the maw on a daily it dropped to 7, which is pretty typical for any client. Feel free to give a yell if you need PVE help. Hello, i played daily and there is no keyboard bug since. Is the client compatible with APFS and High Sierra.

any update on the issue that the client reads a ton of data from the hard drive. 7531 said any update on the issue that the client reads a ton of data from the hard drive. Not at this time. We are still investigating it. I m not sure if this was in the old thread or not, but the only problem I m having with the mac client 64-bit is the effect circles that are usually on the ground don t stay there. The same thing happens with the circles of an NPC or player when you have them selected and all the ground damage from players mobs.

This makes some of the new fractals very difficult to do because you can t quite tell where things are happening. Good to hear. I hate to complain but looking at activity monitor the amount of data the client reads is absolutely insane and makes me genuinely concerned about what it s doing to my poor SSD. That said, I will say that the performance of the Mac client has absolutely been improving lately, which is wonderful. Still panning the minimap or the big map is REALLY unperformant.

Textures are often missing and appear within half a minute have to wait often. Game runs on lowest graphic settings still quite slow. Often graphic bugs like NPC standing behind objects, their names are in front of those objects. In WvW and on PvE also I can see often the small health bars of enemies other serverswho are behind walls, rocks. so I can actually see them when they think they are hidden and should be.

But also That keyboard bug seems to be fixed. My trading post, especially the gem shop now works every time. So please go on with the performance improvements. The performance is getting better since release of the new Mac client, so far I can really use it on my Mac. And Bangar, we need to talk. As someone who could not get through 10 minutes of the game without crashing, or having the keyboard issues, I have suffered from neither of these problems for the past week or so. While there are still a few graphic glitches, from a playability standpoint, the 64 bit client is finally a better iq option d proposition for me than the old wrapper; even on my low benchmark Mac Mini.

Any improvements at this stage would be a bonus. Thank you for the efforts especially with improvements coming in time for the new expansion. The old wrapper client was just barely playable on my 2014 Macbook Air, but the new native client is very comfortably playable with decent performance. I m not sure what the hell is going on but I have a better system than some of the people who are saying the new client runs fine for them like the people managing on an macbook air for goodness sake.

It doesn t for me at all. In fact, it s still horrific and, although the vanishing textures have stopped, the performance is getting markedly worse with every update. When I turn the camera, my fps vanishes and I have to wait about 3-5 seconds for the game to sort itself out. The same happens pretty much any time someone throws a skill in my direction. So, I am sticking with the old client; it, in my opinion, is far superior because I can actually play the game with it, even if it won t open half the time.

System specs as follows Processor Name Intel Core i7 Processor Speed 2. 5 GHz Number of Processors 1 Total Number of Cores 4 L2 Cache per Core 256 KB L3 Cache 6 MB Memory 16 GB DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 M370X Intel Iris Pro VRAM AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB. So I finally decided to reinstall my GW2 client to 64-bit as I ve been using the previous beta client for years now. After the installation it all went downhill from there.

I can barely launch my game, it takes about 10min just to load into the game. Once in the game, oh boy, this is where the fun part starts. I have a pretty decent iMac and played the game on relatively good graphics with also good performance for years now. I notice with the 64-bit client I can t change my resolution. My machine struggles every time I even attempt to move around or select anything when running the game.

This is a big concern and it seems like I have to startup my bootcamp again, which is not pleasant experience. If anyone has any advice or can help, am I doing something wrong. I m even running the game better on my MacBook Air with old GW2 client then on my powerful iMac. I really thought the 64-bit client is better and suppose to be an improvement. With macOS High Sierra 10. 13 coming out on Sept. 25th, I was curious, has the 64-bit client been tested with the new OS version.

So, this is a bit of a shot in the dark perhaps, for ceratain people having performance problems. I ve owned macs for many years, and sometimes after sleep, there have for years been issues with certain models where performance after wake up has been very VERY sluggish. I would suggest if your system is performing way below what you would expect, that you try googling the procedure for resetting PRAM and SMC and see if that helps. I know on at least a iq option d of models I ve owned, that has often resulted in increased performance.

