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All devices will come in new color options including a darker blue, a darker pink, and gold as indicated by the graphics recently discovered in the iTunes 12. Apple is expected to bump up its rear-facing camera from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels, putting it on par with the iPad Air 2 and the latest iPhones. The device will also offer a 64-bit CPU for better performance and graphics.

Users will also have a new 128GB storage option, which will be priced at 399, 9to5Mac adds. It s thought the sixth-generation iPod touch will also be Apple s first with an M series processor for tracking steps, elevation, and other fitness data. Finally, the new iPod touch is expected to come with Apple s latest iOS 8. The 16GB and 64GB models will be priced at 199 and 299 respectively.

4 firmware pre-installed, which will give users access to Apple Music. Apple Watch Apps Instantly Went 64-Bit Thanks To Obscure Bitcode Option More Login. Slashdot is powered by your submissionsso send in your scoop. The Fine Print The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for them in any way. I m sure they needed it too Score 1. Did Apple Watches suddenly gain some dire need for 64-bit address space.

Re I m sure they needed it too Score 5, Informative. There are other gains to be had. For instance, updating apps to 64-bit means that everything links against Apple s 64-bit library binaries. Given that these are rather constrained devices, every little bit pun intended helps. As a result, Apple can drop the 32-bit binaries from watchOS, leading to less maintenance, smaller and faster system update downloads, and more space available for the user to use on the device.

64bit ARM code is faster than 32bit. Sure - because it uses more resources. Because ARM architecture works that way. All I know is my app sizes in general have quadrupaled over the years not diminished, nor do I see this as any retreat from that direction. But with 64 bits, you get more bits. 64 bits, it s what plants crave. Opcodes are variable in length similar to UTF-8 character codes. 32-bit opcodes can use up 8,16 or 32 bits.

64-bit opcodes can use 8,16,32 or 64 bits but many opcodes will be the same size as before. In addition more complex opcodes are possible so you can represent the same actions in fewer opcodes. And because you can reference larger memory ranges directly memory management is simpler and runs faster or needs fewer opcodes. The most common opcodes use fewer bits and only the less common but m. Apple can drop the 32-bit binaries from watchOS, leading to less maintenance.

So you are saying, better for Apple, who cares about the user. smaller and faster system update downloads. 64 bit binaries are more bulky than 32 bit. and more space available for the user to use on the device. Wrong again. On the device you only have 32 bit binaries libraries or 64 bit. Unless Apple is really stupid, but that is another issue. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Typical Apple facts. Surely it would be better to automatically make all watch apps 32-bits to save space. given that they can choose by flipping a switch.

Given that Apple is now using a 64 bit processor for this new line, the alternatives for the user involve having either a set of BOTH 64 bit binaries and 32 bit binaries a la Windows, or barely any apps for their new device. Having both would most certainly be more bulky then only the 64 bit option. Using 32 bit binaries might be possible, but it seems like a waste of a 64 bit processor. As the 32 bit line dies out, devs responsible for it can be moved to maintaining the 64 bit branch.

The user seems well ser. The user seems well served. Apple is well served, not the user. The user sees no benefit from a simplified development toolchain, huh. You are management material, I ll give you that. Yours is not a simplified development toolchain, it is an amplified bullshit chain. you do this bullshit even with other people, but accuse me of being obsessed.

Every noticed how this kind of talk, including the drivel you posted, tends to center around Scientology House Apple. Most apps aren t really making use of 64-bits. The OS could make use of this if it needs more address space but those watches generally don t have that much all running at the same time. So now you have long registers most of which are rarely used. The difference between 16 and 32 bit was huge, because there were many applications that found limitations on the address space and were already commonly doing 32-bit arithmetic.

Fo 32 to 64 bit on the PC it wasn t all that big a deal overall; we already had 64. Re I m sure they needed it too Score 2. ARMv8 has both 32bit and 64bit, so you may have three things to compare really ARMv7 32bit, ARMv8 32bit and ARMv8 64bit AArch32 and AArch64. You can have an actual 32bit only ARMv8 CPU. Although frankly I don t know about low level details between v8 32 and 64bit.

