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2 basis points for commission on the amount you trade so on an order of 100,000, you d pay 2. When you trade higher volumes, that commission decreases. At the lowest level, you pay 0. 08 basis points. Interactive Brokers also has some of the lowest spreads we saw, sometimes with no markups at all. You can trade 86 currency pairs all the major pairs as well as some exotic currencies like the Turkish Lira.

It has the best pricing of the Forex brokers we looked at, although new investors should look elsewhere because you need to start with an initial deposit of 10,000. Ally Invest Best platform. Image credit Ally Invest. Forex broker with a customizable and easy to use platform. Formally known as TradeKing, Ally Invest brings with it a great platform that is customizable and easy to use, making it ideal for beginners and experienced traders alike.

You can choose between the Classic platform and the Live platform. The former has all the basics, including over 50 technical indicators and other analytic tools to track performance and plan the best time to execute trades. The Live platform is more robust and has more charting tools and advanced features, including automated trading strategies. The Live platform is far more customizable, and you can set it up the way you prefer.

Forex traders can also make use of the Metatrader4 platform, which is specially geared toward Forex trading and includes advanced tools to help you manage your orders. It also integrates with third-party indicators and analytics. Through Ally Invest, you can trade on 50 currency pairs. The broker also offers excellent pricing, with no commissions on any trades. Instead, it makes money from markups on the spread, which vary widely depending on external economic factors.

To start trading Forex through Ally, you need to invest at least 250, but Ally recommends starting with around 2,500. com Best for traders. Clear data with great customer service. XTB offers a vast variety of trading possibilities, with real trader talk and education opportunities alongside them. This collaboration puts the trader in the hot seat and helps them to make better-informed decisions.

There s a clear left-hand panel with the latest stocks available, and here they range from typical CMD and FX to cryptocurrencies. It s easy to toggle between the categories. To the right-hand side is an educational toolbar, full of news, market analysis and educational videos that will help you to choose or complete your trade. For those that want to get stuck-in, the ability to place an order by right-clicking on the chart makes things incredibly smooth and simple.

The heatmap and top movers are tools that make analyzing the market a breeze, and the ability to see the potential profit and loss makes decisions so much more than just a gut instinct. Coupled with the education aspects for amateur traders, this is a platform that helps the trader to move forward, not just buy and sell. com Best for mobile.

Image credit Forex. A forex trading app for people trading on the go. com is great for people who want to trade on the go, it has one of the best mobile apps we ve seen. You can place trades and add funds through the app, and any changes you make in the app automatically sync with the desktop platform. One drawback is you can t use technical indicators or other analytic tools in the app, though this is true of most of the Forex mobile apps we looked at.

It doesn t charge any commissions and instead marks up the spread on the currency pairs to make its profit. Spreads are volatile and change with market factors. com lets you trade over 50 currency pairs. You only need to make an initial deposit of 250 to start trading. That s one of the smaller amounts we saw, so this could be a good choice for beginning Forex traders.

Overall, the platform was hard to beat for use on the go. Oanda Best for beginners. Image credit Oanda. A great forex trading app for casual traders. If you re just starting to dip your toes into Forex trading, we recommend looking at Oanda as a broker. It doesn t have a minimum deposit or minimum lot size, which means your initial investment doesn t need to be as large as with other brokers. That means there is no requirement for several thousand dollars in initial investments which require you to trade in increments of 1,000 units.

Oanda s platform is easy to use. It s especially easy to set up a stop-loss on an order, which keeps you from being in a losing position for too long. You can trade on more than 70 currency pairs, including some exotic options like the South African Rand. There are over 50 technical indicators, which is fewer than on many other platforms. However, it has many of the standard options that are useful for beginners.

The one drawback is there are indicadores metatrader 4 iq option many tutorials or other educational resources. Nadex Best for experts. Stunning demo account that is true to form. Nadex is an exchange that allows trading in binary options, touch brackets, and call spreads. It is currently only available through an online trading platform and allows you to trade for 1 per contract. While legal, this type of trading is only recommended for expert traders. With a fully functioning demo platform that gives you 25,000 in practice funds to test and learn, there is a lot to be said for the platform.

