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Food contamination is therefore minimized. The SPIRO technology can be summarized as a nanocomposite material that exhibits a stable ferromagnetism in nanoscale. Its natural magnetic anisotropy facilitates spin polarization of elementary particles in electromagnetic waves, thanks to spin-orbit interaction, and Bloch walls. Optimizing the uniformity of the radiation propagation pattern of telecom antennas improving the connectivity and neutralizing harmful effects.

The Living First Languages Platform LFLP by Living First Language Platform Company. LFLP enables Indigenous communities to collect and curate their language in text, audio, video and stories into interactive literacy applications for teaching, learning and exploration. It is a Google Impact Challenge finalist, SXSW Interactive Innovation Award winner and MIT Solver.

Health equity is a major deficiency in the U. healthcare system. Sutter s HEI is the first implemented health equity metric that uses real-time, health system data combined with external demographic, prevalence and utilization statistics to identify disparities, reveal their underlying causes and pave the way for targeted interventions.

org and our distinguished partners are together offering the world s first free degree, a Master s degree in Public Health. Universities, Health Ministries, and learners have already begun adopting this remarkable resource in 191 of 193 countries, powerfully addressing WHO s declaration that the world needs 13 million additional health workers in the next 15 years, and should use distance learning to do so. light A2 Solar Lantern by d. light design Inc. Living on less than 1. 25 a day, families at the base of the pyramid can sometimes pay up to 25 cents daily for kerosene to light their homes in the evening.

Not only does the dim light of kerosene come at a persistent financial cost, but it also causes serious respiratory problems and is a significant fire risk. light A2 brings clean lighting to hundreds of millions of people living without access to electricity. SwitchOff2SwitchOn is a CTA global campaign to fight climate change under Tata Power Club Enerji - India s 1st energy resource conservation club. The 360-degree campaign has children as brand ambassadors to educate engage the community to reduce carbon footprint build a sustainable future.

4ocean by 4ocean. 4ocean is a purpose-driven business, founded to help end the ocean plastic crisis by recovering and recycling ocean plastic, advocating for sustainable innovation and inspiring people around the world to reduce their consumption of single-use plastic. E-Voting System is the end-to-end electronic election platform included, among other solutions, automated voter check-in though national eID, electronic voting, electronic results consolidation and online publication and dissemination of election results, expedited the announcement of election results in a record time of just over 15 minutes.

Somewear Global Hotspot by Somewear. Whether you re hiking in the wilderness or working on a remote oil rig the Somewear satellite hotspot provides 100 global connectivity and coverage when you re out of cell phone range. The Somewear device is incredibly small and functional because it connects to the Iridium satellite system but uses an app on your smartphone to send and receive texts, track your location and notify a rescue agency in an emergency.

The Lift eFoil s high-performance carbon fiber boards, with a silent electric motor, state-of-the-art lithium battery, mast, and wings allow riders of all abilities to fly above any body of water at 25mph for an hour. The SylvanSport VAST was designed to transform the RV camping experience by removing the barriers between people and nature. The VAST s adaptable architecture allows it to fuse the indoors with the outdoors, seamlessly convert to suit different camping styles, and accommodate the gear required for outdoor adventure.

It was built with the future of human mobility in mind, utilizing modern, efficient, and high-quality materials. Active Directory Forest Recovery by Semperis. Semperis Active Directory Forest Recovery ADFR fully automates the entire forest recovery process with just a few clicks ensuring fast, clean, and painless restores.

Our cyber-first recovery approach saves millions of dollars in unnecessary business interruption. PI Design is a solution that empowers leadership teams to gain clarity on business strategy and to determine whether they have the right teams in place iq option vale a pena 2020 execute that strategy. It empowers business leaders to optimize their talent strategy and drive business results.

Randori Attack Platform by Randori. Randori helps cybersecurity defenders view their company like an attacker, and trains teams to be resilient against compromise through an authentic and continuous sparring experience. Governance Cloud is a full suite of corporate governance software that enables board members to turn governance into a competitive advantage through unparalleled insight and highly secure, integrated SaaS applications, helping organizations thrive and endure in today s complex, global landscape.

