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Emissary Panda amongst others. Trust Issues Exploiting TrustZone TEEs. Thoth, Clive Robinson. The End of Triple DES. Read my blog posting guidelines here. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST has just announced withdrawal of approval for triple DES also known as 3DES, TDEA and sometimes DES EDE in common protocols such as TLS and IPSec. As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven t covered.

Cyber arm of UK spy agency left without PGP for four months. UK spy agency GCHQ s cyber security arm, CESG, was left without PGP encryption for more than four months, according to a government report. On Kaspersky. The author dislikes the fact that the U. government used Kaspersky Lab s products including on DOD systems. KL AV for Free. Kaspersky Free is due to be released.

You can t blame the company for wanting market penteration. Exclusive Congress asks U. agencies for Kaspersky Lab cyber documents. congressional panel this week asked 22 government agencies to share documents on Moscow-based cyber firm Kaspersky Lab, saying its products could be used to carry out nefarious activities against the United States, according to letters seen by Reuters. Going dark encryption and law enforcement. Reminder Spies, cops don t need to crack WhatsApp.

They ll just hack your smartphone. WhatsApp The Bad Guys Secret Weapon. De-Anonymization, Smart Homes, and Erlang Tor is Coming to SHA2017. Sounds bad Researchers demonstrate sonic gun threat against smart devices. It could also potentially be used to attack self-driving cars or confuse air bag sensors in automobiles. macOS Fruitfly Backdoor Analysis Renders New Spying Capabilities. A mysterious piece of malware that gives attackers surreptitious control over webcams, keyboards, and other sensitive resources has been infecting Macs for at least five years.

Novel attack tricks servers to cache expose personal data. The so-called web caching attack targets sites that use content delivery network CDN services such as Akamai and Cloudflare. Revoke-Obfuscation PowerShell Obfuscation Detection Using Science FLARE VM The Windows Malware Analysis Distribution You ve Always Needed. HawkEye Credential Theft Malware Distributed in Recent Phishing Campaign. A sonic gun could in theory be used to knock drones out of the sky, cause robots to fail, disorient virtual or augmented reality software, and even knock people off their hoverboard scooters.

EVERY app offered by alternative Android app market redirected to malware. Wallet-snatch hack ApplePay vulnerable to attackclaim researchers. Hackers can turn web-connected car washes into horrible death traps. The opsec blunders that landed a Russian politician s fraudster son in the clink for 27 years. Upcoming USB 3. 2 Specification Will Double Data Rates Using Existing Cables. What infosec is missing is it own version of the National Enquirer.

We need more headlines like. Batboy uses APT to hack Batman s car, run over Robin. We do have Taylor Swift tweeting but she occasionally says sensible things so she doesn t fully count. Crows Demonstrate Advanced Tool Use Phising Vultures with Spoofed G-Mail. John McCafee Claims Kaspersky Using zCash to fund Martian Invasion. North Korea Launches Web Attack with 10,000 Armored Spiders. United Nations Appoints Angela Jolie as Encryption Ambassador to Bangladeshi Street Kids.

Twin Headed Mark Zukerburg Seen Using Both Tongues to De-Worm Tim Cook s Apple. Politicization of Intelligence and Now Justice July 28, 2017 5 31 PM. In last years election hundreds of opposition party members were unmasked using NSA data by senior political appointees. Secure the Whole World Will Be. To recover from the damage and to seek revenge the the Department of Justice is currently being politicized.

This abuse of law brings shame upon the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. We are declining into hell. Just listen to the cursing language alone. We ve stumbled upon the rage making the Devil red and the wifes divorce. When misused, these agencies vast data-mining capabilities become extraordinarily powerful weapons. Good security requires humans to seek The pure attributes certainly NOT those of Cane and Abel.

Not sure if this was shared before, but I thought it was quite interesting. Clive and anyone else interested in energy security. It s pretty easy to connect energy storage to computer security, because you won t be doing much computing without electricity. We touched on the fact that not all electroactive materials are equally scarce or expensive. Conductivity is an important figure of merit, but material cost and redox potentials are critical too.

It s not a terrible idea to build a salt sodium chlorine battery, except for the safety and corrosion issues. You hinted at Sadoway s molten magnesium antimony battery, which certainly owns a unique point in the tradespace. Goodenough, age 94, recently showed that conductive glass can revolutionize lithium batteries. His invention probably applies to sodium ion batteries as well. There is more than enough iron, aluminum, silicon, sodium, carbon, chlorine and various other very inexpensive elements to make a real difference.