For those needing a little more help it also includes courses and webinars in its education package. While there isn t a download or desktop application the platform works through most modern web browsers and includes a mobile version. Binary options are currently the most popular trades, these sit at between 0 100 and cost 100.

You are able to exit an option before the contract expiration date by closing a position on the Nadex platform. Each trade has its own maximum profit and loss with a typical maximum of 100 both ways. One downside however, is the lack of customer service. Just two hours a day, six days a week via phone and email. Saxo Bank Best for research. Image credit Saxo Bank. Market Analysis portal offers first class content.

Well-established Saxo Bank offers three different types of accounts. In total, this gives access to over 30,000 CFDs. For the beginners wanting a lower starting point, the Classic account only requires a 2,000 minimum deposit while the Platinum account rises sharply to 50,000. It also includes a VIP account for elite investors who deposit at least 1m. Its web-based platform SaxoTraderGO offers nearly 50 indicators and 17 drawing tools, this is mostly mirrored in the desktop version.

Also there are alternative professional features available. An additional data subscription is required to use these such as the streaming Level 2 order book however, this shouldn t put off the typical user. Some functionalities such as charts or watch lists may not sync but overall the platform is robust. The research and educational Market Analysis portal is second to none and provides lots of third party content and research tools, including equity research reports from FactSet.

IG Best user experience. Image credit IG Group. Chart views are second to none. IG is able to offer traders over 15,000 products to access across multiple asset classes, including Forex, CFDs on shares, indices, commodities, bonds, and cryptocurrencies. It also provides access to other global markets including exchange-traded shares through its regulated offerings. Customer service is something to shout about at IG, you can contact support 24hrs a day from 3am Saturday to 5pm Friday.

If you re a volume trader then further competitive rates are available, these are through a commission-based offering, Forex Direct, which is offered on IG s L2 Dealer platform. It uses a tiered pricing scale based on the trader s previous month s trading volume and has a 1,000 minimum. The main platform is web-based and very easy to use. When it comes to charting it offers access to multiple views such as live market prices and streaming bid ask rates.

It also provides various other shortcuts such as access to a trading ticket or order dialogue window. There is no real need for customisation either, the default charts within the platform all feature some advanced functionality, such as the ability to add an alert on a specific indicator, with a total of 22 indicators available to choose from. Dukascopy Best desktop platform. Image credit Dukascopy. Favorite among traders.

Dukascopy offer the flagship platform JForex 3, that runs as both a desktop and web-based platform on Windows and Mac. It does offer another platform called MetaTrader4 although JForex appears to be the favorite. This is mainly due to its competitive pricing, and the ability to access 64 Forex pairs and 357 CFD markets. It has some very handy benefits including the cancel all button which goes one step further than the standard close all button allowing you to quickly cancel all orders.

This sort of feature is usually only available to high-frequency traders. Within the platform there is access to an app store that offers 100s of apps to further upgrade its resources although there are already plenty included. Such as streaming market news from Reuters or MarketPulse, a live economic calendar with consensus forecasts, market sentiment indicators, and other research tools that help investors make educated trade decisions.

The mobile app is also jam-packed full of interesting features such as pre-defined screens and a customizable view of market movers. These can be refined over four further time frames, from monthly to hourly. Forex trading involves trading of currencies and is the largest and the most liquid market in the world.

Forex operates 24 hours a day, five days a week, and it has no single, centralized market. On an average day, the forex market trades around 3 trillion dollars. When you make a forex trade, you are buying and selling currency and, in essence, betting on the fluctuations in their exchange rates. For example, if you were to buy Euros when the conversion rate is 1.

dollars for 1 Euro then sell when the conversion rate is 1. dollars to 1 Euro, that difference of. 03 represents your profit. Typically, you won t buy a small amount. Usually currently is traded in lots of varying sizes. A standard lot is 100,000 units of a currency, a Mini lot is 10,000 units, a Micro lot is 1,000 units. A few brokers may offer Nano lots, which are only 100 units.

The change in a currency pair s value is measured in pips, which is the smallest amount that the value can change. Usually a currency pairs are quoted out to the fourth decimal, and a pip is the change in the last number. 3300 and it moves to 1. 3302, that is a movement of two pips. When pips are magnified by the size of lot, that is where the opportunity to profit emerges. Because the changes in currencies are usually very small, it would seem that forex trading is ideal only for institutions or investors that can afford to buy large lots.

