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I played this all day then i tried to play again it crashed and said something about microsoft visual c what do i do. The server probably still running v0117 which is why you crashed. I have a 64 bit operating system but my game is for some reason on 32 bit only and i want to plat the game can i get some help. if you think u have a 64 bit operating system why not try this mod and see if it works. Hey today in the morning i was playing Full invasion 2 normally and when it was changing the map the game freezed and i doesn t load anymore it stops close to the end the loading never ends could you help me.

The maps on the server might have a issue with it. Have you tried to do the cmd changes and putting corpses to 0. unable to open Modules FI2 v0120 troops. can you make mac instructions. i managed to run it somehow. Hi there, this is a great mod and I love playing it. I do encounter a problem every time the map switches my game crashes. I have 64 bit Windows 7 and i do meet the min requirements. Any ways to fix this. I did this, and the suddenly my warband started to have a lot less frames.

That s weird and I can t fix it now. Sometimes, in game, disconnected cause connection error. WebLogic Platform 10. 3 on Solaris 10. This section provides the following information. For information about supported database configurations, Web servers, browsers, interoperability tools, and product support, see Supported Configurations for WebLogic Platform 10. For information about Sun s support services If you have a support contract for the use of Solaris platforms, you may be able to obtain support for general Java issues for example, JDK problems.

For information on Azul JVM, see the following Azul Web site. Configuration Requ irements. The following section provides requirements for Oracle products supported on this configuration. Table 1-1 Requirem ents for Solaris 10 on SPARC 64 Using Sun 32-bit JDK. Operating System Version and Patches. Chip Architecture and Minimum Processor Speed. UltraSPARC 168 MHz. Sun Java 2 JDK 6.

0 Update 05 with the Java HotSpot TM Client and Server VMs 32-bit and all later service packs of 6. 1 GB minimum, 2 GB recommended. WebLogic Server 10. WebLogic Portal 10. WebLogic Integration 10. 3, WebLogic Integration 10. Workshop for WebLogic 10. Table 1-2 Requireme nts for Solaris 10 on SPARC 64 Using Oracle JRockit 64-bit JDK. 0-50 JDK 64-bit and all later 6. 0 releases of JRockit. Table 1-3 Requireme nts for Solaris 10 on SPARC 64 Using SUN 64-bit JDK.

0 Update 5 with the Java HotSpot TM Client and Server VMs 64-bit and all later service packs of 6. Table 1-4 Requireme nts for Solaris 10 on AMD64 Using SUN 32-bit JDK. Table 1-5 Requireme nts for Solaris 10 on 64-bit Xeon Using SUN 32-bit JDK. 64-bit Xeon 1. Table 1-6 Requireme nts for Solaris 10 on AMD64 Using SUN 64-bit JDK. Table 1-7 Requireme nts for Solaris 10 on 64-bit Xeon Using SUN 64-bit JDK.

Table 1-8 Requireme nts for Solaris 10 on x86 Using Sun 32-bit JDK. Xeon, Pentium II or higher, x86, and compatible chip architectures 1. Table 1-9 Requirem ents for Solaris 10 on SPARC 64 Using Azul VM. Doing a Complete Install With a Generic Installer Serial Version UID Mismatch JVM Stack Overflow Out of Memory Exception During Installation Issues Related to WebLogic Integration 10.

3 With 64-bit JDK on Sun Sparc Issues Related to Solaris 10 on AMD64 and 64-bit Xeon when Using Remote Autonomy Issues Related to Other Products. Doing a Complete Install With a Generic Installer. If you are performing a complete install of a WebLogic product e. WebLogic Server, WebLogic Portal by using the generic installer.

jar on a platform where Eclipse is not supported or not installed, you might encounter a situation where the generic installer will go into a repeated loop condition. If you are experiencing this condition refer to the Installation Guide, specifically the Install Eclipse Location Options section for more information on how to handle the installation. Serial Version UID Mismatch. A Serial Version UID Mismatch Issue may be encountered if you deploy an application on a latest JVM, but compiled with an earlier JDK release.

Workaround To be compatible with the serialization of previously compiled applications, modify the wlserver_10. sh file to include the following command. Alternatively, you can use the command line option. Note If you intend to deploy new applications with previously compiled applications, they must be recompiled as necessary to have the same Serial Version UID. JVM Stack Overflow.

You might encounter a JVM stack overflow error or exception while running WebLogic Server. Workaround Increase the stack size from the default 128k to 256k. Out of Memory Exception During Installation. The generic. jar installer used to install WebLogic Portal 10. 3 on Solaris 10 64-bit Xeon AMD64 platforms may throw an OutOfMemory Exception and as a result, does not provide a complete installation.

Update the Java opts max heap size. Issues Related to WebLogic Integration 10. 3 With 64-bit JDK on Sun Sparc. Unable to load performance pack. Using Java I O instead. This issue occurred because WebLogic Server was getting started with the 32-bit JVM Sun JDK. Update WebLogic Server start script with the following. export USER_MEM_ARGS with -d64. Exception in thread main java.

OutOfMemoryError PermGen space. You need to pass -d64 and other memory arguments to the USER_MEM_ARGS environment variable before running startWeblogic. export USER_MEM_ARGS -d64 -Xms256m -Xmx512m -XX PermSize 128m -XX MaxPermSize 256m. Issues Related to Solaris 10 on AMD64 and 64-bit Xeon when Using Remote Autonomy.