Then there s the backwards compatibility but if you don t have legacy code and apps you d run only ARMv8 code and ignore v7 or earlier. This is the immediate future or present of ARM microcontrollers. So, the watch can live with the small bloat a. Idiot very much today. 64bit binaries plus 32bit binaries are even more bulky than 64bit binaries alone. And that was the parents point. Obviously you are not a software developer. Obviously you have both kinds of libraries, unless the binaries are statically linked and don t need libraries on the device.

Maintaining only one code base, rather than two, is better for both. 64 bit 32 bit is larger than 64 bit. Because you ve dropped 32-bit bin. Lack of skill dictates economy of style. - Joey Ramone. Catch up on stories from the past week and beyond at the Slashdot story archive. Apple Watch Apps Instantly Went 64-Bit Thanks To Obscure Bitcode Option. Because 64bit is somehow inherently better. For most things a watch does it just means it now needs more resources to get the same thing done.

It s not even better in the x86- x86_64 sense where an important bottleneck was eased. So this is just geekfappery, the warm fuzzy feeling of 64bit on the wristwhere 16bit on the wrist probably would ve done just as well. iq option cote divoire possibly even better. If you don t know why it is moving to 64 bit now, there is no help for you. Maybe just read up on the subject instead of blathering on about it.

Hint this has been going on for a while now. Try to keep up. So other than addressing 4Gb of memory, what are the upsides. Re Score 5, Informative. 64-bit ARM processors have more than double the number of general purpose registers than 32 bit ARM processors have. This can speed up code considerably, by reducing the number of load store instructions needed when you have half the registers.

And as decisions as to register use is done at compile time and not at runtimethis benefits 64-bit code mores than 32-bit code as the compiler has to presume the lowest common denominator, and all compile 32-bit code assuming the 15 general purpose registers f. Not having to maintain the massive amount of 32-bit support code inside Apple s various OS s will be a big win for Apple. So will we all just abandon to the scrap heap all the very expensive Apple devices that already exist and are still working.

You know, all the 32 bit devices. If Apple is not supporting 32 bit OSs anymore, then are app developers going to have to keep a copy of XCode 7 or whatever that does support the vast number of legacy devices. Re Because 64bit is somehow inherently better. Score 5, Informative. All of the old software and development tools still work if you need to target a really old device. Apple has been primarily 64-bit for a very long time now.

64 bit support for OS X came out in 2005, all new Macs had 64-bit hardware by 2007, iq option cote divoire in 2011 64 bit became required with Mac OS X Lion 10. The iPhone has been 64 bit since the iPhone 5s 2013. AppleTV has been fully 64-bit for two generations now since 2015however it needs to be noted here that prior to the 2015 model, the AppleTV didn t permit 3rd party apps anyway. And as this article indicates, bitness of the tvOS and Apple Watch devices matters less, as Apple accepts the applications as byte code from the vendors, and can compile it on the fly for specific devices in whatever bitness they support.

As such, your device has to be quite old to need 32 bit support, and Apple for at least the last year has required all apps submitted to its app stores to be 64-bit. The number isn t as vast as you are implying. Unsupported Macs would have to be at least 12 years old now. Unsupported iOS devices are more than 5 years old at this point. The AppleTV has never had a revision that permitted 3rd party apps which wasn t 64 bit. It s only on the Apple Watch where there is a currently supported 32 bit OS -- and as the article indicates, Apple got around much of the issues between 32-bit and 64-bit versions by having byte code based apps which it can compile to the necessary architecture on the fly on your behalf.

So yes -- if you for some reason really have to target old 32 bit devices, at some point you ll need an older Xcode around. Presumably you re deploying these to the devices yourself, as the App Store hasn t permitted 32-bit apps for at least the last year. Next year macOS is dropping 32-bit application support altogether. Will Wine then have to become actually an emulator. Staying 32-bit exclusively would have saved more bits. The two most beautiful words in the English language are Cheque Enclosed.

