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1-2004 standards. A group of eight binary digits is commonly called one byte, but historically the size of the byte is not strictly defined. In information theory, one bit is the information entropy of a binary random variable that is 0 or 1 with equal probability, 2 or the information that is gained when the value of such a variable becomes known.

3 4 As a unit of information, the bit is also known as a shannon5 named after Claude E. 1 Transmission and processing 2. 1 History 2 Physical representation 2. The bit is a basic unit of information in computing and digital communications. 2 Storage 3 Unit and symbol 3. The encoding of data by discrete bits was used in the punched cards iq option 90 by Basile Bouchon and Jean-Baptiste Falcon 1732developed by Joseph Marie Jacquard 1804and later adopted by Semyon Korsakov, Charles Babbage, Hermann Hollerith, and early computer manufacturers like IBM.

In all those systems, the medium card or tape conceptually carried an array of hole positions; each position could be either punched through or not, thus carrying one bit of information. The encoding of text by bits was also used in Morse code 1844 and early digital communications machines such as teletypes and stock ticker machines 1870.

Ralph Hartley suggested the use of a logarithmic measure of information in 1928. Another variant of that idea was the perforated paper tape. 1 Multiple bits 4 Information capacity and information compression 5 Bit-based computing 6 Other information units 7 See also 8 References 9 External links. 7 8 9 He attributed its origin to John W. 7 Vannevar Bush had written in 1936 of bits of information that could be stored on the punched cards used in the mechanical computers of that time.

Tukey, who had written a Bell Labs memo on 9 January 1947 in which he contracted binary information digit to simply bit. 10 The first programmable computer, built by Konrad Zuse, used binary notation for numbers. A bit can be stored by a digital device or other physical system that exists in either of two possible distinct states. These may be the two stable states of a flip-flop, two positions of an electrical switch, two distinct voltage or current levels allowed by a circuit, two distinct levels of light intensity, two directions of magnetization or polarization, the orientation of reversible double stranded DNA, etc.

Shannon first used the word bit in his seminal 1948 paper A Mathematical Theory of Communication. Bits can be implemented in several forms. In most modern computing devices, a bit is usually represented by an electrical voltage or current pulse, or by the electrical state of a flip-flop circuit. For devices using positive logic, a digit value of 1 or a logical value of true is represented by a more positive voltage relative to the representation of 0. The specific voltages are different for different logic families and variations are permitted to allow for component aging and noise immunity.

4 volts and no lower than 2. For example, in transistor transistor logic TTL and compatible circuits, digit values 0 and 1 at the output of a device are represented by no higher than 0. 6 volts, respectively; while TTL inputs are specified to recognize 0. 8 volts or below as 0 and 2. 2 volts or above as 1. Transmission and processing Edit. Bits are transmitted one at a time in serial transmission, and by a multiple number of bits in parallel transmission.

A bitwise operation optionally processes bits one at a time. Data transfer rates are usually measured in decimal SI multiples of the unit bit per second bit ssuch as kbit s. The first electrical devices for discrete logic such as elevator and traffic light control circuits, telephone switches, and Konrad Zuse s computer represented bits as the states of electrical relays which could be either open or closed.

When relays were replaced by vacuum tubes, starting in the 1940s, computer builders experimented with a variety of storage methods, such as pressure pulses traveling down a mercury delay line, charges stored on the inside surface of a cathode-ray tube, or opaque spots printed on glass discs by photolithographic techniques. In the 1950s and 1960s, these methods were largely supplanted by magnetic storage devices such as magnetic core memory, magnetic tapes, drums, and disks, where a bit was represented by the polarity of magnetization of a certain area of a ferromagnetic film, or by a change in polarity from one direction to the other.

The same principle was later used in the magnetic bubble memory developed in the 1980s, and is still found in various magnetic strip items such as metro tickets and some credit cards. In modern semiconductor memory, such as dynamic random-access memory, the two values of a bit may be represented by two levels of electric charge stored in a capacitor. In certain types of programmable logic arrays and read-only memory, a bit may be represented by the presence or absence of a conducting path at a certain point of a circuit.

In optical discs, a bit is encoded as the presence or absence of a microscopic pit on a reflective surface. In one-dimensional bar codes, bits are encoded as the thickness of alternating black and white lines. The bit is not defined in the International System of Units SI. However, the International Electrotechnical Commission issued standard IEC 60027, which specifies that the symbol for binary digit should be bitand this should be used in all multiples, such as kbitfor kilobit.

11 However, the lower-case letter b is widely used as well and was recommended by the IEEE 1541 Standard 2002. In contrast, the upper case letter B is the standard and customary symbol for byte. Decimal Value SI 1000 10 3 kbit kilobit 1000 2 10 6 Mbit megabit 1000 3 10 9 Gbit gigabit 1000 4 10 12 Tbit terabit 1000 5 10 15 Pbit petabit 1000 6 10 18 Ebit exabit 1000 7 10 21 Zbit zettabit 1000 8 10 24 Ybit yottabit Binary Value IEC JEDEC 1024 2 10 Kibit kibibit Kbit kilobit 1024 2 2 20 Mibit mebibit Mbit megabit 1024 3 2 30 Gibit gibibit Gbit gigabit 1024 4 2 40 Tibit tebibit - 1024 5 2 50 Pibit pebibit - 1024 6 2 60 Eibit exbibit - 1024 7 2 70 Zibit zebibit - 1024 8 2 80 Yibit yobibit - See also Nibble Byte Orders of magnitude of data.