See Using a Remote Autonomy Installation in Supported Configurations for WebLogic Platform 10. Issues Related to Other Products. For information about known issues with products supported on this configuration, including available workarounds, see the appropriate Release Notes document. Issues related to. Are described in. WebLogic Server Known and Resolved Issues. WebLogic Portal Release Notes.

WebLogic Integration Release Notes. Workshop for WebLogic. Workshop for WebLogic Release Notes. Download and Instal l Instructions. You can download Oracle WebLogic products from either the Oracle Technology Network website or the Oracle E-Delivery website. Download and Install Sun JDK 6. 0 for Solaris 10 on Sparc, x86 and AMD64 64-Bit Xeon. To install Sun JDK 6. Download and Install Instructions for Solaris 10 on SPARC 64. Select the Product Pack, Platform and Media Pack. Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Sun Solaris SPARC 64-bit. B36234 Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 10. 3 Media Pack. for Solaris Operating System SPARC 64-bit. Part Number Description. V13618 Oracle WebLogic Server 10gR3 10. 3 Sun Solaris SPARC 32-bit. V13672 Oracle WebLogic Server 10gR3 10. V13808 Oracle WebLogic Portal 10gR3 10. V14087 Oracle WebLogic Portal 10gR3 10. V19638-01 Oracle WebLogic Integration 10gR3 MP1 10. 1 for Sun Solaris SPARC 32-bit.

V19641-01 Oracle WebLogic Integration 10gR3 MP1 10. 1 Upgrade Installer for Sun Solaris SPARC 32-bit. V19187-01 Oracle WebLogic Integration 10gR3 10. 1 Generic Installer. V19643-01 Oracle WebLogic Integration 10gR3 MP1 10. 1 Upgrade Installer Generic. Note The Generic installer can be used for different platforms. It is possible that the part number for the generic installer may not be in the Media pack of some platforms. If so, the generic installer can be found in Media Pack B36339 Oracle Application Server 10gR3 Media Pack for HP-UX Itanium 64-bit.

Install the WebLogic Product using the directions provided in the Using Installers with Filenames Ending in. bin section of the Products Installation Guide. Install instructions for Sparc using a 64-bit JDK. Make sure that your PATH variable includes JAVA_HOME bin where JAVA_HOME is the installation path for the JDK.

Download and Install Instructions for Solaris 10 on AMD64 64-bit Xeon. Sun Solaris x86-64 64-bit. B36335 Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 10. for Solaris Operating System x86 and x86-64. jar section of the Products Installation Guide. Install instructions for 64-bit Xeon AMD64 using a 64-bit JDK. Download and Install Instructions for Solaris 10 on x86. Sun Solaris x86 32-bit. WebLogic Server Support of Solaris Zones. For information on Weblogic Server support of Solaris Zones, refer to WebLogic Server Support For Sun Solaris 10 in Multi-Zone Operation.

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أبريل 6, 2019 60 زيارة. أبريل 6, 2019 61 زيارة. I am currently using a Lenovo ThinkPad W510, running Win7 Pro 32-bit, but will be moving to Win 10 at some stage in the next year. What are the advantages of Windows 64-bit versus 32-bit. Can you tell me what the advantages are in 64-bit systems over 32-bit. Will this be a problem if I u0027m running 32-bit now and move on to a 64-bit system.

Will my software and hardware be compatible. Please help me unravel this confusing number so I can move on in the right direction with my next OS upgrade. --Submitted by Rob B. com forums discussions what-are-the-advantages-of-windows-64-bit-versus-32-bitpopupWidth 780, popupHeight 510, datascrollToComments true. Will this be a problem if I m running 32-bit now and move on to a 64-bit system. Discussion is locked. I would suggest checking with Lenovo and see if they have win10 drivers for your system first before upgrading.

see the following from microsoft. If they do not, then my advice is not to upgrade. If you go to 64, it will have to be a clean install. though most likely all your current installed software will work, they will have to be reinstalled. If you decide to upgrade, make sure you backup any files you cannot afford to lose and you have keys, serial numbers and register information for your installed software.

If they do not, then you may be able to contact levono and get a 64 disk at reduce cost, install it, then upgrade. if you need the registration codes for your software you can download and run Belarc Advisor. But Renegade is right about the switch to 64 bit. You have to do a re-install to a 64 bit operating system and for that you need to have a 64 bit capable computer. One more thing, I am not totally sure if microsoft will upgrade you from 32 to 64, someone else will have to answer that.

I believe the Windows Advisor program can tell you if you do or do not, but am unsure if Windows 10 has an advisor. My gut tells me that the upgrade will be from 32-32 or 64-64 and not from 32-64, but who knows. Also, Windows 10 is supposed to be free for the first year and then run by subscription and no word yet on what it will cost, so I d hold off on that move until more information is known. There is no subscription fee for Windows 10, you are perpetuating a false myth.

And if you buy it later, the same holds true once legally acquired, you do not have to pay any annual fees. Sorry, but you seem to have missed two vital Q there are no annual fees. Here, specifically, are the Q As from his piece addressing that. Wow, that s cool, but does that mean, I will have to pay for Windows 10 after the first year. 1 devices to Windows 10. Its a promotion to get as many users to upgrade their existing Windows 7 PCs and Windows 8. Once you upgrade within the first year for free, its yours forever at no additional cost.