It will take more than one technology to provide a good fit for each application. I thought that I said this some time ago. The carbon in Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Colorado, and West Virginia should never be burned. The coal should be used as electrode materials in grid-scale supercapacitors and iq option 100 reais batteries, as well as in manufacture of wind iq option 100 reais blades and other energy infrastructure via a pitch process.

Coal is far too valuable to burn. I definitely pointed out that hydrogen can be used for grid-scale storage by repurposing existing thermal power plants to burn hydrogen. Australia, Mongolia and China should be included in this list. The thermal losses are more than made up by the capital savings. That applies to coal-fired, natgas and even nuclear plants.

To say nothing of the savings in middle East adventures and genocides. The US could have put the entire electric grid on solar hydrogen for what was spent in Iraq and Afghanistan. I ve probably said before that the two greatest inefficiencies on the old blue marble are the failure of trust to scale and the difficulty of transducing sunlight into useful energy. The latter has changed to the point that the greatest inefficiency is no longer transduction, but storage of renewable energy. Even that problem is going to yield soon.

The failure of scalability of trust is substantially what politicians and their propagandists exploit. It s a much harder problem, but the police are being brought to heel one video at a time. They will be replaced with nonviolent robots, which have no fear of being harmed. It is going to be a very close shave to find out whether the human species can navigate Grinspoon s gauntlet. Maybe there is cause for hope.

That is the narrow space where political skills are tested against the capacity for destruction to find out which side of Woody Allen s crossroads we take. We ve been moments from failing the test several times. I would point to a failure of imagination in designing robust systems. More than any time in history, mankind stands at a crossroad; on the one hand lies despair and utter hopelessness, on the other extinction. -Woody Allen. Let us pray that we have the wisdom to choose correctly.

From the New York Times. Whaaaaat Now fake squid brain news. This time it s Proctor Gamble finding out they are putting serious money into digital hype. Bruce, if you ever bring back the Snake Oil Dog House, maybe you should sling the digital marketing bods in there to be tared and feathered befor being drummed out of town. Major company cuts ineffective digital marketing. If it does, and new EU privacy legislation might incentivize such a view, then maybe PII will lose it s faux gleam of gold.

Oddly, I take this as a positive sign that a degree of common sense is comming back into corporate culture. Which means there is a posability a rational eye will get cast over other aspects of digital marketing such as Personal Profiles. What this might do to the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter is not yet known but the gloss is coming of both Facebook and Twitter as their lack of expansion is being seen by investors, sufficient that comment is made publicaly. Reallife catches up with James Bond gadgets.

In the film OHMSS James Bond breaks into a Swiz Solicitors office at lunchtime and a largish gadget is brought by crane to the window. Bond is then seen putting a dial sensor head onto the safe combination lock, which then fairly quickly finds the combination and the safe is opened. Well at DefCon such a gadget was demonstrated on a similar commercial safe.

More Smart Contract bad news. Put simply the tool chain had vulnerable code in it s output. Why drugs wars fail. It is now many yeats since an economist made an observation about dealing with the Wester Drug Problem. Many places opted the war path whilst a few braver ones chose a different path. Well fourteen years after Portugal effectively De-criminalized drugs it has had a very significant drop in the rate of drug deaths and is now one of the lowest per head of population in Europe.

The key point is that they moved who dealt with drugs from the justice system to the health system. I guess this success story is not what the War on drugs devotes want to hear. But hopefully it will encorage other nations to try the same and thus we get better insight to the issue. Security modelling is heavily lacking. Most of these codes these days are not very high quality due to emphasis on speed to push out new technology.

The war on drugs was never about the drugs it was a way to create an excuse to attack people whose ideology was suspect. The poor, the pigmented, the anti-war activist, the politically active young folk. The idea that the government gets to decide what your pursuit of happiness should be allowed to do is obscene and irrelevant.

The horrible example of the Volstead Act banning alcohol should have pointed out the stupidity of trying to legislate morality. We have the universal holding act now in USA, they have made neurotransmitters in everyones brain schedule 1 prohibited substances. Singapore has dipped another level into an even more authoritarian state. A new directive from the SG MINDEF requires all SG military personnel be it in uniform or plain clothes services to support their country by being the eyes and ears via downloading the SGSecure app onto your phones per new directive.