This is where leverage comes in. Typically, a brokerage will offer you a margin account which can magnify the amount you have available. The ratio of the amount you borrow on margin and the amount you deposit is the leverage. brokers cannot offer more than 50 1 leverage. As with all types of investments, there are many different forex trading strategies. Hedging and speculation are two main strategies.

Some basic strategies include choosing a trading time that coincides with the time that the markets in the countries whose currencies you d like to trade are operating, using stop-loss orders to protect against heavy losses. Advanced strategies can include carry trades, which take into account the interest rates of currencies and not just the conversion rates.

Since currency exchanges are so volatile, it s a good idea to test your forex trading strategies before you put up your own money. Most brokers offer a demo account and include tools that allow you to backtest your strategies. Forex trading tools Platforms and Tools. The trading platform and the tools it offers is one of the most important considerations when choosing a forex broker. Our reviewers tested the platform demo provided by each broker as well as their mobile apps, looking for platforms that indicadores metatrader 4 iq option easy to use and that provide analytic tools to help you gauge a currency pair s performance.

With the best platforms, you can create multiple watchlists to track different groups of currencies. Some only allow you to create a single watchlist or add to a single pre-made watchlist. You should also be able to create alerts to notify you when a currency pair reaches a certain price or meets some other criteria. Ideally, you should be able to receive email or text alerts, but some platforms only offer notifications inside the platform.

A few of the platforms don t offer alert options. Forex brokers also provide charting tools to help you gauge the performance of a currency pair. These tools include technical indicators that can help you plan your trading strategy. TD Ameritrade offers by far the most technical indicators, with over 300. The brokers we reviewed have a range of currency pairs available for trading, the highest is 120 and the lowest is 10.

Most trading occurs on major pairs, such as EUR USD, USD JPY, GPD USD and USD CAD, but having the option to trade different currencies, such as the Thai Baht, the Hungarian Florint and the Danish Krone, can give you an opportunity to spread around your investments, diversity your portfolio and potentially reap larger rewards from more volatile currencies. Trading Costs. The main cost of forex trading lies in the bid ask spread.

This is the markup a broker applies and is derived from the difference between the bid, or selling, price and the ask, or buying, price. The spread is usually the difference in the last two decimal places of the exchange rates. Forex brokers refer to this difference as pips. Since exchange rates are constantly fluctuating, spreads often do as well, especially when a particular country s economic fortunes take dramatic turns for the worse or the better.

Some brokerages charge commissions on each trade. These brokerages often have tighter spreads but may be better for higher volume traders. Commission-based brokers also tend to require the highest initial deposits. A few brokers we reviewed, such as Oanda and Nadex, don t have minimum requirements and also allow you to trade any size lots of currency. Forex Education Support.

Forex brokers should also provide traders with investment education and platform training. Our reviewers found that the best brokers offer video tutorials and step-by-step training on the platform s features in addition to training manuals. While forex investors are more experienced that other investors, we still consider it important for a brokerage to provide educational resources.

The best include weekly webinars and ongoing blogs that provide important context on the forex markets as well as ideas for new trading strategies. Since the forex market operates around the clock, it s important to be able to get support whenever you re trading. Many brokers offer phone support during hours the Forex markets are open as well as live chat. A Forex Signal is a notification or suggestion to enter a trade, usually when a currency pair reaches a certain price at a certain time.

Forex Signals are either generated by an analyst or an algorithm and, besides price and time, there are a variety of technical indicators to pay attention to as well. A Forex Signal can give a trader a clear idea of when to buy or sell. Forex Signal services can be free or subscription-based. Most are geared toward short-term trades and not long-term trading strategies. Many Forex Signal services promise results, but the market is constantly shifting, and Forex is especially susceptible to global events, so promised results may not come to fruition.

Some traders can use Forex Signals as a crutch instead of learning to spot opportunities in the market themselves. Traders can choose between manual and automated signals. A manual signal requires the trader to place the trade himself or herself, whereas automated signals can integrate with your broker s platform and fill the trade automatically. Be wary of any service that makes guarantees about profits. Many offer a free or reduced price trial period so you can try the service and see if you like it.