Multiple bits Edit. Multiple bits may be expressed and represented in several ways. For convenience of representing commonly reoccurring groups of bits in information technology, several units of information have traditionally been used. The most common is the unit byte, coined by Werner Buchholz in June 1956, which historically was used to represent the group of bits used to encode a single character of text until UTF-8 multibyte encoding took over in a computer 12 13 14 15 16 and for this reason it was used as the basic addressable element in many computer architectures.

However, because of the ambiguity of relying on the underlying hardware design, the unit octet was defined to explicitly denote a sequence of eight bits. The trend in hardware design converged on the most common implementation of using eight bits per byte, as it is widely used today. Computers usually manipulate bits in groups of a fixed size, conventionally named words. Like the byte, the number of bits in a word also varies with the hardware design, and is typically between 8 and 80 bits, or even more in some specialized computers.

In the 21st century, retail personal or server computers have a word size of 32 or 64 bits. The International System of Units defines a series of decimal prefixes for multiples of standardized units which are commonly also used with the bit and the byte. When the information capacity of a storage system or a communication channel is presented in bits or bits per secondthis often refers to binary digits, which is a computer hardware capacity to store binary data 0 or 1, up or down, current or not, etc.

The prefixes kilo 10 3 through yotta 10 24 increment by multiples of 1000, and the corresponding units are the kilobit kbit through the yottabit Ybit. 17 Information capacity of a storage system is only an upper bound to the quantity of information stored therein. If the two possible values of one bit of storage are not equally likely, that bit of storage contains less than one bit of information.

Indeed, if the value is completely predictable, then the reading of that value provides no information at all zero entropic bits, because no resolution of uncertainty occurs and therefore no information is available. In the earliest non-electronic information processing devices, such as Jacquard s loom or Iq option 90 s Analytical Engine, a bit was often stored as the position of a mechanical lever or gear, or the presence or absence of a hole at a specific point of a paper card or tape.

If a computer file that uses n bits of storage contains only m 18 When optimally compressed, the resulting carrying capacity approaches Shannon information or information entropy. Certain bitwise computer processor instructions such as bit set operate at the level of manipulating bits rather than manipulating data interpreted as an aggregate of bits.

In the 1980s, when bitmapped computer displays became popular, some computers provided specialized bit block transfer instructions to set or copy the bits that corresponded to a given rectangular area on the screen. In most computers and programming languages, when a bit within a group of bits, such as a byte or word, is referred to, it is usually specified by a number from 0 upwards corresponding to its position within the byte or word. However, 0 can refer to either the most or least significant bit depending on the context.

Similar to torque and energy in physics; information-theoretic information and data storage size have the same dimensionality of units of measurement, but there is in general no meaning to adding, subtracting or otherwise combining the units mathematically. Other units of information, sometimes used in information theory, include the natural digit also called a nat or nit and defined as log 2 e 1.

443 bits, where e is the base of the natural logarithms; and the ditbanor hartleydefined as log 2 10 3. 6 This value, slightly less than 10 3, may be understood because 10 3 1000 1024 2 10 three decimal digits are slightly less information than ten binary digits, so one decimal digit is slightly less than 10 3 binary digits. Conversely, one bit of information corresponds to about ln 2 0.

693 nats, or log 10 2 0. 301 hartleys. As with the inverse ratio, this value, approximately 3 10, but slightly more, corresponds to the fact that 2 10 1024. 1000 10 3 ten binary digits are slightly more information than three decimal digits, so one binary digit is slightly more than 3 10 decimal digits. Some authors also define a binit as an arbitrary information unit equivalent to some fixed but unspecified number of bits.

Build a 64-bit kernel for your Raspberry Pi 3. You can find it here. EDIT After writing this blog post I ve started a 64-bit OS for the Raspberry Pi 3, based on Debian. The Raspberry Pi 3 ships with a Broadcom BCM2837 64bit ARMv8 quad core Cortex A53 processor, which is a 64-bit CPU. If you own one of these, running the following command might surprise you. Yes, this is a 32-bit kernel. It is however possible to build one, thanks to the various patches sent by Electron752.

The reason for this is that the Raspberry Pi foundation doesn t yet provides a 64-bit version of Raspbian, the official OS for Raspberry Pi. Build the Kernel. The Raspberry Pi foundation maintains their own fork of the Linux Kernel which is especially tailored for their devices, while upstream gets merged regularly. We re going to adapt instructions from that page to build a 64-bit Kernel.