2503 said With macOS High Sierra 10. In fairness, even if it hasn t I d still be reasonably confident that it should work without any major issues. The biggest changes on a technical level are the introduction of the APFS filesystem which is a bit more low level than what should affect Guild Wars 2 and Metal 2 but Guild Wars 2 uses OpenGL. That said, my understanding is that the beta of High Sierra is available to those who want it so I m sure there s someone here who has tested with it and can confirm whether or not we can expect anything to break.

Praise Joko. 13 beta 1 and it s been fine. It still had the keyboard issue, but that was fixed. I have been running it since 10. This has been my experience also. After a while away from the game, I upgraded from the 32 bit client to the 64 bit client because the 32-bit client would not work once I upgraded to 10. The 64 bit client now works, but performance is terrible.

PvP, WvW, and large events used to run fine to tolerably at moderate graphics settings; I can now get them to work if I turn the graphics settings to bare minimum. Bare minimum gives me about 35 fps, autodetect gives. 35 fps was low-end on autodetect previously. iMac 2011, 10 Gb RAM, 4 Tb external firewire drive. Did anyone manage to play the game. I gave up and switched to Bootcamp on my iMac. I am very surprised the 64-bit client performs this bad. If anyone has any solutions.

Is there ever going to be a native macOS client that does not use WINE to run the game. I m finding that I have to run on the lowest graphics setting just to keep the game from crashing. My Mac can more than handle the higher settings for the graphics, but it seems the Windows environment translator can t handle the demand. ArenaNet Every now and then there are updates for the Mac 64-bit client.

Are there release notes for that client somewhere too. That s a good point, yeah. Awesome, that s good to know. Hello, I was excited to hear about the new 64-bit Mac client and decided to start playing again, but I found that the game kept crashing about every 20-25 minutes due to trouble loading things and a memory crash or something like that. I later found that the support page said that there are different hardware requirements for the 64-bit client.

I have the system requirements, but my laptop is too out of date to play the 64-bit version. Also, if so, can the GW2 pages definitively state this. On the account page where you can download the client, it links to the system requirements for the Mac version, but it should also feature the hardware requirements as well. And if that s the case is the 32-bit version downloadable anywhere. I m kind of disheartened that the game I just got back into turned out to be something I can t actually play anymore.

32-bit Version iMac 21. 527 Mid-2010 iMac 21. 527 Mid-2011 MacBook Pro 1517 Mid-2010 MacBook Pro 131517 Early and Late-2011 MacBook Pro 131517 Mid-2012 Mac Mini Mid-2011. 64-bit Version iMac 21. 527 Late 2013 MacBook Pro 1315 Late 2013 Mac Pro Late 2013 Mac Mini Late 2014. WvW, returning to the spawn waypoint after fighting on this map for some hours take up to two minutes.

That s a big NOPE. I ve noticed that that the biggest performance hit is on high-population maps such as Mistlock or Lion s Arch. However, changing the Character Model Limit and Character Model Quality between Low Medium High does little to affect performance with only a 1-2 FPS change. Now, this makes perfect sense as even the invisible characters are interacting with the environment and thus affect me.

Howevereven if the invisible characters are just standing around, even if they are out of sight I still experience the hit. As soon as the population drops visible pop remains the same, invisible decreases performance improves. It s truly wonderful that resources have been dedicated to this. Sincerest thanks for the native client, ANet. macOS High Sierra GM 10. 13, 17A362a hw MacBook Pro, 15-inch 2017 proc 3.

1 GHz Intel Core i7 mem 16 GB gfx Intel HD 630 1536MB. Performance-wise, the 64-bit client is worse than the 32-bit client. I have both clients installed, and I achieve barely 15FPS with the 64-bit client. In contrast, I get avg. 42FPS on the 32-bit client in busier areas, it s almost always near 30FPS. Is the hardware requirement definitive, and it won t eventually be playable on the hardware on the 32-bit version. takes longer. Not sure if this is only a Mac problem, but after the recent update I ve been getting huge ping spikes in WvW.

I usually need to play on the 32-bit iq option d, even if loading maps et. So, I m kinda confused. If the 64 bit client isn t up to par by the time of PoF, will we still be able to re download the 32 bit client to use with PoF. 9276 said Is there ever going to be a native macOS client that does not use WINE to run the game. The 64-bit client does not use WINE. It is a native Mac client. The low performance is a combination of things, namely the fact that the Mac client still has issues that are actively being investigated and the fact that OpenGL unfortunately has less than stellar performance on macOS.

