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Don t touch my tabs. Swiftly access your search engines in a popup panel when you select text in a webpage. Context menu also included. Daniel Lobo. 11,559 users. Swift Selection Search. Simple, Cost-effective and Ready to Meet the Deadline. Garmin ADS-B Solutions. As the industry leader in fielded ADS-B solutions, Garmin continues to set the pace for development and deployment of this advanced air traffic management technology.

Our innovative ADS-B products are utilized in a wide range of aircraft from experimental homebuilt planes, GA aircraft and helicopters through high-end business jets and commercial transport aircraft. So, whatever you fly, Garmin technology offers you the ideal upgrade path to meet global NextGen airspace requirements with minimal cost and downtime for system installation. Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast, or ADS-B, is the datalink network designed to allow ATC to handle a growing volume of air traffic with greater efficiency and reliability.

and other regions, this system also supports ADS-B In capability, enabling pilots to receive subscription-free aviation weather and traffic information in their cockpits. Want a more detailed look at what ADS-B can do. ADS-B Made Simple. For business and commercial operators looking to satisfy ADS-B Out equipage rules as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, Garmin has tailored a comprehensive suite of approved ADS-B solutions that provide an easy, efficient path to compliance.

Through select partners within the Garmin Authorized Installation Center network, we re able to offer all-inclusive ADS-B packages that seamlessly integrate with existing equipment such as TCAS systems, transponder control heads or radio management units to minimize in-cockpit modifications and upgrade costs while maintaining pilot familiarization with current system controls and interfaces. Combining full GPS navigation, mapping and LPV approach capability with a built-in ADS-B In Out transponder, this compact 2 tall touchscreen unit offers an all-in-one solution for your aircraft.

Leading the Way in ADS-B. ADS-B Has Arrived. Dynamic maps display ADS-B uplinked weather and traffic overlays as well as Garmin exclusive TargetTrend and TerminalTraffic information. GTX 345 GTX 335. 65 high panel-mount or remote-mount transponders. Each is optionally available with a iq option paga built-in WAAS GPS position source for ADS-B reference. GTX 335 is an ADS-B Out only solution, while GTX 345 adds ADS-B In capability as well so you can access uplinked weather and traffic on compatible avionics displays as well as select portables and mobile devices via built-in wireless connectivity.

A low-cost, easy-to-install solution for meeting basic ADS-B Out requirements, the GDL 82 remote datalink is designed to work with your existing Mode C transponder and its antenna to provide the UAT-based position data needed for operation in controlled U. airspace below 18,000. Offering a simple upgrade path for ADS-B compliance, the all-digital GTX 345 and GTX 335 are both compact 1. Plus, its AutoSquawk technology syncs automatically with your transponder s squawk code and pressure altitude data so no additional control inputs are required.

It includes a built-in WAAS GPS position source for ADS-B reference. Built-in wireless connectivity allows select portables or mobile devices to also display ADS-B In data. GTX 45R and GTX 35R. For experimental or light sport aircraft, the all-digital GTX 45R and GTX 35R transponders provide simple, affordable remote-mount solutions that integrate with G3X Touch series flight displays and a compatible WAAS GPS position source to meet ADS-B equipage rules.

GTX 35R is an ADS-B Out only solution, while GTX 45R adds ADS-B In capability as well so you can access uplinked weather and traffic on compatible avionics displays as well as select portables and mobile devices via built-in wireless connectivity. For panel-mount solutions and or solutions with an integrated WAAS GPS, consider GTX 345 or GTX 335. The GTX 345 ADS-B transponder provides an affordable, certified 1090 MHz ADS-B Out compliance solution for helicopters while offering dual-link ADS-B In capability to access uplinked weather and traffic on compatible avionics displays or on select portables and mobile devices via built-in wireless connectivity.

The common 1. 65 tall form factor makes GTX 345 an easy replacement for most existing panel-mount or remote-mount transponders. Plus, it is optionally available with a built-in WAAS GPS position source for ADS-B reference. The all-digital GTX 335 is a compact 1. 65 high Mode S Extended Squitter ES transponder that, when paired with a compatible WAAS position source or using the optional integrated WAAS GPSprovides an affordable 1090 MHz ADS-B Out only compliance solution for helicopters.