We cannot use the Local building method as it d require a 64-bit Raspberry Pi, which we obviously don t have yet. So we have to cross-compile it, Ubuntu is the recommended OS for this. I personally don t have Ubuntu so I ll make my build on a 2 CPUs Ubuntu 16. 04 Digital Ocean droplet, which should cost me 0. If you also want to proceed like this, you can get 100 free credits through this link.

First, we d need a few build tools and the aarch64 cross-compiler. Alternatively, you could use a Ubuntu VM through Virtualbox for instance. Then we can download the Linux Kernel sources. Optionally, you can add an extra version tag for your kernel. This is done by editing the beginning of the Makefile. In order to build itrun the following commands. The first one should be pretty fast. For the second one it s a whole different story, I haven t timed it exactly but it was around 30 minutes for me.

Choose a Linux distribution. Make sure to adapt the -j flag depending on your number of CPUs nproc 1. While the Kernel is being built, we can start preparing a Linux distribution for it. I ll be using Raspbian for simplicity in this tutorial, even though this is a 32-bit only distribution. If you want to go 64-bit all the way you should pick up a distribution available in aarch64, Debian has a robust ARM64Port.

To grab it there are basically 3 options - download a pre-built root filesystem, this would most likely give you an outdated one as mentioned in that page - build your own with debootstrap if you re familiar with it otherwise it can be tricky as it requires some manual tweaks, the original purpose of it is to chroot from an already running host, not build a root filesystem for another machine. Back to Raspbian, we can now download the official OS and start preparing it.

Open a new shell session and run the following commands. We can inspect it with the following command. We can see it has two partitions. The first one is the boot partitionit mainly contains the bootloader, the Linux Kernel and a few config files. The second one is the root partition. We can mount those partitions on our filesystem, starting with the root partition. The offset depends on the sector size, which is 512 70254592 512 137216. Then the boot partition.

offset 4194304 512 8192, sizelimit 66060288 512 129024. The Raspbian OS can now be seen under mnt. We re almost there. EDIT I ve later on found out about kpartx, which lets you mount image partitions without the hassle of dealing with offsets see this link. Once the Kernel build is finished, the last steps involve copying the Linux Kernel and the device tree to the boot partition.

Tweaking config. Installing Kernel modules. And that s it, a freshly baked ARM64 Linux Kernel for our Raspberry Pi 3. You can now compress the imagedownload it through scp for instance and follow the standard instructions to put it on your SD card. Enter now inside the created git directory. 0 documentation. Building libc. Building libc В. Getting StartedВ. 7 Lion and later, the easiest way to get this library is to install Xcode 4.

Getting Started Experimental Support for Windows CMake Visual Studio CMake ninja CMake Options libc specific options libc experimental Specific Options ABI Library Specific Options libc Feature Options libc ABI Feature Options LLVM-specific options Using Alternate ABI libraries Using libsupc on Linux Using libcxxrt on Linux Using a local ABI library installation. However if you want to install tip-of-trunk from here getting the bleeding edgeread on.

The following instructions describe how to checkout, build, test and optionally install libc and libc abi. If your system already provides a libc installation it is important to be careful not to replace it. Remember Use the CMake option CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to select a safe place to install libc. Replacing your systems libc installation could render the system non-functional. macOS will not boot without a valid copy of libc. dylib in usr lib. For more information about configuring libc see CMake Options.

You may also want to read the LLVM getting started documentation. Shared libraries for libc and libc abi should now be present in build lib. See using an alternate libc installation for information on how to use this libc. The instructions are for building libc on FreeBSD, Linux, or Mac using libc abi as the C ABI library. On Linux, it is also possible to use libsupc or libcxxrt.

It is possible to build libc standalone i. without building other LLVM projects. A standalone build would look like this. Experimental Support for WindowsВ. The Windows support requires building with clang-cl as cl does not support one required extension include_next. Furthermore, VS 2015 or newer 19. 00 is required. In the case of clang-cl, we need to specify the “MS Compatibility Version” as it defaults to 2014 18.

CMake Visual StudioВ. Building with Visual Studio currently does not permit running tests. However, it is the simplest way to build. CMake ninjaВ. Building with ninja is required for development to enable tests. Unfortunately, doing so requires additional configuration as we cannot just specify a toolset. Note that the paths specified with backward slashes must use the as the directory separator as clang-cl may otherwise parse the path as an argument.

CMake OptionsВ. Here are some of the CMake variables that are used often, along with a brief explanation and LLVM-specific notes. For full documentation, check the CMake docs or execute cmake --help-variable VARIABLE_NAME. CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE STRING Sets the build type for make based generators. Possible values are Release, Debug, RelWithDebInfo and MinSizeRel. On systems like Visual Studio the user sets the build type with the IDE settings.

CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX PATH Path where LLVM will be installed if “make install” is invoked or the “INSTALL” target is built. CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER STRING The C compiler to use when building and testing libc. libc specific optionsВ. Toggle the installation of the library portion of libc. Toggle the installation of the libc headers. Default OFF.