Narwal T10 by Narwal Robotics. Narwal is the world s first robot mop and vacuum featuring innovative self-cleaning technology. Narwal signals the start of a new era of the fully automatic robot cleaner, where you can enjoy a truly hands-free floor cleaning experience. Our unique mop system features self-cleaning technology that the robot will wash, rinse and dry the mops automatically in the base station.

Whiz is an intelligent vacuum sweeper that handles soft surface iq option vale a pena 2020 so janitors can focus on higher value, more detailed tasks. Whiz is powered by BrainOS, the award-winning navigation software that automates cleaning equipment so workers can do their jobs faster and better. StarSense Explorer DX 130mm Telescope by Celestron.

Explore the cosmos, even if you ve never used a telescope before. StarSense Explorer combines the simplicity of an entry-level telescope with the power of your smartphone. Follow your phone s simple on-screen instructions to precisely locate planets, galaxies more then view them in the eyepiece. The Piper Computer Kit is the ultimate hands-on STEAM learning experience.

Piper allows young learners to build a real computer from start to finish. Once assembled, Piper s immersive software teaches children the fundamentals of coding and encourages them to make real-world STEAM connections. Imagine a 2x2 Rubik s cube, with powerful CPU inside where each edge is a high-resolution Screen. It s an amazing Smart and Educational toy you can play in a way you never played before, acting in both physical and virtual realities by twisting shaking and tilting.

For children to improve physical, mental and intellectual skills. 17 visual timer with large red disk that can be seen in big spaces. People of all abilities can easily grasp the concept of elapsed time and time remaining, creating less stress between transitions. Flexible applications with various durations, dry erase face, and time-blocking set markers. PolySwitch setP Digital Temperature Indicators by Littelfuse, Inc. Due to their small size, USB Type-C connectors are susceptible to thermal damage from contamination.

Innovative setP Series Digital Temperature Indicators can disconnect power and help prevent damage. The device can be added to most USB-C cables to help protect USB-C links delivering 100W or more. YoloBox combines the switcher with the encoder to simplify live stream in a multi-camera environment. For the video signal source, it supports 2 channels of HDMI, 1 channel USB, 1 channel SD card video, and 1 channel box with the same living account in different place.

For usage, connect the photographic device to the YoloBox, then open the living streaming platform before live stream, your live show is starting now. Bluefin by mmh Labs, KAUST. Bluefin is a pioneering wearable gadget to continuously monitor the oceanic environment temperature, depth, salinity, pH down to a depth of 1. It is non-invasive and can be worn by both human and other species.

It has a battery lifetime for 1 year, 36 cm2 is the maximum size and weighs 2. 4 grams or less. 7 km for more than 6 months. SideChef is an all-in-one home cooking platform that provides over 16,000 interactive smart recipes with recipe guidance featuring hands-free voice commands, step-by-step photos, how-to videos and built-in timers.

SideChef offers in-app meal planning, grocery delivery and smart kitchen connectivity. The IED uses the capacitive sensing to actively detect the wearing status of the earphones. Goodix s capacitive 2-in-1 solution of in-ear detection IED and touch control is used in all forms of smart earphones. The capacitive touch sensor enables a touch-control function of the earphone with tap and slide motions. Steady State Topography SST by Neuro-Insight. Our unique brain-measuring technology allows us to advise the world s leading firms on how to improve the effectiveness of their television marketing campaigns.

ALLIS is a one-of-a-kind software solution that profiles each camera sensor independently and diagnoses the sensor s technical imperfections. ALLIS is then trained via machine learning to strengthen the sensor by removing those deficiencies. This produces higher quality images than ever before. AURORA, a micro eye tracking module developed by Ganzin Technology, can enable eye-tracking capability on clients AR VR smart-glasses devices with minimum effort.

It features in easiest mechanical design, smallest form factor, lowest power consumption, and most wide application scenarios in the market. AURORA will unlock the potential of eyes as the ultimate interface to the digital world. Monash University FODMAP Diet App Updated September 2018 by Monash University FODMAP Diet. Researchers at Monash University of Melbourne, AUS, determined that common sugars and sugar alcohols in many foods are the cause of the symptoms iq option vale a pena 2020 IBS.