-- Dorothy Parker. An obscure feature in Apple s Xcode development software enabled Apple Watch apps to make an instant transition from 32-bit to 64-bit last month, an unheralded win for Apple Watch developers inside and outside the company. The Enable Bitcode feature was introduced to developers three years ago, but the Accidental Tech Podcast suggests that it was quietly responsible for the smooth launch of software for the Apple Watch Series 4 last month. Support for Bitcode was originally added to Xcode 7 in November 2015, subsequently becoming optional for iOS apps but mandatory for watchOS and tvOS apps.

Bitcode is an intermediate representation halfway between human-written app code and machine code. Rather than the developer sending a completely compiled app to the App Store, enabling Bitcode provides Apple with a partially compiled app that it can then finish compiling for whatever processors it wants to support. But that s exactly what did happen in September 2018 with the release of the Apple Watch Series 4, which transitioned from the 32-bit Apple S3 processor to the 64-bit Apple S4.

The feature was forward-thinking enough that reports of its existence in 2015 called its most obvious use, recompil ing bitcode-encoded App Store apps without any work from developers unlikely to happen. There was no waiting period for new 64-bit apps after the release of the new Watch last month, and developers didn t even have to recompile their 32-bit apps; the apps just worked, and noticeably faster than before, on the new devices.

By contrast, Apple, developers, and users have had to endure comparatively messy switches of both iOS devices and Macs from 32-bit to 64-bit. After the iPhone 5S unexpectedly arrived with a 64-bit processor, users experienced software glitches with some earlier 32-bit apps, Apple quickly mandated that app developers start work on 64-bit versions, requiring support within five months of the device s release and cutting 32-bit support last year.

On the Mac side, the company is still in the process of phasing out 32-bit app support this year. Thus far, there have been no major complaints about 64-bit apps on the Apple Watch, though the silence may be somewhat attributable to the comparative lack of apps for Apple s wearable platform. Some developers abandoned their Apple Watch apps due to lack of resources, interest, or sufficient performance but the fast and well-reviewed new Series 4 could address these problems with an infusion of new customers.

arch SSE Enables the use of SSE instructions. Also see arch x64 and arch ARM. Specifies the architecture for code generation on x86. arch IA32 Specifies no enhanced instructions and also specifies x87 for floating-point calculations. arch SSE2 Enables the use of SSE2 instructions. This is the default instruction on x86 platforms if no arch option is specified.

arch AVX Enables the use of Intel Advanced Vector Extensions instructions. arch AVX2 Enables the use of Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2 instructions. The arch option enables or disables the use of certain instruction set extensions, particularly for vector calculation, available in processors from Intel and AMD. In general, more recently introduced processors may support additional extensions over those supported by older processors, although you should consult the documentation for a particular processor or test for instruction set extension support using __cpuid before executing code using an instruction set extension.

arch AVX512 Enables the use of Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512 instructions. arch only affects code generation for native functions. The arch options refer to instruction set extensions with the following characteristics. When you use clr to compile, arch has no effect on code generation for managed functions. IA32 is the legacy 32-bit x86 instruction set without any vector operations and using x87 for floating-point calculations.

SSE allows calculation with vectors of up to four single-precision floating-point values. Corresponding scalar floating-point instructions were added as well. SSE2 allows calculation with 128-bit vectors of single-precision, double-precision and 1, 2, 4 or 8 byte integer values. Double-precision scalar instructions were also added. AVX introduced an alternative instruction encoding for vector and floating-point scalar instructions that allows vectors of either 128 bits or 256 bits, and zero-extends all vector results to the full vector size.

Most floating-point operations are extended to 256 bits. For legacy compatibility, SSE-style vector instructions preserve all bits beyond bit 127. AVX2 extends most integer operations to 256-bit vectors, and enables use of Fused Multiply-Add FMA instructions. AVX512 introduced another instruction encoding form that allows 512-bit vectors, plus certain other optional features.