Build libc with assertions enabled. Build libc as a 32 bit library. Also see LLVM_BUILD_32_BITS. Build libc as a shared library. Either LIBCXX_ENABLE_SHARED or LIBCXX_ENABLE_STATIC has to be enabled. Build libc as a static library. Extra suffix to append to the directory where libraries are to be installed. This option overrides LLVM_LIBDIR_SUFFIX. Define libc destination prefix. Do not export any symbols from the static libc library.

This is useful when the static libc library is being linked into shared libraries that may be used in with other shared libraries that use different C library. We want to avoid exporting any libc symbols in that case. This option can be used to enable or disable the filesystem components on platforms that may not support them. For example on Windows. libc experimental Specific OptionsВ. Build and test libc experimental.

Default LIBCXX_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_LIBRARY AND LIBCXX_INSTALL_LIBRARY. Install libc experimental. a alongside libc. ABI Library Specific OptionsВ. Values nonelibcxxabilibcxxrtlibstdclibsupc. Default ON except on Windows. Provide additional search paths for the ABI library headers. Provide the path to the ABI library that libc should link against. If this option is enabled, libc will try and link the selected ABI library statically.

Default ON by default on UNIX platforms other than Apple unless †LIBCXX_ENABLE_STATIC_ABI_LIBRARY†is ON. Otherwise the default value is OFF. This option generate and installs a linker script as libc. so which links the correct ABI library. Build and use the LLVM unwinder. Note This option can only be used when libc abi is the C ABI library used. libc Feature OptionsВ. Build libc with exception support. Build libc with run time type information.

Default ON or value of LLVM_INCLUDE_DIR. Build the libc tests. Build the libc benchmark tests and the Google Benchmark library needed to support them. Default --benchmark_min_time 0. A semicolon list of arguments to pass when running the libc benchmarks using the check-cxx-benchmarks rule. Select the ABI library to build libc against. By default we run the benchmarks for a very short amount of time, since the primary use of check-cxx-benchmarks is to get test and sanitizer coverage, not to get accurate measurements.

Values libclibstdc. Build the libc benchmark tests and Google Benchmark library against the specified standard library on the platform. On Linux this can be used to compare libc to libstdc by building the benchmark tests against both standard libraries. Use the specified GCC toolchain and standard library when building the native stdlib benchmark tests. Pick the default for whether to constrain ABI-unstable symbols to each individual translation unit.

This setting controls whether _LIBCPP_HIDE_FROM_ABI_PER_TU_BY_DEFAULT is defined by default †see the documentation of that macro for details. libc ABI Feature OptionsВ. The following options allow building libc for a different ABI version. Defines the target ABI version of libc. Build the “unstable” ABI version of libc. Includes all ABI changing features on top of the current stable version. Default __n where n is the current ABI version.

This option defines the name of the inline ABI versioning namespace. It can be used for building custom versions of libc with unique symbol names in order to prevent conflicts or ODR issues with other libc versions. When providing a custom namespace, it†s the users responsibility to ensure the name won†t cause conflicts with other names defined by libcboth now and in the future. Doing otherwise could cause conflicts and hinder libc ABI evolution.

In particular, inline namespaces of the form __ 0-9 are strictly reserved by libc and may not be used by users. A semicolon-separated list of ABI macros to persist in the site config header. See include __config for the list of ABI macros. Default Nonewhich lets the library figure out which implementation to use based on the object format. This setting defines what implementation to use for comparing typeinfo objects. There are two main implementations, which differ on whether we make the assumption that type info names for a type have been fully merged are unique across the entire program.

This may not be the case for libraries built with -Bsymbolic or due to compiler or linker bugs Ex. When the value is set to 1we assume that typeinfos are unique across the whole program, and typeinfo comparisons compare only the pointer value. When the value is set to 2we do not assume that typeinfos are unique across the whole program. We first compare the pointers, and then use strcmp on the typeinfo names as a fallback. On a 64-bit architecture, one could use -DLLVM_LIBDIR_SUFFIX 64 to install libraries to usr lib64.

Build 32-bits executables and libraries on 64-bits systems. This option is available only on some 64-bits Unix systems. Defaults to OFF. Arguments given to lit. make check and make clang-test are affected. By default, -sv --no-progress-bar on Visual C and Xcode, -sv on others. Using Alternate ABI librariesВ. Using libsupc on LinuxВ.

You will need libstdc in order to provide libsupc. Figure out where the libsupc headers are on your system. On Ubuntu this is usr include c and usr include c. You can also figure this out by running. Note that the first two entries happen to be what we are looking for. This may not be correct on other platforms. We can now run CMake.

You can also substitute -DLIBCXX_CXX_ABI libsupc above, which will cause the library to be linked to libsupc instead of libstdcbut this is only recommended if you know that you will never need to link against libstdc in the same executable as libc. GCC ships libsupc separately but only as a static library. If a program also needs to link against libstdcit will provide its own copy of libsupc and this can lead to subtle problems.