Top Ten Reviews is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Most Forex Signal services with automated trading require a subscription to use that feature. The table includes links to my forex robots reviews and the official website of each forex robot for your convenience. The best forex robots results table shows real time verified trading account performances of forex robots. Best Forex Robots 2020. All of the results in the table are from real and demo trading account statements provided by the forex robot developer.

The results are verified by third party forex trading account verification services MyFxBook FX Blue. You can use the table filters to only display the forex robots that match your criteria indicadores metatrader 4 iq option to sort them by different ranking factors such as drawdown, total gain, deposit, days running and account type.

You can view statistics compare forex robot statistics to help you decide which is the best forex robot for you. New forex robots will be added when they are released and results are updated daily, so bookmark this page for the latest best forex robots results. The majority of the forex robots have been running on trading accounts for at least a few months if not years and having the statistics all in one table makes it easier to compare overall performance. Forex Robot Ranking Forex Robot Forex Robot Review Deposit Balance Gain Monthly Daily Drawdown PF Days Chart Account 1.

18 962 Real 2. Forex Robotron Forex Robotron Review 100. Forex Robotron EU Forex Robotron Review 100000. 21 23839 312. 87 1549 Demo 3. 5 Pips A Day 5 Pips A Day Review 100000. Forex Flex EA Forex Flex EA Review 10000. 57 1473 Real 5. Gold Elevate EA Gold Elevate EA Review 5,000. 85 546 Demo 4. Prince FX EA Prince FX EA Review 2000. Worthy FX TRADER Worthy FX TRADER Review 3,288. 02 958 Real 7. 08 130 Real 8. Flex EA Flex EA Review 5109. Forex Robotron Forex Robotron Review 2922 24.

Volvox Trader Volvox Trader Review 6,356. 32 1343 Real 10. 48 332 Real 11. 02 1166 Real 9. Berlinetta Trading Berlinetta Trading Review 4,305. 61 274 Real 12. 63 72 Real 13. Maxturbo EA Maxturbo EA Review 1,000. Forex Sugar Forex Sugar Review 10,000. 68 38 Demo 14. Eklatant Forex Robot Eklatant Forex Robot Review 3,691. 73 304 Real 15. FXFlightPro FXFlightPro Review 5,250. 74 158 Real 16. Goldbull Pro Goldbull Pro Review 10,000.

74 919 Demo 17. Forex Fastron Forex Fastron Review 1,000. 96 127 Real 18. 87 - 302 Real 19. FX-Neuro Bot FX-Neuro Bot Review 12,388. 32 419 Demo 20. Forex Armor Forex Armor Review 747. Gold Pips Forex Robot Gold Pips Forex Robot Review 1,000. 05 135 Real 21. Happy Frequency Happy Frequency Review 18,000. Universe Forex Robot Universe Forex Robot Review 10000. 10 1966 Demo 23. Delton Pro Delton Pro Review 2319. 06 425 Real 22. Everex Elite Everex Elite Review 5000.

63 2314 Real 24. 43 2273 Demo 25. Spy-Fx USDCHF Spy-Fx Review 10000. 64 RUB32769. 66 578 Real 26. 02 748 Real 27. Z Trader FX EA Z Trader FX EA Review RUB4763. Forex Flex EA Forex Flex EA Review 4826. 04 865 Real 28. 33 600 Real 29. FXMath X-Trader FXMath X-Trader Review 1,744. 50 1348 Demo 30. TSFX TSFX Review USC5000. 00 USC20191. 54 1235 Real 31. Richeith Forex EA Richeith Forex EA Review 2000. 85 1411 Real 32.

Aeron Scalper Aeron Scalper Review 10,000. 44 128 Real 33. Hedge Track Trader Hedge Track Trader Review 10000. 45 2040 Real 34. XFXea Aggressive XFXea Review 500. 84 731 Real 35. Forex Gump EA Forex Gump EA Review 39,722. 02 780 Real 36. Forex inControl Forex inControl Review 1,500. 28 629 Real 37. Keltner Pro Keltner Pro Review 6000. Fx Mower Forex Robot Fx Mower Forex Robot Review 500. 33 1512 Real 39. 14 2384 Real 38. FX Secret FX Secret Review 1000.