As Microsoft Program Manager for Windows Terry Myerson described it. This is more than a one-time upgrade once a Windows device is upgraded to Windows 10, we will continue to keep it current for the supported lifetime of the device at no additional charge. I heard Microsoft representatives mention they are moving to a servicing model for Windows 10, does that mean Windows 10 is going to require a subscription. No, Windows 10 remains a perpetual license, which means, you can upgrade to Windows 10 and use it forever without it expiring or going into any reduced functional mode.

will cost you. Yes, if you get the upgrade before that, it s free for the life of the device, but if you wait until AFTER 7 29 16 to upgrade to 10, it will cost you 119 for the home version or 199 for the Pro version. Windows 10 is free for the life of the device if upgraded within a year from 7 29 15. But there ve been dozens of posts by Andre and MS employees that the free upgrade is only available for the year after 2 29. Disagree with that at your own peril.

The first part is right. Saying the free upgrade is only available for the year after 7 29 is just another way of saying it. I ve been an insider since the beginning too. Obviously you read a lot of gossip. but iq option 5 minutes strategy the official messages. Go to the bottom notes and read. Windows Offer Details. This upgrade offer is for a full version of Windows 10, not a trial. 3GB download required; standard data rates apply.

To take advantage of this free offer, you must upgrade to Windows 10 within one year of availability. Once you upgrade, you have Windows 10 for free on that device. Within one year of availability before 7 29 16. A couple of screens into the upgrade you should see in the lower left something about advanced install. This will give you some choices that you won t even see otherwise. There are a lot of default permissions that you give to Microsoft unless you go the advanced route.

Things like giving them access to your contacts, and a lot of other personal things that they have no business seeing. Sorry, but Microsoft thinks that your computer belongs to them. Given the huge time it takes to upgrade from windows 7 to Windows 10 I did it from 64-bit to 64-bit, on a system installed on a very fast SSD and 24 GB RAM, I think it would be much longer on a much smaller notebook like yoursI doubt it is really a huge cost to restart from a clean 64-bit installation without upgrading just use the installer that will look at your existing licence and then perform the installation by reformating during the installation in fact the clean installation of Windows 10 is much faster than the upgrade.

With the time gained, reinstalling some apps is not complicate in fact all apps made for Windows 8 or 8. 1 or compatible with them are compatible in practive with Windows 10; the only apps that may need a specific version for Windows 10 are security suites, but even if you have a paid licence for them, these licences are not restricted between Windows 7 8 8.

Only if you had Windows Server 2008, you would need a new software to replace it I found that Windows 10 Pro features almost everything that could justify in the past the installation of Windows Server basically Hyper-V on Windows 10 Pro is fully compatible with Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 R2, the VMs are working immediately without changes, but I doubt your notebook has some VMs installed on it. Note that Windows 10 64-bit can run apps built for 32-bit or 64-bit the same is true for Windows 8, 8.

1 and Server 2012 R2 the kernel is 64-bit but user applications work in either mode, and even a clean 64-bit installation has many small standard tools and apps from Windows still running only in 32-bit mode, and most browsers or their plugins extensions are also running in 32-bit mode on a 64bit installation Basically the 64-bit kernel is already a sort of hypervisor that runs 32-bit applications in severla 32-bit VMs but without the strong isolation that exists in hypervisors as the kernel allows many things to be shared, notably the filesystem handles and the list of devices, and the 64-bit kernel offers both a 64-bit native API and a compatible 32-bit API that performs the adaptation in a very efficient way.

Make sure you download on that drive all the 64-bit versions of the drivers you may need notably check the Lenovo support to download the 64bit versions of all drivers for Windows 8. 1 may be later you ll find that the site will say that they propose drivers for Windows 10 too, but most probably these will be exactly the same version also for windows 8. Clearly, all you need is to perform a backup of your data files and documents the clean installation of Windows 10 64-bit will reformat your boot drive the simple solution is to connect a second drive, such as an external USB drive, to perform the full backup.

1, possibly with minor patches the important drivers are those for - the motherboard firmware on noteboooks, this may be needed to properly configure the energy saving modes and avoid crashes when the system needs to enter sleep mode or save energy, as this will occur even during the final step of the iq option 5 minutes strategy when configuring devices and the first user profiles and desktop - the Ethernet driver or Wifi driver some notebooks have specificities because these network adapters are frequently using special energy saving mode you ll need it in order to complete the installation of some less essential drivers such as the Webcam.

- the onboard graphics driver and the customisation for the actual size of your display, as notebooks frequently have non-standard formatsotherwise Windows will just startup with a very ugly SVGA mode whose total resolution is frequently insufficient to access all system parameters or perform some tunings. Make sure you have access to a backup of all your passwords and licences for important softwares.

If you are not sure, try connecting to the inline sites and logon, check your passwords and login IDs or email addresses you used for these sites, notably those with subscriptions or for online payments, reconfigure them and secure them appropriately I suggest using a password manager to store them in a safe storage that you can copy to your backup drive you ll need it after the installation to reconnect to these online apps. Alternatively make sure you can access these sites from your smartphone.

Check that your mobile phone number is correctly registered if you need to reassociate your new system later, notably if you have activated the two-layer authentication mechanisms used now on many sites. Then disconnect this backup drive, and launch the Windows 10 installer to perform a clean install. Then finish installation the few drivers that may be needed, and finalize the Windows Update you ll have to do these two operations in both cases when upgrading or when performing a clean install, it won t make a difference.