You can now run clang with -stdlib libc. Using libcxxrt on LinuxВ. You will need to keep the source tree of libcxxrt available on iq option 90 build machine and your copy of the libcxxrt shared library must be placed where your linker will find it. We can now run CMake like. Unfortunately you can†t simply run clang with “-stdlib libc ” at this point, as clang is set up to link for libc linked to libsupc.

To get around this you†ll have to set up your linker yourself or patch clang. Alternately, you could just add libcxxrt to your libraries list, which in most situations will give the same result. Using a local ABI library installationВ. This is not recommended in almost all cases. These instructions should only be used when you can†t install your ABI library. Normally you must link libc against a ABI shared library that the linker can find. If you want to build and test libc against an ABI library not in the linker†s path you need to set -DLIBCXX_CXX_ABI_LIBRARY_PATH path to abi lib when configuring CMake.

An example build using libc abi would look like. When testing libc LIT will automatically link against the proper ABI library. LLVM-specific optionsВ. Country of origin India. Use Code NOSHIPPING Min. Cart Value 399 T C. Get Free Shipping on min cart of Rs 399. Buy 2 product and get flat Rs 100 off. Use code B2G100 Min. Cart Value 499 Max.

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Free Phone E-Mail Whats App Remote Tech Support From. 3 Ratings, 3 Reviews. This worked me. Go ahead and give a try. 100 genuine. I never got the product and when I raised the ticket it was closed as resolved without providing resolution. I have raised tickets more than 5times. Zero rating Cheaters Don t Buy. Find answers to questions about Cakewalk products. Support Home Knowledge Base FAQ My Account Contact. Selecting this check box enables the 64-bit Double Precision Engine in SONAR throughout the entire signal path, including dithering and plug-ins.

What is the 64-bit Double Precision Engine checkbox in the Options-Audio-General Tab. You ll especially notice the benefits of the 64-bit Double Precision Engine when working in large projects containing many audio tracks and plugs-ins. SONAR sends and receives 64-bit data to and from all plug-ins that accept 64-bit data. The 64-bit signal path includes plug-ins and buses. If a plug-in requires 32-bit data, SONAR will automatically handle the conversion.

Your chances of clipping will be significantly reduced. The 64-bit Double Precision Engine provides greater resolution, meaning more accurate audio reproduction and more headroom. Microsoft Internet Information Server 6. 0, supported with EPM System 11. x, imposes deployment restrictions on 32-bit and 64-bit applications. KScope 2015 - Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community. 0 can either support 32-bit applications or it can support 64-bit applications, but a single IIS instance cannot simultaneously support 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

FDM 32-bit and Strategic Finance 32-bit cannot be deployed on the same computer where Financial Management 64-bit and Performance Management Architect 64-bit are deployed. Specifically, IIS 6. This limitation has implications for EPM System 11. On 32-bit platforms, all EPM System products can co-exist. And FDM 32-bit and Strategic Finance 32-bit can co-exist on a separate 64- bit or 32-bit machine.

Note Financial Management and Performance Management Architect can co-exist on a 64-bit machine. What is 64-bit Financial Management. Below are some frequently asked questions about using Financial Management in a 64-bit environment. This is the 64-bit port of Financial Management. It is functionally identical to 32-bit Financial Management and uses the same code base. The first version of 64-bit Financial Management is 11. Which Operating Systems are supported.

The x86-64 versions of Microsoft Windows are supported. On the application server, iq option 90 includes Windows 2003 and subsequent service packs. Which CPUs are supported. On the client side, the x86-64 versions of Windows XP and Vista are supported. The x86-64 architecture is supported. The Itanium processor IA-64 architecture is currently NOT supported. This includes the AMD64 and Intel 64 formerly EM64T processors.

How does one migrate from 32-bit to 64-bit Financial Management. Will 64-bit Financial. Management work with an application created under 32-bit Financial Management. The schema upgrade path from a previous release running 32-bit to a release running 64- bit Financial Management is similar to an ordinary version upgrade.

When upgrading Financial Management from a previous release, use the Schema Upgrade Utility to upgrade the database schema to support the new version of Financial Management 11. x or newer ; schema upgrade is not required when moving from 32-bit Financial Management 11. x or newer to a 64-bit version of the same release. NOTE To install the 64-bit version of Financial Management software, you must select New Installation in EPM System Installer.

In particular, does the relational. database need to be 64-bit. The database can be either 32-bit or 64-bit as long as it is a supported type and version. See the EPM System Certification Matrix for supported database. What are the benefits of 64-bit Financial Management. Which components of the system need to be 64-bit. Depending on the size of the application and its usage profile, the extra memory can lead to significant speed improvements, while simultaneously reducing the load on the relational database.

What are the memory limitations of 64-bit Financial Management. The main benefit of 64-bit Financial Management is the ability to hold substantially more data in memory at one time. The limit of virtual address space is dictated by Microsoft Windows and is 8 TB 8192 GBcompared to a maximum of 3 GB in 32-bit Windows. Since the physical memory in almost any current computer is far smaller than 8 TB, the implication is that, in practical terms, 64- bit Financial Management is limited by physical memory, rather than virtual memory.