20 1686 Real 40. QuickScalp Trader QuickScalp Trader Review 5000. 47 894 Real 41. 1000 Pip Climber 1000 Pip Climber Review 3000. 35 1053 Demo 42. Powerful Expert Advisor Powerful Expert Advisor Review 1500. Claudius Forex EA Claudius Forex EA Review 4,710. 66 455 Real 44. 54 1056 Real 43. Covert FX Covert FX Review 5000. 11 1622 Real 45. Auto News Trader Auto News Trader Review 4,200. Diversify101 Real Time Forex Signals Diversify101 Real Time Forex Signals Review 400.

39 852 Real 46. 89 853 Real 47. FXHelix FXHelix Review 2100. 41 804 Real 48. Forex Hunter EA Forex Hunter EA Review 6203. 34 2559 Real 49. Scalp Trader Pro Scalp Trader Pro Review 5000. Forex Robotron Forex Robotron Review A 1435. 88 783 Real 51. Rev Trader Pro Rev Trader Pro Review 4975. 57 2469 Real 52. Exreign Forex EA Exreign Forex EA Review 4400. Forex Auto Millions Forex Auto Millions Review 200000.

74 2001 Real 50. 61 744 Demo 54. 49 867 Real 53. Channel Trader Indicadores metatrader 4 iq option Channel Trader Pro Review 4950. 92 2341 Real 55. The Skilled Trader The Skilled Trader Review 5000. 53 333 Real 56. FXAutoPips FXAutoPips Review 600. 55 808 Real 57. Spy-Fx GBPUSD Spy-Fx Review 10000. 55 578 Real 58. Arteon FX Robot Arteon FX Robot Review 1000. 54 1398 Real 59. Flex EA Flex EA Review 50000.

61 1138 Demo 60. August Forex Golem August Forex Golem Review 1,000. Manhattan FX Manhattan FX Review 10,000. 13 333 Real 61. 15 852 Real 62. Forex Robotron Forex Robotron Review A 12745. 67 727 Real 63. Pivot Trader Pro Pivot Trader Pro Review 4985. 01 2238 Real 64. Grid Master Pro Grid Master Pro Review 10000. 45 402 Real 65. Happy Gold Happy Gold Review 1000.

73 2520 Demo 66. Flex EA Flex EA Review 1619. 48 807 Real 67. Inertia Trader Inertia Trader Review 100000. 11 1595 Real 68. Vortex Trader Pro Vortex Trader Pro Review 3495. 93 2702 Real 69. 93 2702 Real 70. Titan Scalper EA Titan Scalper EA Review 506 6. 50 1004 Real 71. FXBLASTERPRO FXBLASTERPRO Review 1000. 19 180 Real 72. Forex Robotron Forex Robotron Review A 5874.

53 422 Real 73. Yeti Forex Robot Yeti Forex Robot Review 1000. 79 167 Demo 74. Forex Flex EA Forex Flex EA Review 5000. 03 1272 Demo 75. FX Charger FX Charger Review 2000. 51 1649 Real 76. Forex Robotron Forex Robotron Review 1224. 64 955 Real 77. Forex Flex EA Forex Flex EA Review 3000. 51 2533 Real 78.

FxDiverse FxDiverse Review 10000. 29 2040 Real 79. Spy-Fx EURUSD Spy-Fx Review 10000. 30 578 Real 80. Fx Stabilizer Fx Stabilizer Review 500. 12 1623 Real 81. XFXea XFXea Review 900. 28 731 Real 82. The Wave Scalper The Wave Scalper Review 791. 58 431 Real 83. Capital Way Capital Way Review 20000. 43 1351 Real 84. MFM5 MFM5 Review 3316. 11 2112 Real 85.

Traders Moon Traders Moon Review 1539. FXShooter EA FXShooter EA Review 1000. 23 500 Real 87. Flex EA Flex EA Review 155 4. 30 652 Real 88. 76 191 Real 86. 06 1199 Demo 89. Forex Cyborg Forex Cyborg Review 45 4. 98 615 Real 90. Forex Spectre Forex Spectre Review 1863. Forex Robotron Forex Robotron Review 100000. 07 2666 Real 91. FXSecret Immortal FXSecret Immortal Review 1863. 07 2666 Real 92. 90 2569 Real 93. FXAdept FXAdept Review 1000.