Be patient - it will improve. Metal in theory could improve performance a fair bit particularly where shader compilation is a factor but it would involve pretty much rewriting the entire renderer which I can t imagine ArenaNet are in any rush to do because it d be a huge amount of work. 2187 said So, I m kinda confused. The answer is most likely no and as I understand it people running Windows won t be able to play Guild Wars 2 using the 32-bit client either, as PoF requires more memory than a 32-bit client could address due to the improved graphics in the PoF zones.

Regardless I think it s unlikely that the Cider based client would perform particularly well in the PoF zones anyway. Killer Rhino. 6794 said Performance-wise, the 64-bit client is worse than the 32-bit client. I suspect that these issues are at least in part down to the disk IO issue that is currently present in the 64-bit client and which ArenaNet are investigating. There s a good chance that once this is resolved it will improve dramatically.

I suspect this in part because, in my desktop and my MacBook Pro both of which have SSDs the performance is quite a lot better than what you describe. frequently my cursor will disappear and my camera get stuck in free camera mode. sometimes i m able to get out of it by two-finger right clicking and or escape key two-finger click but it seems random, other times not. it might coincide with using the control key.

in a different issue, the behavior of the caps lock key is different between cider version and beta 64bit. i assign my free camera to it. in cider version it requires a single key press to toggle. in new client the state of capslock determines the toggle therefore sometimes a double keypress. 2016 macbook pro 2. 9 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB. My only two complaints so far on the 64bit client are what I would call chugging and generally low fps.

I ve not had any keyboard issues or issues with textures map loading. The chugging is what I feels like a wading through mud every 5-10 seconds. Everything lags a bit then returns to normal, this happens constantly. FPS is just low at about 15fps in unpopulated areas. I m not running max settings, medium to good. Ambient Occ is turned off. Mac Pro 2010 dual 2. 93Ghz six core Xeons 170 cpu usage while gaming 48GB ram nvidia GTX 680 2GB SSD game drive 0.

32 bit image 64 bit image. Still having trouble with coloring and texture after I completely deleted gw2 and re downloaded the 64 bit client from scratch. is this intended or will it be adjusted to match the old client. I am also still using native resolution as others have recommended. Did everything I could in the graphics options to try to make it look better, but nothing will work. If there is no way to fix the coloring texture issues I have, I would at least want the option to download and use the 32 bit client for the expansion.

I posted this problem in the old forums about a month ago. I got no reply that fixed this problem, no reply from a dev, and the problem still persists when there is only six days until the expansion. Pardon my frustration, but I believe when they say next time they are going to release an expansion when it is ready, the definition of ready should include balancing elite specs and new clients that are being forced upon us as well.

I ve been playing on the 64b client the past couple of weeks and the performance is definitely not what I d like; although it s not quite unplayable, in order to have a decent FPS I have to play on minimum settings, and even then it peaks around 30 and is usually around 20 or lower. Would definitely love to be able to play on decent graphics settings or at least get better FPS iq option d minimum.

That being said, I ve never had the game crash, so stability issues seem to be fixed, which is good of course. I m on a mid-2015 15 MBP 2. 8 i7, 16 GB RAM, AMD Radeon R9 M370X. Ambient Occlusion setting isn t being saved. I have it turned off because it s causing a weird halo around all objects another bugbut every time I close and restart GW2, Ambient Occlusion gets turned back on and I have to go into the settings and turn it off again. First and foremost, thank you for all the hard work.

Really looking forward to migrating to the new client. I ve tried it briefly, and while the general performance isn t quite on par with the old client yet, maps seem to load a lot faster. The main reason I m still sticking with 32 bit client is that a the UI of the new client is huge even on the smallest setting a completed heart task pop-up fills up the entire screen, for example and b the new client doesn t seem to recognize some keys of a Finnish keyboard at all.

I know this stuff won t probably affect the majority of users, but it would be great to see them fixed. I m using late 2013 13-inch MacBook Pro. com wiki Command_line_arguments don t work for me. How do I use them. On windows i basically used -email XX -password YY -nopatchui to manage multiple accounts. -autologin works if I entered email and password before.