In other words, 64-bit Financial Management can take advantage of all available physical memory once the proper memory parameter adjustments are made see below. Are there any memory settings that need to be tuned for 64-bit Financial Management. Financial Management s default memory settings are appropriate for a small to medium size application in a 32-bit environment.

To take advantage of the extra memory in a 64-bit environment, we recommend the following settings for a monthly application. The relevant registry settings are NumDataRecordsinRAM and MaxDataCacheSizeinMB which need to be created or changed in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Hyperion Solutions Hyperion Financial Management Server on each application server s Windows registry. The following table contains suggested values for these parameters depending on available memory.

If multiple Financial Management applications will be active, then divide the Total physical Memory installed on the server by the number of Financial Management applications to arrive at the Available Physical Memory for each application. This is done with the assumption that Financial Management is the only memory-intensive process running on the machine and running only a single Financial Management application.

Available Physical Memory NumDataRecordsinRAM MaxDataCacheSizeinMB 4 GB 4,000,000 500 8 GB 10,000,000 1500 16 GB 30,000,000 4500 32 GB 60,000,000 9000 For a weekly application, divide the NumDataRecordsinRAM by 4, without changing the value in the last column. Applications with large memory requirements will see the most benefit. What kind of applications will see the most benefit. This includes applications with one or more of the following characteristics.

Small applications, where the total memory footprint of the application, even under load, can fit comfortably in the 32-bit memory space. Large scenarios millions of records per year Dense applications many large subcubes Large memory footprint as a result of many scenarios being accessed concurrently Weekly applications What kind of applications will see the least benefit. The official Support Site for Canon Products. Welcome to Canon Support. OR Find Your Model Below By Product Type or Series.

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Services Programs. Business Solutions Delivering the highest levels of customer service and support excellence to our channel partners and end customers Learn More. A COVID-19 Update from the Canon Service Team. We are continuing to thoroughly follow the developments and directives associated with COVID-19 coronavirus. Learn more about the service measures we have in place. And other updates coming with todays Update 24 for lotro. For the full patchnotes visit the forums by this link. CC 64 bit client and other U24 short guides.

This update will come with a downtime. The LOTRO game worlds will be unavailable from 8 00 AM 12 00 PM Eastern -4 GMT on Tuesday, June 4th to release Update 24 Vales of Anduin. What does 64-bit client do. Simply put, a 64-bit client is more capable than a 32-bit client, because it can handle more data at once. Mostly it can use more memory. They also updated some other code in the client. Iq option 90 which we don t know what.

The game most likely will run smoother at the same or allow higher graphic settings at the same pace. A lot of the crashes in lotro come from the game trying to use more memory then available. It now can if you have it available. What the 64-bit client won t do. It won t make the game look prettier in general. You can increase graphics without the previous risks and costs of crashes. It won t make fix all crashes, stutters and lag.

It will only fix a good portion of the reasons it does. Let a pc or laptop previously not able to run the game at all play it now. How do i get or run the 64-bit client. Once you update the client you will already have the client installed. You just need to enable it. At the place where you enter your username and password. Click the arrow at the top and select options In the general tab, at the bottom, select 64-bit client.

Where do i continue the Black book of Mordor. If you have completed Chapter 8. A few quickfire answers to 64 bit client. Log in and play enjoy new frames Find issues and redo steps 1 and 2 and set the client back to 32-bit it s beta. 7 The First Promise, you can pick up Chapter 9 by speaking with Durin on the upper level of Skarháld. How do i get to the Vales of the Anduin. The suggested route is by following the Black book in Skarhald.

Or start the questline at the Forest gate in Northern Mirkwood. Forest gate in Northern Mirkwood erys lasgalen North-east path from Misty mountains north of the warg area North-east path from Lothlorien Beorning racial Return home skill. Other ways to get there are. Virtue quickbits Open the Traits Panel with J to navigate to the redesigned Virtues tab to examine your Virtues, select an earning Virtue, and slot any Virtues you would like active.

All deeds now award virtue xp instead of a specific virtue. Select the one you want to focus on and let the spice flow. If you just use 5 virtues like before it will be easier to get them maxed. All others provide a minor bonus passively, but not worth focusing on compared to gear or levels. Nearly all values have changed so you will want to redo the 5 virtues you have. Where are my screenshots. You might find your screenshots from lotro in a slightly different place.

The folder will be the same as before today s update. Windows 10 screenshot place. But they won t be named as the next highest number Screenshotxxxx. They will be using the screenshot_year_month_day_time_xxx. Known Issues Quest Good to Be Home Some NPCs will initially be phased out despite their quest rings appearing on the radarbut after certain quests are completed you ll be able to advance this quest. They will be at the top for most users.

Quests Befriending Critters Knowledge of Taming items granted by Radagast during his Befriend Critters quests are missing text telling you not to remove the item from your inventory. Doing so will cause progress of the Tender of Beasts deed to be reset. Once both Tender of Beasts deeds are completed, the Knowledge of Taming items will be automatically removed from your inventory. Removing the item from your inventory will cancel the quest and block you from progressing further in the region.