35 1033 Real 94. Best Scalper Forex Robot Best Scalper Forex Robot Review 2064 4. 14 2197 Real 95. Einstein Trader Einstein Trader Review 10000. 16 2397 Real 96. Forex Trend Detector Forex Trend Detector Review 4565. Happy Market Hours Happy Market Hours Review 34348. 23 2110 Real 97. 8topuz 8topuz Review 200,000. 90 350 Demo 98. Fx Splitter EA Fx Splitter EA Review 37884. 18 2565 Real 99. fxProud Expert Advisor fxProud Expert Advisor Review 10000.

30 888 Real 100. Forex Cyborg Forex Cyborg Review 7650. 09 985 Real 101. Fx Stabilizer EU Fx Stabilizer Review 10000. 63 1499 Real 102. On Control EA On Control EA Review 674057. 66 2184 Real 103. BF Scalper Pro BF Scalper Pro Review 1000. 23 543 Demo 104. Forex Cyborg Forex Cyborg Review 15486. 19 1155 Real 105. News Action Trader News Action Trader Review 990. 30 1054 Real 106. Forex Device Forex Device Review 20,000. 40 476 Real 107. Happy News Happy News Review 5956. 38 1662 Demo 108.

Forex Steroid Forex Steroid Review 80,000. 06 976 Real 109. Happy Martigrid Happy Martigrid Review 5000. 46 918 Real 110. Happy Fast Money Happy Fast Money Review 6679. 34 2009 Real 111. Wall Street Forex Robot 2. 0 Evolution Wall Street Forex Robot 2. 0 Evolution Review 2000. 21 1992 Real 112. Forex Gold Investor Forex Gold Investor Review 290.

23 2169 Demo 113. Forex Cyborg Forex Cyborg Review 2210. Pattern Trader Pro Pattern Trader Pro Review 2194. 97 667 Real 115. EOS Forex EA EOS Forex EA Review 2232. Traders Sun Traders Sun Review 898. 32 348 Real 117. Volatility Factor 2. 20 1532 Real 116. 0 Pro Review 2000. 13 1460 Real 118. 0 Pro Volatility Factor 2. Funnel Trader Funnel Trader Review 5000. 26 1662 Real 119. Forex Diamond Forex Diamond EA Review 1000. 11 2124 Demo 120. Big Bull FX Big Bull FX Review 137,184. 91 17719 Demo 121.

Big Ben Time EA Big Ben Time EA Review 708. 05 1039 Real 122. Dynamic Pro Scalper Dynamic Pro Scalper Review 929. 12 712 Demo 123. AsA Fx AsA Fx Review 20083. 80 1812 Real 124. Profit Forex Signals Profit Forex Signals Review 100000. Professional Trading Portfolio Professional Trading Portfolio Review 100000. 24 2049 Demo 126. Forex Warrior Forex Warrior Review 32798.

61 2885 Real 127. Forex Real Profit EA Forex Real Profit EA Review 1789. 17 1141 Demo 125. 17 170 Real 128. 07 3037 Real 129. GPS Forex Robot GPS Forex Robot Review 100000. Happy Forex Happy Forex Review 1568. 44 2078 Real 130. Forex Cyborg Forex Cyborg Review 88 1. 28 1161 Real 131. Stabilis Lucra Stabilis Lucra Review 154072.

77 2653 Real 132. Happy Algorithm Pro Happy Algorithm Pro Review 1000. 15 1021 Real 133. GOLD Scalper Pro GOLD Scalper Pro Review 1000. 50 381 Demo 134. Forex Pulse Detector Forex Pulse Detector Review USC5002. 00 USC10523. 22 1998 Real 135. 15 2575 Real 136. Happy Way Happy Way Review 29726. 88 1217 Real 137. Forex Combo System Forex Combo System Review 5000.

04 1522 Demo 138. RayBOT Expert Advisor RayBOT Expert Advisor Review 500. 04 1678 Real 139. Cabex Expert Advisor Cabex Expert Advisor Review 42 0. 06 2060 Real 140. TradeRobo Speculative TradeRobo Review 20676. 07 1535 Real 141. TradeRobo Conservative TradeRobo Review 20228. 13 1535 Real 142. Forex Fury Forex Fury Review 30189. FXMasterBot FXMasterBot Review 250.