The SGSecure app is essentially a snitching app where you use your smartphone to SWAT and snitch on whomever you want. It allows upload of media and text to a command center which personnels would receive snitching reports in realtime for quick reaction. This would essentially turn every single SGPorean into an involuntary snitch as long as they are serving the MINDEF. The locla govt elites are so insecure to a point they have to resort to East Germany style mandated reporting on neighbours.

STAZI STATE HAS ARRIVED. This is some of the top passwords for 2016 according to venurebeat. Lists from other places and times are about the same. The one that bugs me most is. Could it possibly be using one capital letter could take your password out of the top 10,000. See any problems. Or is it assumed lower upper case doesn t matter to password crackers. 123456 123456789 qwerty 12345678 111111 1234567890 1234567 password 123123 987654321 qwertyuiop mynoob 123321 666666 18atcskd2w 7777777 1q2w3e4r 654321 555555 3rjs1la7qe google 1q2w3e4r5t 123qwe zxcvbnm 1q2w3e.

Why one lower case word time after time, not two or three. Why is a dumb word like dragon the number seven most used password. How could potentially millions of people be using THAT pw. What about other languages. Americans could never think of bueno for a password. I am thinking there is something wrong with the list, or something very wrong with the IQ of Americans based on this list.

OK, I certainly agree there is room for easy, throw away passwords, for example, a site that only requires a pw to read their articles. Who cares if it s snatched. Your bank account is a whole differnet matter, though. Also, a lockout limit of ten tries or less would certainly reduce cracks. Last, my suspicion is the government and corporations are already recording all of our passwords regardless of how good they might be because.

Password is a bad authenticator when used alone. Bad entropy and mostly repetitive and predictable. Passwords may even be recorded as you said and then quietly used to attack the users account. Boils down to convenience-vs-security as usual. Nothing can be done as long as the consumers are still fine with oasswords, websites are fine to just accept passwords and browsers being crappy.

Have a look here. TOR admits it is not up to the job for anonymizing communications on the Internet by admitting that Dark Web does not exist after so long. We have been raving and ranting and the fanbois have refuted vigorously. Now it s kinda an official waving of white flag. Well, we should pretty much let thwm figure it out and capitalize it. A new directive from the SG MINDEF requires all SG military personnel via downloading the SGSecure app.

Two things to say about it. Firstly just how stupid is the SG, they have just made all their armed forces targets. Venturebeat is not the most accurate in that area. Secondly if I was a SG MF person my phone would rather quickly not be a Smart Phone One of those Nokia 610 look alike granny phones with the big keys would be nice. This week, I saw something very firm that Merkel said about the Russia sanctions, but they ve got whatever leverage is provided by the transcripts of every phone call she ever made.

The Al Aqsa Protests Prove That Palestinian Nonviolence Has Arrived Forward Sid S. Big Brother is Watching You Watch. Imperial Collapse Watch. Thanks for the reply and resource. Pretty heavy stuff. You can search through all our topics we have discussed on passwords and PIN. That makes no sense. So the best possible, secure and convenient replacement for passwords is. I hope you aren t going to say biometrics. And, thinking that through, cannot biometric authenticators be hacked, sometimes literally too.

I am thinking if they are already recording passwords, they most certainly can and will record fingerprints and faces. If I was a SigInt agency in another nation I would get a copy of thr app and rip it appart to find weaknesses that could be used to identify SG MF personnel and their locations and habits as has been done to other nations MF.

Meanwhile, if they get your face, it s really hard to create a new one. sz ß is in famous in German language, but STASI is simply a short-form of STAatsSIcherheitso no need for any Z. The best replacement for passwords and PINs is not one authenticator but a variety used together. Biometrics cannot be used alone as it is rather easy to defeat biometrics that are used alone.

Weigh the situation to see how different authenticators can be used to meet the level of authentication required. This researchers are just too smart and people don t have their resources, so we should be ok right. Once the infosec duo had found a suitable car wash connected to the web, the researchers found that the default password 12345 just worked. I didn t want to say it out loud regarding using the app as a SigInt tracker as this would be very helpful to these ignorant people who cannot make proper decisions but can only leech on their serfizens and abuse their status, resources and power.