On mac -email xxx -password yyy do not seem to work at all. -nopatchui starts without launcher but nothing happens besides a black screen. The Boot Camp report Installed Boot Camp yesterday, using a Windows 10 Home ISO. Difference is night and day. On the Mac side of the partition it s a slide show, even with everything on the lowest possible graphics settings.

On the Windows side of the partition, it s smooth as butter with everything on medium and almost everything turned on. Is the 32 bit client working again on 10. For a while there, entering the game proper would promptly reboot my Mac. For the moment, I m happy to do without the latest expansion to get decent performance. I am a Korean person. Language toggle is not available. It seems simple, but there is a very big problem to me. I know it was even before new-64 bit.

I tried changing the toggle language in Options under Key settingsbut that does not seem to work. If I try to speak in my native language to native country players I typed in my native language in Notepad and I use command c - command v to chat in GW2. This is very uncomfortable, and the time to communicate is getting smaller and lonely. I was able to toggle languages on macOS with caps lock or control space. Windows 7 and boot camp based Windows 10 did not have this problem.

macOS Sierra 10. 6 iMac Late 2015 Region code KR. 9754 said Hello, I was excited to hear about the new 64-bit Mac client and decided to start playing again, but I found that the game kept crashing about every 20-25 minutes due to trouble loading things and a memory crash or something like that. I have the exact same problem, I was playing on 32 bit client but after I sent my macbook to service and lost the 32-bit client and the 64-bit client keeps crashing every 20-30 minutes to me, is there a way to download again the 32 bit client.

mac users should get a discount on PoF or a gift of gems as an apology for the broken client. In fairness it s no secret that the Mac client is very much a work in progress. 7593 said mac users should get a discount on PoF or a gift of gems as an apology for the broken client. I m optimistic that it ll improve with time and the client seems to be steadily improving alreadyand in all fairness, nobody buys a Mac expecting excellent gaming performance.

With that said, I likely won t buy PoF until performance improves or until I can be bothered to dual boot Windows I stopped recently because I decided I d rather just have the extra disk space. The performance is pretty poor already in HoT areas - I dread to think what the PoF zones will do to the Mac client. A part of me wants to joke about you not knowing how good you have things - as someone who has played Guild Wars 2 since launch honestly, the situation is a million times better now with the native testing client than it once was, having the choice of Wine where the performance was subpar or the official Cider port which had poor quality audio, didn t support windowed fullscreen mode fullscreen mode would turn your other monitors black - as someone with 3 monitors this was upsetting and simply didn t look nearly as nice graphically as what we have now.

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merci je n utilise plus que firefox et a part cette fenêtre pas d autres soucis. la c était avec le site dumerveilleuxcoin, mais j ai la même chose un peut partout, ou partout un petit peu. le 13 Sep 2020 22 40. le 14 Sep 2020 10 08. le 14 Sep 2020 11 27. Sujets similaires. Réglé Fenêtre suspecte. Bonjour j ai sur mon ordinateur une fenêtre qui apparais au démarrage mais pas tout le temps je voulais savoir si il y a un risque ou pas.

merci de votre aide. jpg Réponses 35. Fenêtre intempestive Bonjour,Merci d avance pour ma prise en charge. Mon soucis, c est qu il y a cette fenêtre qui n arrête pas de s afficher et qui plante mon anti-virus Kaspersky et ralentit mon ordi. ça iq option d le code erreur 0xc0000022Voici les fichiers pour la prise en charge. fenetre programme Figé BonjourA certains moments les fenetres de mes applications ne sont plus sélectionnable. il faut que je clique sur leur icone dans la barre de tache une première fois pour les réduire et une seconde pour les agrandir et là je peux a nouveau m en servir.

Ma carte mere est une z97 extreme6 3. J ai remarqué que les pourcentages d utilisation de ma RAM dans le gestionnaire des taches ne collaient pas avec mes 8go installés et en effet j ai pu voir qu il n y a que 3. 48 go utilisables, embêtant. J ai donc fait mes recherches sur le net et j ai vu que ce problème qu. Aucun os affiché dans la fenêtre Démarrer msconfig Salut tout le monde. Réponses 12.