00 N A N A N A N A N A N A Real 144. RealCashBot RealCashBot Review 55,000. 8topuz 8topuz Review 0. 27 0 Real 146. Star Trader Star Trader Review 2500. 92 855 Real 147. Forex Trend Hunter Forex Trend Hunter Review 2000. 90 807 Demo 148. Forex Impulse Trader Forex Impulse Trader Review 1000. 86 857 Real 149. Happy Trend Happy Trend Review 1000. 89 1083 Real 150.

Tension Trader Tension Trader Review 3000. 97 1084 Real 151. FXEURGrid FXEURGrid Review USC4700. 09 738 Real 152. Jet Trader Pro Jet Trader Pro Review USC4700. 09 738 Real 153. FXrobotGO FXrobotGO Review 39929. 06 965 Real 154. Strike FX Strike FX Review 10273. indicadores metatrader 4 iq option 1596 Demo 155. Gold Trader EA Gold Trader EA Review 100. 81 1088 Real 156. Fluid Trader Fluid Trader Review 10000. 90 1213 Real 157. Ruby Forex Expert Advisor Ruby Forex Expert Advisor Review 1000.

indicadores metatrader 4 iq option 341 Real 158. Trading Manager Pro Trading Manager Pro Review 90689. 04 1006 Real. iProfit HFT EA iProfit HFT EA Review 179 1. Forex Robot Ranking 1. Forex Robotron Forex Robot Review Forex Robotron Review Deposit 100. 00 Balance 23939. 21 Gain 23839 Monthly 312. 57 Drawdown 30. 18 Days 962 Chart Account Real Forex Robot Ranking 2. Forex Robotron EU Forex Robot Review Forex Robotron Review Deposit 100000.

00 Balance 0. 00 Gain 179 Monthly 169. 07 Drawdown 25. 87 Days 1549 Chart Account Demo Forex Robot Ranking 3. 5 Pips A Day Forex Robot Review 5 Pips A Day Review Deposit 100000. 00 Balance 501134. 67 Gain Monthly 28. 83 Drawdown 100. 85 Days 546 Chart Account Demo Forex Robot Ranking 4. Forex Flex EA Forex Robot Review Forex Flex EA Review Deposit 10000. 00 Balance 145280. 04 Gain 1352 Monthly 27.

18 Drawdown 66. 57 Days 1473 Chart Account Real Forex Robot Ranking 5. Gold Elevate EA Forex Robot Review Gold Elevate EA Review Deposit 5,000. 00 Balance 7,317. 4 Monthly 26. 13 Drawdown PF 1. 99 Days 48 Chart Account Real Forex Robot Ranking 6. Prince FX EA Forex Robot Review Prince FX EA Review Deposit 2000. 81 Balance 2538. 09 Gain 1153 Monthly 25. 26 Drawdown 94. 02 Days 958 Chart Account Real Forex Robot Ranking 7.

Worthy FX TRADER Forex Robot Review Worthy FX TRADER Review Deposit 3,288. 1 Monthly 24. 06 Drawdown 0. 08 Days 130 Chart Account Real Forex Robot Ranking 8. Flex EA Forex Robot Review Flex EA Review Deposit 5109. 10 Balance 15048. 56 Gain 194 Monthly 24. 72 Drawdown 70. 02 Days 1166 Chart Account Real Forex Robot Ranking 9. Forex Robotron Forex Robot Review Forex Robotron Review Deposit Balance Gain 2922 Monthly 24.

26 Drawdown 13. 32 Days 1343 Chart Account Real Forex Robot Ranking 10. Volvox Trader Forex Robot Review Volvox Trader Review Deposit 6,356. 67 Gain 1,077. 3 Monthly 24. 03 Drawdown 0. 24 Balance 49,504. 48 Days 332 Chart Account Real Forex Robot Ranking 11. Berlinetta Trading Forex Robot Review Berlinetta Trading Review Deposit 4,305. 00 Balance 25,532. 6 Monthly 23. 02 Drawdown 34. 61 Days 274 Chart Account Real Forex Robot Ranking 12. Maxturbo EA Forex Robot Review Maxturbo EA Review Deposit 1,000.

00 Balance 1,675. 9 Monthly 23.

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