The good thing for the 5Eyes ICs is that all known ARM A series chips, Intel and AMD chips are backdoored in the hardware level and the leadership here gladly touts iPhones and Androids while in office and a boon for collection of SigInt from the upper echelons here. keiner all sz ß is in famous in German language. Ah yes the lovely hard s. Bank tellers are saying they think it is an upgrade to the ATM machine.

It is almost guaranteed to trip up the Auslander. I stifled a laugh when a colleague told me that his hotel was on Roo-bin-steen-strab Reußensteinstraße. The answer is dependent on not just your requirments, but the design and functionality of what you are protecting. Take a phone, the requirment is low security but fast response for incoming calls.

But high security with no response time limitation for the dats storage on the phone. As far as unlocking the receive call function the security is low because the level of harm that can be done by somebody forcing it is low. So Something you are. Thus a biometric finger swipe is about as fast as you can get. As far as unlocking the data storage function the security is about as high as it gets for the phone.

Does an extra chunk of plastic glued onto the existing, longtime card reader of an ATM ever have a legitimate purpose. So something you know. As the unlock response time is effectively irrelevant entering an unlock string of a hundred or so characters is only an issue for the human mind. Often people talk of rubber hose Thermo Rectal 5 wrench crypto analysis, which boils down to using torture duress to get you to reveal the something you know.

The reality for duress these days is not torture but contempt of court, which boils down to jail time often in solitary untill you reveal the password. As far as I m aware the longest that someone has been held on contempt was in a divorce case and it was 14years 1. However contempt of court is subject in most places to a reasonableness test thus it can only be levied if you are wilfully witholding information. As I have mentioned before, something you know does not have to be a password, it could also be a time or a place.

Which makes things a little more interesting. Therefore if the phone has a time based lock out or other trip the password would not function unless entered at the correct time in the correct place. There is nothing to say that the place need be in the juresdiction you iq option 100 reais in. Likwise the something you know might be the names and phone numbers of people outside of the jurisdiction that hold Password key shares. If they decide iq option 100 reais to cough up the right key share there is nothing you can reasonably do about it.

Further if there are three or more key share holders there is no way to show if one of them is supplying a false key share. Thus you can take this information and build a system around it to show that you do not know the information of how to get into the phone data store, just who to ask, who also happen to be beyond the courts reach. Very rarely. Some ATMs have had modifications to make the insertion of shims harder, others clear blocks to prevent earlier types of skimer. Have a look at Brian Krebs site, he has a page dedicated to ATM skimers and pictures showing not just skimmers but ATM modifications.

Hmm where have I heard that refrin befor, was it the US before Obama made it clear the NSA had copies of phone conversations between US senators and right wing Israeli politicos. the leadership here gladly touts iPhones and Androids while in office. Or was it in Germany befor Mummy got outed. Oh then there was that US diplomat woman who slagged people off over her phone and it got published in newspapers. Yup you ld think people would have wised up by now, especially if they are at the top of a very shaky pile with a very long way for them and their family to fall.

I like your ideas a lot. -minimum 2 factor -layered approach -risk calibrated -consider time lock really good idea -multi key share holders for critical functions -time location qualifiers. call on a properly unlocked phone. The UK law regarding revelation of pw s is disappointing to say the least. The USA police lobby is no doubt patiently waiting for the right situation to reveal itself to demand a change in the law to jail people for not rele asing pws.

It will happen soon enough. Because Security. I call it the BS justification for repealing constitutional rights. Maybe consider something other than symbols, like a knuckle print, or a literal physical key, an image, finger painting. How about a key that dissolves in water. Then the device can only be opened as a factory reset. I think the issue hasn t been brainstormed enough. Meanwhile, isn t the password still the best possible safe and convenient method of authentication right now.

Seems to me, there is no need for authentication to rec. Maybe we should work on better passwords. I remain opposed to standard police based biometrics, especially facial ID which is the golden fleece of World Wide ID. Does anyone know of bulletin board software such as Vbulliten that implements hardware two-factor authentication such as Yubikey for administrators and moderators.

Ideally of course open source. thoth, Why are you distorting what Dingledine says. He said most Tor users don t use hidden services. You are entitled to your Resistance-Is-Futile opinion but you should not stick your hand up someone else s butt and shake him around and make him say it like he s your puppet. The words you put in Dingledine s mouth dovetail remarkably with Sessions slogan, the darknet sic is not a place to hide.