Fenêtre enregistrer sous dans Word modifiée. J utilise office 2010 sur un PC tournant sous Windows 7. L apparence de la fenêtre a été modifiée et je ne peux plus naviguer quand j enregistre un document. ed-public Apparemment c est une option à cocher et je n ai r. voila sur le pc de ùma belle mere y a toujours cette fenetre photo qui revient sans cesse meme si je fait cette satané MAJ j ai essaye plusieurs truc dans les services j ai desactivé windows update mais ca revient sur manuel je sais plus quoi.

fenetre MAJ windows 10 bonjour je vous solicite ce probleme commence a me. fenêtre publicitaire qui s ouvrent intempestivement virus. Bonjour,Mon pc a certainement un virus ou Malware. Je n avais pas ce problème auparavant. Pouvez vous m aiderPar avance je vous remercieBien cordialement Hervé Réponses 24. J ai des fenêtres qui s ouvrent intempestivement lors d une recherche dans google sur Chrome depuis quelques jours.

Utilisateurs parcourant ce forum Aucun utilisateur enregistré et 1 invité. Qui est en ligne. This browser version offers gains in performance for Firefox users with 64-bit PCs. We re pleased to offer it to users of Windows 7 and above who are looking for added performance for applications and games while running the Firefox web browser. On December 15, 2015 we released the 64-bit Firefox web browser for Windows 7 64-bit systems.

This version offers improvements over the 32-bit version of Firefox. Firefox 64-bit for Windows, by design, has limited support for plugins. Firefox 64-bit Web Browser for Windows Now Available. Users will notice that certain sites requiring plugins that worked in previous 32-bit versions of Firefox might not work in this 64-bit version.

As we ve shared previously, Mozilla intends to remove support for most NPAPI plugins in Firefox by the end of 2016. Update Mozilla removed support for NPAPI plugins when it shipped Firefox 52 on March 7, 2017. Give Us Feedback. To download and install the Firefox 64-bit web browser for Windows go to the Firefox All Systems page. For the latest Firefox release, you can also go to the Firefox download page. We re counting on your feedback to continue improving Firefox with 64-bit support. You can also read up on Firefox 64-bit in our Support community.

A more secure Firefox. That means you get a more secure version of Firefox, one that also crashes a whole lot less. Users on 64-bit Windows who download Firefox can get our 64-bit version by default. How much less. What s the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit. Here s the key thing to know 64-bit applications can access more memory and are less likely to crash than 32-bit applications.

Also, with the jump from 32 to 64 bits, a security feature called Address Space Layout Randomization ASLR works better to protect you from attackers. Linux and macOS users, fret not, you already enjoy a Firefox that s optimized for 64-bit. In our tests so far, 64-bit Firefox reduced crashes by 39 on machines with 4GB of RAM or more.

If you re running 64-bit Windows here s how to checkyour Firefox may already be 64-bit. How do you get 64-bit Firefox. Check your Firefox version in the About Firefox window and look for 32-bit or 64-bit after the version number If you see 32-bit and you are running Firefox 56. 0 or older, updating to the latest Firefox version should automatically upgrade you to 64-bit. If you see 32-bit and are running Firefox 56. You can still manually install 64-bit Firefox, if you choose. 1 or newer, then your computer may not meet the minimum memory requirement for 64-bit 3 GB RAM or more.

If you need to run 32-bit Firefox or manually install 64-bit Firefox, you can simply download and re-run the Windows 32-bit or 64-bit Firefox installer from the Firefox platforms and languages download page. Take control of your browser. How To Fix 32 and 64 bit options in W10 -. To Fix 32 and 64 bit options in W10 error you need to follow the steps below.

Click Fix All and you re done. Limitations This download is a free evaluation version. 1, 8, 7, Vista, XP Download Size 6MB Requirements 300 MHz Processor, 256 MB Ram, 22 MB HDD. Full repairs starting at 19. Compatibility Windows 10, 8. 32 and 64 bit options in W10 is commonly caused by incorrectly configured system settings or irregular entries in the Windows registry.

This error can be fixed with special software that repairs the registry and tunes up system settings to restore stability. If you have 32 and 64 bit options in W10 then we strongly recommend that you Download 32 and 64 bit options in W10 Repair Tool.

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