Instructions for additional operations were also added. The optimizer chooses when and how to use vector instructions depending on which arch is specified. Scalar floating-point computations are performed with SSE or AVX instructions when available. Some calling conventions specify passing floating-point arguments on the x87 stack, and as a result, your code may use a mixture of both x87 and SSE AVX instructions for floating-point computations.

Integer vector instructions can also be used for some 64-bit integer operations when available. In addition to the vector and floating-point scalar instructions, each arch option may also enable the use of other non-vector instructions that are associated with that option. An example is the CMOVcc instruction family that first appeared on the Intel Pentium Pro processors. Because SSE instructions were introduced with the subsequent Intel Pentium III processor, CMOVcc instructions may be generated except when arch IA32 is specified.

Floating-point operations are normally rounded to double-precision 64-bit in x87 code, but you can use _controlfp to modify the FP control word, including setting the precision control to extended precision 80-bit or single-precision 32-bit. For more information, see _control87, _controlfp, __control87_2. This can change how results are rounded when the result of a floating-point operation is used directly in further calculation instead of assigning it to a user variable.

SSE and AVX have separate single-precision and double-precision instructions for each operation, so there is no equivalent for SSE AVX code. With explicit assignment. arch and QIfist cannot be used on the same compiland. Because this changes the behavior of all floating-point to integer conversions, this flag has been deprecated. The QIfist option changes the rounding behavior of floating-point to integer conversion.

When compiling for SSE or AVX you can round a floating-point value to an integer using the floating-point environment rounding mode by using an intrinsic function sequence. The default behavior is to truncate round toward zerowhereas the QIfist option specifies use of the floating-point environment rounding mode. For more information, see Predefined Macros. The arch AVX2 option and __AVX2__ macro were introduced in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2, version 12. The _M_IX86_FP__AVX____AVX2____AVX512F____AVX512CD____AVX512BW____AVX512DQ__ and __AVX512VL__ macros indicate which, if any, arch compiler option was used.

Limited support for arch AVX512 was added in Visual Studio 2017, and expanded in Visual Studio 2019. To set this compiler option for AVX, AVX2, AVX512, IA32, SSE, or SSE2 in Visual Studio. Open the Property Pages dialog box for the project. For more information, see Set C compiler and build properties in Visual Studio.

Select the Configuration PropertiesC C folder. Select the Code Generation property page. Modify the Enable Enhanced Instruction Set property. 4 August 20, 2020 Fixed bug with loading of AMT table that contains more than 50 addresses. What is new in 8. 3 August 15, 2020 Now you can use EXE module without name input. exe for your signature. Program will search the signature in current process EXE module.

PRO Fixed bug when attached exception handling debugger. The game EXE module can change his name in new version, but signature search will work correctly. 2 August 11, 2020 Added assembler directive DUP duplicate variable. The DUP assembler directive allows declare a buffer array of any type. For example, db 128 dup 0 declares the buffer of length 128 bytes with zeros. Added special directive PutOriginalCode is used when you replace assembler code.

Program will replace this directive with original before replacing assembler code. Now displays current line number when you edit assembler code. Fixed bug when program skips system modules on Windows x64 for 32-bit processes. Because of this, didn t load winapi function names for assembler code. PRO Fixed bug when you use own kernel mode functions for access to memory and Attach to the process without OpenProcess option on Windows 10.

1 July 28, 2020 Fixed bug when you select a file or folder as an object. PRO Fixed bug for breakpoints with condition. Now you can override the type of memory operand for the condition. Use directives byte ptrword ptr and etc. 08 July 19, 2020 Now the program can automatically replace assembler instructions with your assembler code.

Your assembler code can contain labels, variables and consts. Open an address window by Edit command and input your assembler code in Code replacing page. For example, if you have found an assembler instruction that decreases your money, you can add your reading writing instruction in your variable. You can view edit the variable in main table. You can inject your assembler code in a process and start own thread from any line.