Immediately reinstall your antivirus suite in its 64-bit version. Reboot your system as needed, to allow Windows 10 to self optimize, and eprform the usual system cleanup. You ll note that the first few boots will take longer time than the next ones. Then you can reinstall the few missing unessential drivers if this is needed webcam, printer.

When all seems OK and secure, you can restore your documents and the most important applications start by your prefered browser and Office suite of your choice. Avoid using the default web browser for going elsewhere than on Microsoft site or sites for your hardware, before you ve made sure that your security suite is fully working and fully updated along with Windows Updates don t use social networks before, dont use online games, don t reconnect any external drive with your backup document.

This is the only thing that won t take you hours and it will be MUCH faster than the many hours lost by Windows when using the upgrade option. Reinstall your online cloud applications where ytou could also have documents backups for things like photos, videos, music, contacts. And reinstall the apps you may need to synchronize your smartphone with your PC those apps are typically not working after an upgrade and need to be reinstalled anyway if they are not available in Windows 10 versions, use the Windows 8.

One more thing to consider as the 64-bit OS supports BOTH the 32-bit and 64-bit system in fact the whole 64-bit system will use a bit more space on your drive, but the difference is generally not significant, except if your notebook has a small SSD it is NOT recommended to upgrade a tablet to 64-bit if it was running in 32-bit, due to their limited storage on their flash drive. But the benefit of 64-bit OS is that it also offers a much more efficient security protection than a 32bit OS a 64bit OS can effectively create many sandboxes, your antivirus suites will use hardware acceleration for these sandboxes.

You ll also see that Windows 10 boots much faster, but only because more services will start in the background or will be delayed many of them are no longer services but scheduled tasks this means that you can logon to the desktop faster but with a CPU that remains very active for severla minutes, notably on the first few boots or after each windows update. Windows 10 really benefits of using multicore CPUs to run many background maintenance tasks after boot logon you can save this by using hybernation instead of full shutdown Win10 optimizes several shutdown reboot methods to save time energy.

Am I reading your post correctly. 32bit software will run without a Virtual Machine enviorment in W10. Wow, can t wait. I seem to do my fastest workflow using Photoshop 7 and loved using it with my original plug ins in Windows 7 Ultimate XP emulator or virtual machine. Hope it works better in 10. If your system operating system qualified you for the upgrade, you should be OK. Note that if you are upgrading from a 32 bit operating system, be it Win 7 or Win 8, your Windows 10 will be 32 bit; you have to already have a 64 bit system to get Windows 10 as 64 bit.

I d download IOBit Drive Booster to download the latest drivers for your system after you do your upgrade. They did the iOBit dance and the machine was so messed up they went over to Apple. That s one way to boost Apple sales. I ve seen machines totally wrecked by it. The offer of a free panacea is too great it seems. just do a quick search with IOBIt ethics as keywords if you want an eyeopener.

Instantly Only Buggered It Totally. With 64 bit, you can theoretically have up 2 64 -1 bytes, although current implementations of both hardware and software are much more constrained, depending on your configuration. After hardware constraints comes Windows implementation constraints, but I believe most Windows 7 versions support at least 16 GB, the Pro and Ultimate versions much more I believe they can go up to 128 GB.

In case you didn t know, the obvious benefits of more RAM are speed. This is because of the difference in speed between RAM and hard drives. When Windows gets short on RAM, it starts swapping things in and out to your hard drive and that can slow things waaaaay down. RAM operates in nanoseconds, hard drives operate in milliseconds; that s a difference of a million in speed generally speaking. In fact on 32 bit systems the actual usable memory is not 4GB but just 3GB; 1GB will be used only for the shared video memory or some cache, but not completely as there s also a static segment permanently bound not to RAM but to the BIOS and firmware caches, or PCI and device configuration, or for linking to the Win32 kernel.

The exact limit above 3GB is variable across systemls, depending on the number of hardware devices to map in memory, but it will still be far below the 4GB. Some PCs depending on the CPU and bridge capabilities may even lock the memory to only 2GB when running on a 32-bit OS, even if the CPU is 64-bit compatible this may happen with some old chipsets or with specific ACPI configurations and notably for notebooks that frequently need specific drivers for the motherboard this may happen notably if your PC was not preequipped already with 4GB but only with 2GB or less, even if you had the possibility of extending that memory.

In all cases, if your PC has 4GB RAM and still is extensible to more for example it has a free slot for additional memoryyou should use the 64bit version immediately many softwares are now better optimized in 64-bit mode than in 32-bit mode the exception being browsers that still work better in 32-bit mode, only because there are still tons of legacy plugins, such as Flash, whose 64-bit version is not supported or really full of compatibility bugs; or small accessories.

Just about any PC you buy today can be upgraded to at least 8 GB, desktops usually more than that. The 64-bit kernel really improves the performance of the security suites, and notably for the 32-bit plugins in 32-bit browsers. It also allows better protection against system crashes, it allows better recovery mode, safer behavior of the filesystem in case of appliation crash.

Boot is also much faster in 64bit mode if possible use native UEFI boot with GPT partitioned drives instead of classical BIOS boot with MBR formated drives you ll get even faster boot and faster recovery in case of application crashes, additional protection, and better energy saving modes with faster on demand resuming to full performance when needed. This will make your notebook cooler, and will preserve its battery it is even more important if you don t have a SSD system drive but only a rotational drive.