Neither version is convincing in the absence of evidence. And FBI getting lucky catching nitwits is not evidence. As you know, Silk Road was so infiltrated that featherbedded Feds took advantage of the commotion to steal bitcoins for their personal retirement nest eggs. And Cazes put his Alphabay contact email everywhere but on the Goodyear blimp. Neither instance is dispositive of Tor vulns.

It s much more consistent with FBI finding, or eliciting, easy-bust crime by helpless morons, in a cookie-cutter adaptation of their so-called counterterror provocations. The Shadow Brokers are most likely Israel. They stole the emails too. Israel is capable and they want to dominate US politics. Trump acts like he works for Netanyahu. Seem to me, there is no need for unlocking to receive a call on the properly locked smartphone either. For that matter, receiving text shows up on the properly locked smartphone, among other things.

It s really good, especially if and when the same smartphone is also used for two-factor authentication via PIN number. Most states have finally banned texting while driving as two thirds of serious auto accident involve distracted driving. Now Honolulu becomes the first major U. city to pass legislation aimed at reducing injuries and deaths from distracted walking.

They hand-fed zombies cannot handle complexities of human relationships after being trained to just close the tab. They are overweight with low sperm count. Forget marriages and families to repopulate the Earth. From these observations I for one am tired and disappointed in the zombie generations. Iq option 100 reais would prefer the intelligence of a cyborg or robot instead. Maybe the ulterior plan is to reduce the numbers of humans and make Earth sustainable.

If this is the plan, its already working. Simply give smartphones free at puberty 13 and supplement with pleasure dolls to supplement the porn. Benefit of Robots With robots replacing people no more wars will there be less of a need for lies politicansadvertising data-mining and eavesdropping spies. Will a robot neighbor better maintain their house like cutting the grass. Will robot mates change their mood without getting angry or offended.

Will robots decrease road rage and accidents. Will robot need health insurance or food. Will robot offer reliable, deeper and life-time friendships. Will a robot do the household chores without complaint. Will a robot be your personal physician and nurse. Will a robot be better equipped for 24 7 home security. We Can Change The World not. Who can stop Silicon Valley Wall St from creating addicted zombies. Without drastic change, the number of people will markedly decrease in each successive generation.

Just as robot capabilities will drastically increase already today social media consists mostly of revenue bots What will it take to reverse this terminal end-game. Meanwhile, fingerprints not only can hacked legally and illegally with ease for the determined adversary. How about basement income with free Internet access. Then there was. This is what I ve wrote about passwords in my blog couple of years ego. Password had been with us for a very long time and has shown incredible persistence. Despite countless attempts and near-universal agreement to replace them, passwords are more widely used than ever.

Poor security is obviously the main concern of security experts. However, since even strong authentication technologies are vulnerable to certain attacks, more details on exactly what is required of a replacement is essential. government s 2011 NSTIC initiative, National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspacesummarizes things concisely passwords are inconvenient and insecure. The summary suggests that the implicit goal is more security, more usability at reasonable cost. There is little to disagree with here; however, it does not point into the direction that would be a suitable replacement.

The resources protected by passwords are diverse, from local and corporate accounts, financial accounts with substantial assets, throwaway email accounts, web forum accounts and so on. Clearly, not all type of accounts have the same security needs. Nor do all people have the same security needs; politicians and celebrities in general may require better protection than others need for banking. What should be the starting point for evaluating technologies for the password replacement.

Evaluating the current vulnerabilities for password authentication system is a good starting point. After all, one of the implicit goal for the new authentication method is more security. While usability and cost are important, they usually take a backseat when increased security is required. The end-users and upper management certainly will disagree, but let us just go with the initial assumption and aim for secure authentication. Password requirements have changed substantially during the years.

Long gone are the short alpha and or numeric only password, at least should be at resources where security is important. Most, if not all systems allow settings password policies that includes complexity, account lockout after x number of attempts and defines expiration as well. Guessing complex and relatively frequently expired passwords is not that productive. It is more of a my lucky day type of guess, if successful. So, what is wrong with the password. It is vulnerable to key-loggers, social engineering, and password cracking.

Arguably, the client devices are the most susceptible for having the account credentials stolen. The source of this issue is the malware-infected devices that had been with us for a long time and will continue in the near future. The compromised host or a mobile device enable cyber-criminals to bypass virtually every two-factor authentication system.