You can input your assembler code in Code injecting page on table information form Info button. Pointer to Pointer scaning became up to 3 times faster. Added Limit unique offsets per level option. The scaning with this option can become up to 10 times faster. Now you can set Hexadecimal view for each address in the table. New emulator options and full support for Nintendo Switch. PRO Improved set of own kernel mode functions for access to memory. Now Attach to the process without OpenProcess option works for kernel mode functions.

SE Disassembler and Assembly instruction type are available in SE edition. Pointer level is increased to 6 to 3 for SE edition. Full support for Microsoft Windows 10 Update 2004 May 2020. Now all ArtMoney Tables created in PRO edition will work in SE edition. The SE edition can load symbols from your folder, you can set your name for address and function, you can Save Load debug information.

Fixed bug when appears fake process with zero ID in process list. Fixed bug in assembler instructions with RIP EIP-relative addressing. Fixed bug when pointers displayed with a glitch only for 32-bit or emulator processes. Fixed bug when you have found more than billion adresses and try filter it. Fixed bug when load the filtration failed with pointers. 07 November 21, 2019 Filtering procedure is completely remade. Speed of filtering is increased by 50 and in few times for module addressing. If you have a dual-core processor, ArtMoney can filter up to 2 times faster.

If you have a quad-core processor, ArtMoney can filter up to 4 times faster. SE Now search for strings are available in SE edition. Now ArtMoney uses multi-core processors to provide the best possible performance of filtering. The strings can contain a name of hero, a name of city, a name of weapon or a game script for some script-based online games.

Fixed bug when program skips some memory regions on Windows x64 for 32-bit processes. Fixed bug with few forms if user have non-standard DPI settings. Fixed bug in search with module addressing. Fixed bug when enter hexadecimal value string ending in H letter. PRO Fixed activation error with installed Iq option cote divoire Total Security. PRO Fixed bug in filtering a structure with Float 8 bytes type.

06 August 11, 2019 PRO New version of disassembler. Including all commands with XOP, VEX and EVEX encoding prefix. Full support for the AVX, AVX2 and AVX-512 instruction sets. Added support for 256-bit registers YMM512-bit registers ZMM and opmask registers k0-k7. PRO Fixed bug with open process with Use own functions for access to memory - User mode functions. The program doesn t use reverse byte order for text and strings when searching in emulators actual for Nintendo GameCube, Wii and Wii U.

Fixed bug in unknown or coded filtration when one memory block or file size has exceed 4Gb. 05 May 19, 2019 Added addressing by signature. Signature is a unique sequence of bytes which found in memory one time. A signature can contain skipped bytes mask symbol. You can add a signature in Signatures page on table information form Info button. If you set Auto search then ArtMoney will find an address of the signature in the background mode automatically.

You can set region attributes for signature search, scan entire process or select module name. You can edit a signature as the assembly code. The signature name is used analogically of a module name in module addressing. The signature has memory size like a module. You can convert any address into signature address, you must have a found signature and open address window by Edit command and change addressing type from Address to Address in Module.

If you scan code regions then use procedure size. Program calculates the final address by summing the address of the signature and the address inside the signature. New emulator options for Nintendo Wii U. Fixed emulator options for Amiga invalid address for Fast RAM. Fixed bug with emulator pointers with reverse bytes order for 64-bit emulators Dolphin Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo WiiSSF Sega SaturnFreeDo and FourDO Panasonic 3DO.

Fixed bug when reverse null-terminated string has zero size empty string. Fixed bug when converts PC addresses to emulator adresses in the table. 04 December 23, 2018 PRO Added set of own functions for access to memory. You shouldn t disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows with new User mode functions set. Now you can bypass process protection that check Driver Signature Enforcement. The functions also work for standart debugger and exception handling debugger.

PRO Added Attach to the process without OpenProcess option. Our unique algorithm to edit process memory without using OpenProcess function doesn t open the process. SE Fixed bug when you search for exact values with additional conditions. The option, together with Use own functions for access to memory can bypass any process protection, all existing anticheats. You can attach exception handling debugger to protected process.