Given the dramatic decrease of cost of SSD, if you can, buy a SSD a clean install of Windows 10 with essential apps only uses about 16GB of storage after a complete cleanup, but typically grows to about 35GB during installation in that amount I included the size of the hybernation file and of the memory paging file for a system with about 8GB RAM the size of the hybernation file depends on the total amount of RAM, minus the size used by caches, but it is typically 50 of your memory, and the paging file may remain with its minimum size of 1GB as it won t be used a lot and not used for booting the system if your system has more than 2GB of installed RAM; you may adjust the minimum size of the paging file in the advanced system control panel but this is not really critical for performance for systems installed over a SSD or µFlash memory so a 64GB SSD is largely enough for Windows 10 on a notebook, notably if you also have an additional bay for your legacy rotation drive or if you use the cloud or an external NAS or USB for storing your photos music videos games.

Also consider that more nad more apps are actully running online on servers, and local storage is less needed now than it was in the past except for GPU-intensive 3D games with many maps, musics sounds, videos, characters but those games do not perform very well on notebooks, except specific and expensive models for gamers. There s littel hesitation for Windows 10 compared to Windows 7 on notebooks, it really works better and this is not the bad interface of Windows 8 8.

You ll see that with many improvements to the kernel but with a familiar interface comparable to Windows 7. You are also not required to use the Windows store and the tiled interface as in Windows 8 8. 1 but if you do, most of the time it will not need to run in fullscreen mode with the horrible active corners, or the defective keyboards of Windows.

Windows 10 offers a much better compatibily with applications made for Windows 7, than Windows 8 8. There are still some quirks in Windows 10, but we can see them corrected now very fast, including for the apps now converted to the Windows Store. The current build 10166 of Windows 10 has polished many visible quirks that remained, including in some critical system drivers more Ethernet boards and RAID controlers supported without crashes, more WHQL drivers submitted to Microsoft by OEMs and made available now in Windows Updates or during installation; more security suites supported; more video drivers including older nVidia and ATI Radeon chips, more webcams, more audio adapters, more USB hubs, more network adapters, more chipsets the amount ofd supported drivers is now almost the same as on Windows 7.

Note Hyper-V is available in Windows 10, it is not installed by default but installable as a feature. it is really easier to configure than on Windwos Server but is visibly fully compatible with it. It is now much easier to install a VM if you want to run Windows 7 in a window of Windows 10, and it is fast enough to run most games with almost no visible impact on performance, if your favorite games still refuse to run on Windows 10 but the most active games are all now compatible with Windows 10.

All wellknown office suites, security suites, browsers are also very well supported. Most apps for smartphones are also available in the Windows Store for Windows 8 or Windows 10 indifferently all wellknown social networks apps will work. But in all cases, Metro apps for windows 8 10 perform much better in 64-bit mode and it really pays now to extend your memory to more than 4GB.

Note the current 64bit processors actually cannot manage a 64-bit address space, but actually only 48 bits the extra bits are still not used except for emulation in multiple VMs or for special bits related to memory caches and paging modesbut the realy limit for the memory space is the north bridge chipset most desktop and notebopok PCs today can be extended up to 24 or 32GB of RAM, only costly servers with costly chipset can manage about 256GB of RAM, but we are still far from the current 48 bit limit; but 8 or 12 GB of RAM today is not longer irraisonnable on a personal PC if you run VMs for Windows 7 or Linux with Hyper-V, or if you want to host a VM for evaluating new applications, or for separating your personal activities from your professional work.

You ll also love the new Task Manager of Windows 10 which better integrates the performance monitoring, and services running in processes, and showing more details. You can install more than 4GB of RAM on windows if you enable PAE. However, I highly recommend 64 bit windows instead. Even on a PAE enabled system, you can only access 4GB of memory per process, of which a large portion is mapped to hardware registers.

I don t know why anyone would get 32 bit windows if they had a choice. at least on one of my computers. I have many XP era games I enjoy and programs like Photoshop that installed and runs well on my 32 bit version of W7. I m curious to know if the savings and fun will continue on W10. One thing I haven t seen mentioned in this whole thread is the usage difference of memory. I was never able to tell any significant difference in speed between my 4GB W7 32 bit machine and my 8GB W7 64 bit machine.

Note that standard things such as references and integers in a 64-bit system are 2x the size. On a low-RAM system e. This necessarily means that the RAM used during operation for the same code is going to be larger. 4GB or lessyou may want to stick with 32-bit, even if you have a 64-bit CPU. One thing I recall happening to my father s system when he upgraded to a 64-bit browser -- he is horrible at leaving browser tabs open.

So he may have 50 or so tabs open at the same time. On a 32-bit browser, the most the browser could consume is 4GB, but on a 64-bit browser, it s pretty much limitless. In addition, a runaway browser tab that leaks memory may consume all the memory on your system in an 8GB 64-bit system, but will be stopped at 4GB with an equivalent 32-bit browser. You are also forced to run programs compiled for 32-bit operating systems, whereas 64-bit systems have measures in place to run 32-bit applications.

32-bit, as others have said, is limited to 4 GiB of RAM, some of which is not available to programs for various reasons. This shouldn t be a problem, though; almost all programs available right now are available in either bit-ness or are already only 32-bit. If you only have 4 GiB of RAM on your machine, then you probably won t gain a whole lot by changing to 64-bit since you can t take advantage of the extended memory space. I found the ThinkPad W510 datasheet, and it indicates that your computer is actually running a 64-bit architecture, and could install a 64-bit version of Windows.