Quest Dredging Up the Past Sharkey s Orders quest item is currently able to be destroyed, which it should not be. Please do not destroy the item. It will be removed from your inventory upon quest completion. Quest Rhosgobel Cleaning the Anduin Rhosgobel Cleaning the Tributaries Some of the items needing to be fished for these quests require a higher fishing proficiency, and some can currently only be obtained from other regions.

Very good article, thank you, explains most things that are new changed with U24. You could even post his coordinates, since people often look after him in wrong place even knowing he is on upper level top of Skarhald. I saw many people asking how to use 64bit client, also where is Durin is common question. I don t have the option to check 64-bit client. Help Support LOTRO Players. I for once looked after him inside keep at first. LOTRO Players News Episode 372 Please Don t Eat the Ancient Evil LOTRO Players on A Burg s Tale Chapter 6 LOTRO Players News Episode 371 A Barrow-Brie Science Experiment LOTRO Players on A Burg s Tale Chapter 5 Skoron on Fushaum Bal A short guide to your quest deed Squirle on Dwellers in Darkness Figure Pack Coming For The Lord of the Rings Journeys in Middle Earth LOTRO Players News Episode 369 Update 26 Quest Pack Review LOTRO Players on A Burg s Tale Chapter Three.

Search LOTRO Players. Follow LOTRO Players. What Is The First Thing You Will Do When Mordor Is Released. Home News Features Screenshots Awards Downloads Forum. burn CDs and DVDs for free. Forum Help FAQ Development Compatible Drives. Download latest version 4. Default installer 32 bit x64 compatible 2000 XP 2003 Server Vista 7 8 10 64 bit Vista 7 8 10 x64 Default installer Without installCore 32 bit x64 compatible 2000 XP 2003 Server Vista 7 8 10 64 bit Vista 7 8 10 x64 Portable version 32 bit x64 compatible XP 2003 Server Vista 7 8 10 64 bit Vista 7 8 10 x64 MSI 32 bit 2000 XP 2003 Server Vista 7 8 10 64 bit 2003 Server Vista 7 8 10 Picasa integration CDBurnerXP button Google Picasa Old versions 32 bit 98 2000 XP.

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2004 - 2020 Impressum Privacy Design by styleshout RSS feed. Checking 32 or 64-bit Kernel Boot Mode in Snow Leopard. B y default, even on fully 64-bit Macs, Snow Leopard boots into a 32-bit kernel. This is because not all kernel extensions are 64-bit ready. This short HOW-TO explains how to tell which mode you ve booted into. We ll be sorting all that out in the coming weeks, piece by piece, to make it understandable.

With the introduction of Snow Leopard, there is a some confusion about 32 64-bit apps and 32 64-bit Extensible Firmware Interface EFI and 32 64-bit kernel extensions. Apple knows best on this. By default, your Snow Leopard system except for Xserves boots into a 32-bit kernel, even on the latest Macs. That doesn t keep you from running 64-bit applications and addressing more than 2 GB of RAM.

The problem is that you may have some kernel extensions that are not 64-bit capable. You can try booting into the 64-bit kernel by holding down the 6 and 4 keys together at boot, but not everything may work correctly. To get a feel for some extensions that would be a problem, take a look at About This Mac - More Info - Software - Extensions.

On my system, several are still flagged as 32-bit only. System profiler shows whether kernel extensions are 64-bit. For now, you may be wondering how to tell if your system was booted into 32 or 64-bit kernel mode. Just take the same route above, but stop at Software, and look for the 64-bit Kernel and Extensions flag, circled in red below. It s just one more step in the roadmap to a full 64-bit Mac. System profiler shows mode booted into. There s really no stigma attached to running in the 32-bit kernel mode, and, in time, all our kernel extensions will be 64-bit.

Detecting 32 64 bit systems. I can t really find a clear solution in google how would one go about detecting if the system is 32 or 64 bit. There are UNIX, WIN32 etc. flags, but nothing really for the architecture. Thanks a lot, Dominik _______________________________________________ Powered by www. Re Detecting 32 64 bit systems.

OK, got it experimentally. Opposed to the explanations there, which I saw, but took as not what I need, on my systems it amounts to i686 and x86_64, exactly what I need. On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 6 19 PM, Dominik Szczerba wrote Hi, I can t really find a clear solution in google how would one go about detecting if the system is 32 or 64 bit. But wait, is the description below correct. -- Ryan Pavlik HCI Graduate Student Virtual Reality Applications Center Iowa State University.

_______________________________________________ Powered by www. So you claim that on Windows CMAKE_SIZEOF_VOID will tell me the target build system, not the physical one, while it will mach CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR if the both are the same. Many thanks for the clarification. On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 6 34 PM, Ryan Pavlik wrote. I have done the same thing myself, using size of INT instead of P which is of course following the exact same logic.