Available in panel-mount or remote-mount configurations, the unit s attractive size and form factor make it an easy all-in-one replacement for existing non-ADS-B capable transponders. Solutions for TCAS II Equipped Aircraft. From basic transponder-derived ADS-B Out only solutions to the most complete dual-link transmit receive display applications and integrated TAS TCAS traffic alerting systems, Garmin technology offers the STC d upgrade options you need for the flight deck you already have.

Many of these ADS-B upgrade solutions are configured with our GDL 88 ADS-B datalink and GTX 3000 transponder which are compatible with a variety of TCAS II interfaces and cockpit controller display combinations. While your ADS-B upgrade is being fitted, you may also want to consider upgrading older TCAS equipment to a newer, Change 7. 1 compliant TCAS II system such as our GTS 8000. This ADS-B enhanced traffic system provides the most complete traffic picture available to pilots showing targets for all nearby aircraft, including those not ADS-B Out equipped.

Our exclusive CLEAR CAS technology combines both active and passive surveillance to correlate target data and pinpoint traffic threats. Solutions for Non-TCAS II Equipped Aircraft. For non-TCAS II equipped aircraft, the GTX 345R and GTX 335R series of remote-mount ADS-B transponders offers a simple, affordable 1090 MHz ADS-B Out solution for meeting NextGen requirements.

Both models are compatible with a variety of third-party cockpit controllers and displays, allowing operators to quickly satisfy the ADS-B equipage rules with an absolute minimum of cost, downtime or disruption to existing flight deck configurations. If a rule-compliant position source is needed, each GTX model is optionally available with a built-in WAAS GPS receiver so all the essentials for basic ADS-B Out compliance can be provided with an all-in-one unit installation.

See the Benefits of ADS-B In. Included or optionally available with many of our solutions, the subscription-free U. weather and datalink traffic services available through ADS-B In can be streamed onto a compatible tablet or other portable electronic device PED using flight apps such as Garmin PilotForeFlight Mobile or FltPlan Go. This gives pilots easy access to these safety-enhancing capabilities without the need for costly display or system upgrades on the flight deck.

TargetTrend Relative Motion Technology. Our exclusive TargetTrend relative motion technology depicts ADS-B traffic on most Garmin panel displays, portables or mobile devices running the Garmin Pilot app. Rather than providing a fixed snapshot of the traffic situation, TargetTrend gives you a faster, more intuitive way to judge the direction and closure rate of intruding traffic targets relative to your aircraft s position. For example, if traffic is ahead of you and traveling along the same track but at a slower rate, the motion vector would point opposite of its indicated direction of flight to show you are overtaking the traffic.

The result You re able to make timelier and better-informed traffic avoidance decisions. TerminalTraffic Technology. TerminalTraffic technology provides a comprehensive picture of ADS-B-equipped aircraft and ground vehicles in the airport environment. Service vehicles and taxiing aircraft are easily distinguished from aircraft in-flight with distinct colors and symbols, all presented on a simple, easy-to-understand SafeTaxi diagram with reference to runways, taxiways, hangar locations and more.

When properly equipped, audible traffic alerts further enhance situational awareness to ensure that traffic conflicts are not overlooked throughout critical operations such as takeoff and landing. AutoSquawk technology. AutoSquawk technology in our ADS-B datalinks can help make your path to ADS-B compliance as simple, straightforward and cost-effective as possible. That is why our patented AutoSquawk technology will automatically synchronize with your existing Mode C transponder for its squawk code and pressure altitude data and then transmit that data through its own datalink.

NextGen rules require a iq option paga your ADS-B Out source squawk the same code as your transponder. Not only does this allow you to meet NextGen regulations for ADS-B Out, but it also keeps data entry to a single point without the need for a new transponder or separate ADS-B control system. Why Go with Garmin for ADS-B. For the past 3 decades, Garmin has steadily advanced the design and functionality of modern avionics and we ve played a significant role in the development of ADS-B technology.