Social engineering is manipulating people so they give up the sought after information. The types of information the social engineer is seeking can vary, but usually centers on account credentials, financial information, etc. Once the account integrity compromised, the social engineeror designee bypasses virtually any authentication system. Password cracking requires the password hash that is stored on the device locally, or on the authentication server. Without password hash, none of the password cracking solution would be able to decipher the password.

Cyber-criminals utilize various means to obtain access to the password hash, such as exploiting system vulnerabilities, client devices and social engineering. With the compromised authentication server at their disposal, cyber-criminals are capable of bypassing virtually any authentication system. Are these password vulnerabilities, or the culpability belongs to somewhere else.

The logical answer is that both the client devices and servers are responsible for the password vulnerability. Otherwise, the biometric or other types of authentication methods may not provide the desired level of account security. Securing these devices should be the first step in preserving the integrity of the account credentials. For cyber-criminals, it does not make a difference, if the stolen account credential is password or fingerprint for example.

Well, there is a difference. It is easier to replace the password than the fingerprint. Not to mention that while passwords are unlimited, fingerprints for the end-user in question limited to ten. In which case, replacing password with other authentication methods may provide a seemingly marginal security improvement. Based on history, securing the client devices and authentication servers is not likely to take place anytime soon.

The security improvement might turn out to be temporary in nature. At least until the cyber-criminals develop malware that exploits different authentication methods with ease on a wide scale. Keep mind that there is malware available now that capable to exploit two-factor authentication method. Thanks for the informative and helpful replies. Thread lightly. If I interpret your comments correctly, I think you are saying, sure passwords suck, but there s no viable alternative at the moment.

I also appreciate your skepticism regarding alternatives like biometrics. If passwords can be cracked, why not biometrics. Must admit I am NOT sure where you are going with, securing the client devices and authentication servers is not likely to take place anytime soon. What s that about. How does one secure a device, other than by password and pin. I am going to jump in here with a thought that seems to have zero traction. My thought is governments and corporations everywhere are secretly and literally stockpiling usernames and passwords in the name of security and profits.

IF I am right whether one uses the username of admin and password of password is no different than using some sort of two three four factor stenographic holographic triple whammy encrypted authentication. Authentication is an unfinished piece of work, that needs to be finished. Clive, Nick P, Thoth, Wael and some others have discussed your questions and these dilemnas in great detail over years definitely do a search for those discussions.

What took so long. I have long wished that operating a phone whilst in locomotion was subject to a penalty. The above doesn t go far enough just crossing the street and isn t much money relative to the activity but it is a start. When I m walking I m looking at everything 180 degrees. One the other hand, some may prefer old mate Darwin to get a say, whereby the penalty for crossing the road looking at phone is wait for it being required to cross the road repeatedly, whilst playing with said phone.

Dingledine said that he knew about two thirds of the people running Tor relays and could vouch for iq option 100 reais. Intelligence agencies didn t need to set up their own stepping-stone nodes he said, since they could if they wanted to just monitor those who did run them. I know a great game. It s called take a stick who can poke the most holes.

re TOR Dingledine news. I did post that news above and the results was as expected fanboism occurred. thankyou, yes it was because of your link I singled out that ridiculous paragraph. But hey, if the boss says everythings fine then great. Clive Robinson, Nick P, ab praeceptis, Rachel, et. We assume that TOR is suppose to be a Castle Castle Model to protect against metadata harvesting, interception of communications and manipulation and disruption of traffic. Dingledine even went as far as saying the dark web a landscape of websites concealed within networks like Tor is so insignificant, it can be discounted.

It sounds like the Castle is strong against attackers but. we have a feel people we want to discount from it s defenses. The number of times I ve been walking a busy city street to have phone texters literally walk into me not to mention the multiple hazards without even leaving the pavement. There is basically no dark web. It doesn t exist. If there is no Dark Web, then what is TOR, I2P et. suppose to be. Give it any name, it still does the same function.

Nice try justifying to legitimize TOR in front of journos and politicos but not trying to point out that all the misconceptions have their roots traced back to 5Eyes IC, LEA, Def Contractors offensive mission plans to discredit anyone trying to evade tracking and the campaign the Powers That Be trying to smear privacy and personal security is actually working pretty damn well. The most popular website visited by Tor users was Facebook, Dingledine said.

How does he know these statistics unless he s either making something up or he s been monitoring the traffic and have some access methods to get his statistics.

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