After attempting several strategies I found this one to be the safest way to detect 32 64bit systems, so I recommend using SIZEOF as well. On Sunday 13 February 2011 08 00 41 PM Ryan Pavlik wrote. But there s one important pitfall fat binaries. on Mac OS X if CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES is set to multiple architectures especially, if they re mixed 32 64 bit you can t rely on the value of CMAKE_SIZEOF_VOID_P.

In order to solve this problem, you ll want to look at the documentation of the CheckTypeSize module. I usually do something like this. include CheckTypeSize check_type_size void SIZEOF_VOID_P BUILTIN_TYPES_ONLY configure_file config. Where config. in contains at least. Set to sizeof void SIZEOF_VOID_P_CODE. You can t do anything about this stuff in your CMake code, because you are compiling both for 32 _AND_ 64 bit at the same time.

The variable SIZEOF_VOID_P_CODE defined by the check_type_size macro contains preprocessor code defining the symbol SIZEOF_VOID_P to the appropriate number depending on the current architecture. On 02 14 2011 09 57 AM, Yngve Inntjore Levinsen wrote. sizeof int is 4 on basically all systems I have ever seen ignoring those 16bit machines of 286 areas or things like that so this test is basically useless.

Also testing for sizeof long will get you into trouble as this 8 for Un x64 but 4 for Win64. The best way is usually sizeof void even if there are programming model where you would get a 32 bit pointer even in a 64 bit executable but those have to be explicitely enabled and are barely ever used from my experience. Eike _______________________________________________ Powered by www. Perhaps I should change to VOID instead, thanks for the tip. This was my previous code INCLUDE CheckTypeSize CHECK_TYPE_SIZE long LONG_SIZE 4 if 32bit, 8 if 64bit.

I don t actually build for Windows yet, so I suppose that is why I didn t notice the potential problem. On Monday 14 February 2011 10 35 26 AM Rolf Eike Beer wrote. This will FAIL on windows. MSVC defines long as 32 bits on BOTH 32 and 64 bit compiles. Sorry, I meant LONG actually, I was a bit tired when I wrote the mail. Stick with the already defined CMAKE_SIZE_OF_VOID_P instead. As mentioned earlier, when building for OS X and universal binaries there are some special considerations to examine.

It is known to work correctly on all the systems that CMake defines. ___________________________________________________________ Mike Jackson www. net Principal Software Engineer hidden email BlueQuartz Software Dayton, Ohio. On Feb 14, 2011, at 1 39 PM, Yngve Inntjore Levinsen wrote. After switching to 64 bit build option in code editor I get the error message Invalid solution configurationwhich is fine but when I try and switch back to 32 bit the message remains and I can no longer build.

The only way to fix the problem is to delete the _C Build folder. However to do this you must restart because the build_log. txt states it is still being used by Visual Studio, even though no visual studio instance is running. 05-08-2011 02 48 AM Esenthel Administrator. I ve just tested this but don t have this problem.

Can you make sure you have latest engine. pak in your SDK Data, and you re running editor from SDK Tools. What other config do you use. dx9 dx10, debug release, vs2008 2010. 05-08-2011 11 32 AM Esenthel Administrator. Oh, maybe you re using VS Express. It doesn t support 64-bit builds. Edit I ll prevent launching VS Express from trying to compile 64-bits.

05-08-2011 11 32 AM Brad_Mclain Member. Updated SDK pak, Game Path pak, both visual studio 2008 and 2010 headers with auto update tool. Did a bit more testing can confirm that the error only occurs in visual studio 2008, 2010 appears to work fine. 05-08-2011 01 51 PM Spikelife Member. I ran the Autoupdate.

I use Visual Studio 2010 this happens to be the compile for MMO. I am running 2008 professional so don t think express is the problem. But they all do the same thing except I didn t test RPG 2. Where all previous builds succeeded, now any build for x64 fails on both release and debug for Dx10 and x64 regular. Win32 succeeds in all modes. All the x64 type builds for all modes fail with the following. Quote 1 ------ Rebuild All started Project server, Configuration Debug DX10 x64 ------ 1 stdafx.

cpp 1 Net Item. cpp 2 fatal error C1083 Cannot open include file stdafx. h No such file or directory 1 Net Inventory. Shared Net Inventory. Shared Net Item. h No such file or directory 1 Net Chr. Shared Net Chr. h No such file or directory 1 Client Server. Shared Client Server. h No such file or directory 1 Chr Create Request. h No such file or directory 1 Server. Shared Chr Create Request. h No such file or directory 1 Main. h No such file or directory 1 Client.

h No such file or directory 1 Generating Code. Rebuild All 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 skipped. 05-08-2011 09 35 PM Dandruff Member. 05-08-2011 10 51 PM Spikelife Member. 05-08-2011 10 57 PM Spikelife Member. 05-09-2011 09 23 PM Esenthel Administrator. 05-09-2011 09 30 PM Spikelife Member. 05-09-2011 10 37 PM Esenthel Administrator. 05-09-2011 10 51 PM Spikelife Member.

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