PRO Fixed bug in exception handling debugger with Hide debug registers option. SE Now additional filter conditions,not equal to filter values that are not equal 0. By that you will decrease total time of a search. 03 October 22, 2018 Added Scan memory regions option. You can select regions data writable, data readonly, code writable, code readonly, guarded, hidden. Program scans writable regions by default. Added Multiplicity of each address option for Pointer-to-Pointer scanner.

You scan only even addresses Pointer-to-Pointer in chain. Each address in chain is even with 95 probability. Each address in chain multiples of 4 with 80 probability. Fixed bug in Pointer-to-Pointer scanner. Sometimes program have found incorrect ofssets on quad-core processors. Hidden region marked as no data, but program can read it. PRO Added Address names and symbols list window.

The windows displays list of address names and loaded symbols. You can set filters and sort the list. PRO Improved Hide debugger present option. Now the option contains 7 items patch PEB and HEAP structures, patch IsDebuggerPresent, NtQueryInformationProcess, DbgUiRemoteBreakin, DbgBreakPoint, NtYieldExecution. PRO Added Auto detect size of functions option. Program will detect size of function if symbol folder does not contain function size.

PRO Added Hide debug registers options. If selected process will read a debug register then it will always return zero result. PRO Fixed bugs in Disassembler. 02 July 8, 2018 New unicode plug-ins Belarusian, Greek, Turkish, Chinese big5. Fixed bug when sometimes you edit value and hotkeys Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V are not working. Fixed bug with module addressing when program detects wrong module size. Fixed bug with Convert pointers to addresses command when game process is not selected.

Fixed bug when you load a table created in old versions of ArtMoney. Fixed bug when you open a process using Spyware Process Detector. Fixed bug with filtering on pointers in 64-bit version. Fixed bug with windows when you have multiple monitors. Fixed bug when you delete a item in tree of groups. Fixed bug in Auto apply the offset command. 01 January 4, 2018 New unicode plug-ins Croatian, Tunisian Arabic, Polish, Italian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Spanish, German, Chinese. Fixed emulator options for Amiga.

Fixed bug when you scan files. Updated emulator options. Fixed bug with saving a table in Unicode Fixed bug when you load a table with pointer for 64-bit processes. Fixed bug when you filter with Float 10 bytes type on Windows x64. Fixed bug when addresses in 32-bit process shows as 64-bit addresses. Fixed bug when you filter for unknown value with Module Addressing. Fixed bug with incorrect pointers in adress edit window.

Fixed bug when you use an emulator options with pointers. Fixed bug with Edit Selected. Fixed bug in Load Undo Redo filtration with Module Addressing. PRO Fixed bug with startup on Windows XP. We recommend to install Service Pack 2 or higher. PRO Fixed bug when you filter by formula. PRO Fixed bug with debugger on 32-bit Windows. PRO Fixed bug with incorrect message when you activate the program.

00 July 30, 2017 Now 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available. We remaked scan procedures and increased a speed of memory scan in 2-3 times in 2-4 times for 64-bit versions. New system requirements Windows XP and higher. Now Unicode is fully supported. You can create Unicode language plugin for arabic, chinese and japan language. Unicode language plugin will normally display in any Windows even if language did not install.

For example, chinese language on an english Windows. And you can save a table in Unicode. Added search for hex sequence. Removed skin engine because ThemeEngine project closed. Use Windows theme instead. Now Memory editor and Disassembler windows can open many times many copies of window. PRO Added Debugger of two types. First standart Windows Debugger. Second based on Exception Handling and can not be detected.

PRO Added Disassembler. The program can load symbols from your folder. You can set your name for address and function. You can Save Load debug information. Added breakpoints list window. For examle, set conditions AL 1 and EBX 1 4 or ECX 10and set changes EAX 1, CL 2, EBX 1 10 PRO Added Find an instruction that s accessing the address window. You can find an assembly instruction that s writing the address and replace with NOP instruction Do Nothing instruction and value of the address will not be changed.