So you do have the option. Another thing to consider, though, is the amount of work you ll need to do to switch. According to Microsoft, the easy upgrade path is to 32-bit Win10, but if you want to go 64-bit, you need to do a clean install by downloading the Win10 ISO and making an install DVD flashdrive out of it. You ll need to decide if it s worth that extra effort. Which means backing up your files and reinstalling everything from scratch.

My guess is probably it will not be. 1 Replies 546 Views.true ; 0false. RMS matrix attribute option Adding an existing item in the RMS 2. 0 Ghz with 2 G RAM. 0114 matrix with 219 attributes and 826 items and saving it takes about 2 hours to complete using Windows XP SP2 Pentium D 3. Since the backend is SQL Server, we don t see any reason for the application not to support matrix records of this size, considering that the Item has 219 attributes and 826 items only.

I think it would be better if RMS has the option not to load the existing attributes for the dropdown list. Just enable the addition of new dimensions. Why No Format Cells Choice Option Always. ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Micro. Hello, Using Excel 2007. When I select a Column of numbers, I usually see a choice for Format Cells At other times, for different Columns also with numbers in the cells, I do not get the Format Cells choice.

All that shows up as being selectable are Cut, Copy, Clear Contents Why might this be. Removed server w out rehoming connectors I obviously did not do enough research on this before I put my new server up and am a fairly new Exchange admin but. I had a E2K on a W2K server and put up a brand new E2K3 on a W2K3 server. I moved the mailboxes and everything is fine except. In exchange system manager, the connector for MS Mail, FreeBusy, etc. all have the old server name beside them except for the SMTP connector.

- Connector for MS Mail DC1 How can I get them to reflect the new server. I do not care about most of them because I do not use the connectors but I would like to home the FreeBusy to the. Vista Business, SBS 2008 mapped drives. One of my users has a vista business laptop that is not a member of the domain. I have mapped drives for her, that are using her domain account, but these have been nothing but problems. When booting up, she will get a message about some drives not being available will have to mount them manually, but recently it has gotten to the point of the laptop will prettty much lock up when at the point of trying to map the drives.

I have hoped that once I join her laptop to the domain, this should smooth out. Upgrade Question 2 My father currently uses Money 2004 Deluxe. Of course, she hasn t had the time to give up her laptop to do this, so I. He s interested in upgrading to Money 2006, but to the Standard version. Will Money 2006 Standard open a Money 2004 Deluxe data file. Thanks, --David Ehrlich It s supposed to. The difference in price is miniscule. 2006 Deluxe license was going for 18.

84 or so at Sam s Club last I looked. Why mess with Standard. David Ehrlich wrote in message news OOMa9IfAGHA. My father currently uses Money 2004 Deluxe. He s interested in upgrading to Money. Why is redirect rule absent from my rules and alerts options. Outlook 2003 help at offers a choice of either forwarding or redirecting mail. I want to redirect mail to a webmail address to access it more easily while travelling.

Redirect suits me better than forwarding, as forwarded mail all appears to come from me i. original sender is not visible until mail is opened -- bit inconvenient. The forwarding option s are visible among the checkboxes under Rules and alerts but there is no sign of the Redirect it to people or distribution list. Server for Update 11. 5 not foound I ve ben trying for about a week to download the Office 11. 5 update English but keep the a Server cannot be found error message. Any insights as to why.

com mac Use the links on the right side of the page. -- HTH Bob Jones MVP Office Mac RobinMN wrote in message news 1156793767. I ve ben trying for about a week to download the Office 11. Encrypting email via Exchange Virtual Server Can I configure an Exchange 2003 SP2 Virtual SMTP Server to encrypt decrypt all email routing through that server. I need to encrypt emails to a specific domain and can t expect my users to remember to do this.

Thanks, Mike Ober. - When you encrypt smtp server communication, you re encrypting it from smtp host a sending host to smtp host b receiving host - point-to-point. This is done using TLS. - Install a cert. - Create SMTP Connector for TLS connections, insert the receiving domain name, select TLS. How to help protect SMTP communication by using the Transport Layer. New SBS2008 SBS2008 just loading clients on new system Shared folder - everyone full control WinXP SP3 32 bit First setup as standard user Trying to install Symantec endpoint protection 32 bit package Installer launches then I get - This version of Symantec Endpoint Protection requires elevated privileges in order to install.

Please login as administrator I changed to network administrator and re-ran with same result. Is there something else I must do to install a program from a server shared folder. Tools,Options, Email Options, AdvancedE-mail Options, Hi, Windows XP, Outlook 2003, Desktop Alert stop popup, When it check in - Tools,Options, Email Options, AdvancedE-mail Options, It supposed to be Preview option, its notIn When new item arrive in my Inbox all the option mark, But when new mail arrived Desktop Alert not popup, What could be the problem Thank you Bets Regards, Yakov Do you have a rule set to move messages.

THX I will work the kinks out on this first client before i. If you do then you need to add showing the Desktop Alert to that rule. Yakov wrote in message news 304C2EEA-5839-47B1-A737-475921A51D. Power options issue 06-24-10 When I click on Control Panel and then Power Options and set turn off monitor to 20 minutes and turn off hard drive to 20 minutes nothing happens. However if I change those settings to turn off monitor to 1 minute and turn off hard drive to 3 minutes it works every time.