Today, we offer a comprehensive suite of ADS-B products, all designed to help you make the easiest, safest, most affordable transition to the fast-evolving airspace environment. Our easy-to-install solutions enable you to meet ADS-B equipage requirements with a minimum of cost, downtime and disruption to your instrument panel. Plus, every Garmin product is backed by our award-winning, top-rated product support team. Bottom line Garmin is the company that leads the way in NextGen readiness with more installed ADS-B solutions than any other brand in aviation.

To learn more about Garmin ADS-B solutions that offer the best match for your particular aircraft, needs and budget, we invite you to call our ADS-B experts at 844-GET-ADSB 844-438-2372. Or send us your questions or requests via email to email protected. Ready to equip with ADS-B. Have ADS-B Questions. We invite you to contact a Garmin dealer today to get started.

FOLLOW GARMIN AVIATION. When you re required to equip for ADS-B depends largely on where you fly. Common Questions about ADS-B. But in other parts of the world, you may be required to equip much sooner. Regardless of regulations, you can equip today to start taking advantage of ADS-B s benefits. What is ADS-B In and ADS-B Out. With ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcastyou ll be required to broadcast your position information to ADS-B ground stations and other aircraft. This is called ADS-B Out.

But those ground stations are also broadcasting valuable information you can use if your aircraft is equipped to receive it using ADS-B In technology. What is an approved ADS-B position source. With ADS-B, each aircraft needs an approved ADS-B position source to calculate its precise position using highly accurate WAAS SBAS GPS data. This position is then broadcast to ATC and other ADS-B In equipped aircraft in their vicinity. How do I equip for ADS-B.

There are a lot of things to take into account when planning your ADS-B installation like your current aircraft configuration and what ADS-B benefits you d like to take advantage of. View the video for help understanding all the factors involved. How do I broadcast my ADS-B information. You can either broadcast your information using an extended squitter or by using a universal access transceiver. Which option is best for your aircraft depends on where you fly and what equipment you might already have installed.

Who needs ADS-B. Simply put, anyone who flies in controlled airspace will need an ADS-B Out solution. But even if you don t currently fly in controlled airspace, there may still be situations where you ll be required to be ADS-B Out compliant in the future. Why use a Garmin ADS-B Solution. Garmin technology is at the forefront of the ADS-B revolution. Not only do our solutions meet requirements, they can also go above and beyond the call of duty, offering benefits like TargetTrend and TerminalTraffic.

When should I equip for ADS-B. Plus, they ve been designed to perfectly integrate with your existing Garmin avionics and are backed by our award-winning product support. Why are we switching to ADS-B. ADS-B allows air traffic controllers to route traffic more efficiently, reducing congestion, noise, emission and fuel consumption. And even better, properly equipped aircraft will gain an affordable way to get datalink traffic, as well as subscription-free weather over the U. It also promises to keep our skies safer by enhancing situational a iq option paga.

Have additional ADS-B questions. Garmin ADS-B experts are here to help. Contact our ADS-B HelpLine at 1-844-GET-ADSB or email protected.you must equip by 2020. Aging and Human Performance. Objectives I identify major theoretical and practical contributions to aging and human performance as reflected primarily in the pages of Human Factors. Background Populations worldwide are aging. True experimental work on aging is not possible because age levels cannot be manipulated.

Method Citation analysis was used to identify articles in Human Factors dealing with age or aging and to rank them for citation impact. Results Special issues on aging were followed by increased publication rates for articles on age or aging, particularly in the 1990s. Most-cited articles deal primarily with age and driving. Conclusions Applied contributions rely on improved measurement of performance and on methodological advances, including simulation and modeling.

Design changes that provide environmental support for declining cognitive, perceptual, and psychomotor abilities can serve as a powerful intervention for maintaining and improving older adult performance. Training is also a robust way to improve performance at both the basic ability level and the level of task performance. Human factors specialists can improve quality of life for an aging population. Applications Guidelines for older users are now being developed by standards bodies and are implemented in domains such as Web design.

Much of the focus of human factors research has been on improving efficiency in the performance of aging adults in the workforce, but reducing errors and increasing comfort and satisfaction in health-related activities should receive greater attention. Research and the future of engineering psychology. American Psychologist, 27, 615 - 622.

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