Use it when can not find pointer for the address. PRO Now program activation оccurs on our server and needs internet connection. What is new in 7. 1 October 16, 2016 Fixed bug with sorting by address in 64-bit mode. New emulator options for BK-0010, BK-0011 and PK-01 Lvov. 45 March 30, 2016 PRO Fixed bug when program scans memory with Use own functions to access memory option on Windows 8 10 x64.

Fixed bug with incorrect results when you search for pointers on Windows x64. Fixed bug in unknown filtration with 64-bit process on Windows x64. PRO You can set breakpoint of three types. You can set conditions and changes for each breakpoint. Fixed bug with detection of shared modules on Windows x64. Fixed bug with incorrect error message when program scans memory.

Fixed bug with installation error on Windows 95 98 ME. Fixed bug with a merge of two tables of one author. Fixed bug with detection of 64-bit process type. 1 November 12, 2015 Fixed bug with incorrect error message when program scans memory. Many other bugs fixed. 44 August 27, 2015 Full support for Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview. New emulator options for Atari 2600, Atari 7800, ZX Spectrum, ZX Spectrum 128, Amiga and Amiga CD32.

Emulator options depends on Amiga memory size in WinUAE emulator options. Fixed bug in Save Load table function with a lot of addresses. Fixed bug in Auto detect emulator by filename option. Fixed bug with search for Unicode text string. Iq option cote divoire bug with emulator pointers. PRO Fixed bug in Save Load the process function. 43 May 12, 2014 Added new option Always on Top.

The option makes ArtMoney window always on top. You can enable or disable it using special hotkeys by default Ctrl-F7 Ctrl-F8. Increased speed of scan files by 30-40. Now emulator pointers display correctly in address editing window. Final address also displays as emulator address. Fixed emulator options for ZiNc emulator Sony ZN-1 ZN-2.

Fixed bug with search in custom address range when address range less than 100 bytes on multi-core processors or multiprocessor systems. Fixed bug when you filter with emulator options for system with few RAM blocks. Fixed emulator address conversion for Game Boy Color emulators. 42 December 26, 2013 Improved work with pointer. New method Pointer with offset to search for pointers and new command Search the pointer with maximum available offset Use it instead of outdated command Search the pointer to beginning of memory block.

Was remaked user manual. Added Version and MD5 file hash fields to ArtMoney table. ArtMoney sets it automatically, you can edit only Version field. Support emulator pointers with reverse bytes order. Special for Dolphin Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii emulatorSSF Sega Saturn emulatorFreeDo Panasonic 3DO emulatorFourDO Panasonic 3DO emulator. New emulator options for Philips CD-i. Fixed bug in Set the pointer to all to group command with addressing in memory block.

Fixed bug when emulator options does not save in table file for 64-bit emulators. Fixed bug with editing value when Hexadecimal view option enabled. PRO Fixed bug when you search by formula. 41 April 22, 2013 Added addressing in memory block. The memory block is determined by its size. You can convert any address into Address in Blockopen address window by Edit command and change addressing type from Address to Address in Block.

The program works with addresses inside memory block. Added Sort pointers by offset command in result table. Pointers with lesser offset will be displayed first. Usually, the pointer with lesser offset is true pointer. New emulator options for Sony PlayStation Portable PSPMidway V Y T X Unit System, Taito F3 System F3 Cybercore SystemTriforce. Fixed emulator options for Game Boy Color. Now if you have a pointer in result table then Auto apply the offset command calculates addresses from value of the pointer.

Now for emulators, if you did not select process then program displays emulators addresses in table. Now Auto detect emulator by filename option sets needed emulator options automatically. Now filename in emulator options can contain mask symbols and. It calculates the final address by summing the start address of the memory block and the address inside the block.

Fixed bug with loading of AMT table for emulators if the table was created in 64-bit mode. Fixed bug with Convert pointers to addresses command when you use module addressing. Fixed bug in the Search with Scan only static addresses option on 64-bit process. Fixed bug when you convert table with emulator addresses to 64-bit mode. Fixed bug when you added pointers to the table after pointer search. Removed 2Gb limit for maximum file size.

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