I do not know what the problem is or how to correct it, so any help would be greatly appreciated. You should also know that no changes to my system have been made since this problem started happening. The turn off cannot be executed until the computer is not running anything for the amount of time you selec. Options okn Tools Menu I have a user who is using Excel 97. When he goes to the menu bar and selects Tools then Options, the Options chioce is there but when you clck on it it does nothing.

Has anyone had this issue before and if so how can I get his Options functionality back. Excel and Office has been uninstalled and reinstalled several times. scid kb;en-us;108032 sounds like it describes your Tools Options problem it says it was corrected in xl97 SR2. Ron Davidson wrote. Change printing options based on tender types I have curerntly setup our POS registers to automotically print 40-column receipts and to prompt the user for whether or not to print a large 80-column invoice.

However, I would like to have large invoices automatically print for all charge account tenders. Is there a way to specify the print behavior based on the tender type for the transaction. Thanks, Paul Arenson Anderson Plywood Sales, Culver City, CA not without an add-in. Seems like someone posted something about that within the last few weeks - try searching the newsgroup. However, my Outlook Express sees the files as viruses and deletes them. Outlook Express and upgrades I have recently received several emails from Microsoft containing upgrades to the above program.

Can anyone help, please. Eric Thats because they are BOGUS MS does NOT email little old you, or anybody else, with updates David eric. pengilley erase this ntlworld. com wrote in message news 84ed01c3e926 70d2ad30 a501280a phx. I have recently received several emails from Microsoft containing upgrades to the above program. However, my Outl. Adding on Option to an Option Group I have created a form to give a report of 3 tables and give the user the ability to sort on a column by checking the check box on the header.

I had to add another field to one of the tables and now need to add this to the option group. Thanks Sue Found it - for others, you need to add the field to the record source for the form, then with the option group selected, open the field list and drag the new field onto the option group at least I hope that is it Sue Sometimes it actually pays off to have a stack of books over a foot high on Access Design by Sue wrote.

Remove Marketing and Service Option from Left Nav Bar When the only entity selected in a security role is Account access, we would like the options for Marketing and Service not to be seen in the left hand Nav bar. -- Thanks, Justin ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes.

To vote for this suggestion, click the I Agree button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then click I Agree in the message pane. AP Trail Balance should have option to select by due date I believe the AP Aged Trial Balance could be enhanced to allow to select transactions by a due date range. That way the report will provide a list of invoices that a due within a specific due date range. I have a clinet that has requested this functionality.

---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. If you do not see the button, follow this link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then click. SQL Server 2000 MSDE SQL 2005 Express mixed environment REDUX I don t consider myself stupid, but when it comes to making a managed post apparently I have some sort of mental block or something.

Hopefully this time I ll have better luck. Originally posted on 8 1 06 --------------------------------- In my network, HQ Store Ops for one store run on SQL Server 2000 part of SBS 2003. The registers office pcs in that bldg all run MSDE. In store two, the server Windows Server 2003 Std hosts Store Ops with MSDE and all the registers PCs run MSDE.

Insert options I ve recently been upgraded to Office 2010 from Office 2003 and find the Ribbon interface really horrible. I just rolled out store three just like store twoand again used MSDE ever. A good example is in Excel. In Excel 2003 if I wanted to insert a row or column it was simple. Go to the insert menu and select either rows or columns. To do the same task in Excel 2010 the logical place to go is the Insert ribbon.

This lets me insert lots of things, but none of them are rows or columns. To do that I have to go to the Home ribbon and then there is an Insert button from where I can insert rows or columns. I thought one. Upgrading OS from Win98 to Win2000 w Outlook 2000 I have recently upgraded a PC from WIn98 to Win 2000 Professional. Microsoft Outlook 2000 9. 2711 was already running on Win98. After upgrade, all files are gone. Are they really or have they moved. Thanks Your PST files are probably still there - do a search for.

General advice- When doing upgrades, it is always wise to back up your data first. I personally don t like to leave anything in the default data folders Windows suggests - I create a data folder on the hard drive, redirect My Documents to it, and move all my. 0 and SQL Server 2008 Is anyone using CRM 4. If so, have you had any major issues. I m using CRM 4.

0 successfully with SQL Server 2008. 0 with Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008, all x64 editions. Just make sure to update the installation files when installing CRM 4. I haven t had any problem so far, but I don t consider my environment a real production environment. 0, as it contains some required fixes. area blog Jeanenne wrote in message news 9BA7.

How to revalue an option buttons Hi, I have option group in from to add values in table. These options use to add a percentage to the table. The first one has 50 labels; the second one has 55 and so on to 100. The problem is when I retype the value of each option from 1 to 0. Can any body help me revaluing the value of each option.

50 the value returns to 0. Check the field type, if its Long or Integer it will round the number and 0. 5 will turn into 0. Change the field type to Double or Single -- Good Luck BS D Jon wrote Hi, I have option group in from to add values in table. data validation Is it possible to create a similar function like data validation, from which I can select multiple options.

Background I need a list of many names, from which I case by case can select. Maybe you could use a listbox. I added a listbox from the Forms toolbar to a worksheet. I called it List Box 1. I rightclicked on that listbox and chose Format Control. On the Control tab, I chose Selection Type of Multi. I also pointed at the range that held the values that go in that listbox.

Then I added a button from the Forms toolbar I click the button when I m d. Putting Database on Server so other Employees can access it I just put a database I created on our server. The other 2 people who will be using it arent able to open it up though. pst and make sure you search hidden system folders as well. Can someone please point me in the right direction of how to fix this so they can use it. All users of the database must have at least read, write, create, delete or modify privileges to the folder holding the database file.

Not just the database. mdb file, but the entire folder. Open the database and go to Tools, Options, and Advanced Tab. Set the Default Open mode to Shared and the Default Record Locking to Edited Record. Validation Options with option List Good morning. i have set up an validation list option in Excel so i can choose what option to pick. For example, i can choose test1, test2 and or test3. But what i want to try to do is when i choose one of the options test1,test2 and or test3 i want for those options different fields like for example Test1 this is the text of data for test1 When i choose the option Test2 i want the text or data cleared for test1 and see the text for option 2.

Edo -- EdoZwart --------------------------------------------------------------. I hope you can help me with this problem, thanks in advanced. Make sure Imessage For PC Free Download -square, tape measure, and measuring stick to your needs pc tool for always getting the perfect sizing s. Internet Download Accelerator Pro saw and level, preferably a laser level, is always handy to create as fine.

Sauna kits are available in a regarding sizes and styles, many of the newer models now a good infrared heating system and are very prominent. If you need a custom made sauna to suit a particular space you may have to search around to find a manufacturer may well supply you with wants you have. Why truly important to achieve your own vacuum cleaner for your cat s hair. Although you love your loyal animal companions, the furs they shed are not a pleasing sight personal carpets and furniture.

You also got keep a safe environment within your home and also speed settings kids could play around without worrying about them having hypersensitivity. On the incorrect side belonging to the fabric, perform a line of glue under the base of this triangle. The correct measurements means a lot in most projects it s very helpful to do throughout the house. Attach the flag to the twine by folding the foot of the triangle directly over the twine.

HOW To manage - Most Iq option 5 minutes strategy products offer a scheduler to ensure it set up for in which set an update and scan to on a particular day s with a selected time. Okay, solution to this inquiry likely is different from person to person, anyone must consider all from the personal things you have on the website.

How expensive is the information or data on your computer worth to you. Maybe an individual schoolwork, family photos, a magazine you wrote, or banking information you choose to not want anyone to touch. Well, this is where free virus software downloads inherited the photographic. Whether you were aware laptop or computer or not, these are available, if you search on.

Any time you own your own PC, you have to stay up-to-date because the comes to anti-virus software. If you neglect to do so, this could mean the utter destruction of cash drive one day. Now MediaMonkey Gold 2017 keygen know the best way to scan your system, remove spyware, and block it from future installation, purchase have the piece of mind your PC will run faster, your home pages some other personal preferences won t be changed without your consent, and particular information always be safer.

Another thing run the processes your day in order for you can learn the results and address any problems which are identified. What is the difference between the 32-bit and 64-bit options of Artisan. In regards to the Artisan 4 software program version, you are able to run it on either a 32-bit operating system or a 64-bit operating system of Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10. The 64-bit option and 32-bit option provide identical features and functions.

The 64-bit option will generally run faster and provides better memory management capabilities though, but you can run it only if you have a 64-bit edition of Windows on your computer. For the Artisan 5 software program version, that is only compatible with a 64-bit edition of Windows 7, 8 or 10. This differentiation does not apply to the Artisan 5 upgrade version which you can purchase if you have Artisan 4 and Artisan 5 full version you must purchase this version if you never had Artisan 4.

Will Artisan run on a Mac. Artisan 4 User Guide Artisan 5 Resources How do I if I have a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. Does Artisan work with Windows 10. Not able to find what you re looking for. Contact FOREVER. Support Hours Monday - Friday, 9am - 9pm EST. 1-888-Forever 1-888-367-3837. Email Support forever. Submit a Support Request.

Got an idea to make Forever even better. Or need more help. What is this 64 bit render targets option. Members 155 posts. This has good precisionand also leaves us with another channel were we can store an extra attribute In other words, it can draw paralax textures google it, if you don t know, what that means. In order to use this, you only store the depth of the pixel, instead of the whole position. 32-bit wide RenderTargets. It is the good old regular rendering option. The important part is here 64 bit format.

I m pretty sure, that the base game textures don t contain paralax information, but if you have textures packs like Vivid Textures installed, it makes sense to enable 64 bit rendering. Edited by gyuuula, 29 December 2016 - 10 44 AM. Members 259 posts. Consumes less memory, but doesn t look as good with deferred lightning, and can t use paralax.

Old topic but it s the top search result on google for this setting so it should be clarified what the option is for It is for HDR capable monitors and likely pointless if your monitor doesn t support HDR. Premium Member 285 posts. This is completely false. This has absolutely nothing to do with being able to use parallax textures. The MOST important place where 64-bit render targets are used is the Sky in Vanilla SSE.

32-Bit render targets typically cause banding which can be masked well with dithering or a little bit of film grain. Using 64-bit render targets means that you can have more precise colors for the sky and have a greater range of precision which reduces banding. It s pretty much useless to leave it enabled if you are running the game with an ENB, since that has a dithering option by default that is MUCH more performance friendly iq option 5 minutes strategy accomplishes the same goal.

Edited by pritster5, 24 December 2017 - 03 58 AM. Random guy on the Internet. Premium Member 3,388 posts. Skyrim SE just launched and I have no idea what is this option skyrim 64 bit render targets. I knew SSE was 64 bit only, so I have no idea what it does and if I should keep it on or off. Anyone know. Members 8 posts.

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