The Monash FODMAP diet, app and resources were developed to help those with IBS understand their trigger foods and live a near normal life. Monash is a world leader in IBS. LifeFuels smart nutrition bottle turns ordinary water into a beverage packed with flavor and essential vitamins and nutrients. The three-part hydration system includes a sleek, smart water bottle, flavorful and nutrient-packed FuelPods, and an app that tracks both hydration and nutrition.

The hydration platform is a connected ecosystem built to reflect how people drink water today, made up of three core components a beautifully designed water dispenser, a companion, user-friendly smartphone app, and a reusable bottle tagged with a unique, personal QR code. R1 Light Bulb, Built with Wi-Charge AirCord Technology by Wi-Charge.

Wi-Charge s R1 Light Bulb is the first DIY plug-and-play wireless power solution for smart home devices, simplifying consumers lives by eliminating the need to use power cords or replace batteries. For multi-person conference applications, Wireless Presentation System supports up to 16 simultaneous displays. Installation is as easy as replacing a standard light bulb with a standard Edison socket. The 16 input sources can be connected at any time for content display.

JWR2100 is also an AC router with wireless 5G 2. It covers the entire array of platforms, whether it is PC, MaciOSor Androidall can achieve seamless access, at any time. ScreenX by CJ 4DPLEX. ScreenX is the world s first multi-projection theatre technology that allows a 270-degree panoramic movie-going experience.

4G and wired Gigabit Ethernet connections. ScreenX expands the film from the screen onto the side walls of the auditorium, bringing the cinematic space to life. MAX98390 smart amp with integrated Dynamic Speaker Management DSM algorithm efficiently delivers louder, clearer, richer sound at the lowest quiescent power in the market. The boosted, digital Class D DSM smart amp unleashes a system s full audio potential by safely driving higher power levels up to 5.

1W into tiny speakers typically rated for much lower power between 1W to 3W. With CruzTV, eSports players can broadcast together, showing 4 different views on one screen. Teams have much more capability to coordinate and strategize together, giving them a strong competitive advantage. Puppy Cube by Puppy Robot. Puppy Cube is a portable, ultra-short throw projector that turns any flat surface into an interactive touchscreen via a unique 10-point multitouch technology.

The standalone entertainment system features built-in Android OS, a custom UI and a spectacular HD picture with a screen of up to 100 inches. GoPro MAX is like no other camera in the world t s like having three cameras in one. Use MAX as a waterproof, maximum-stabilized single lens HERO camera, dual lens 360 camera or next-level vlogging camera with its built-in front facing display and shotgun-mic audio capabilities. PowerEgg X is an All-in-one autonomous personal AI camera with main features of smart image recognition tracking, image mechanical stabilization and simple video editing tool.

Yale Robotic Reach NR NDR035-045EB by Yale Materials Handling Corporation. It is capable of transforming into an AI Camera, a Camcorder, and a Drone. The Yale robotic reach truck is an industry-first, capable of autonomously depositing and retrieving loads up to 30 feet high and reaching into double-deep storage. Its high-lifting capability makes it ideal for operations facing shrinking labor pools and pressure to maximize vertical storage space.

GUSS is the world s first autonomous orchard sprayer. Designed for unmanned operation in almond, pistachio, citrus, and fruit orchards, GUSS safely navigates tree rows and applies fertilizers and other materials to improve crop health. This innovation allows a single user to monitor up to 8 GUSS sprayers at a time from the comfort and safety of a pickup. The Courier 3030 stacker automates a wide variety of tasks, freeing workers to focus on more value-added jobs.

MIT Hyperloop II by MIT Hyperloop Team. Perfect for picking loads off the ground at heights up to 72it can be used in manual or automated mode, is operational from Day 1 provides on-the-fly programming reprogramming. AirLev is a high-speed, frictionless vehicle designed to carry people or freight using its air levitation technology. MIT s student team built and demonstrated the first electric Hyperloop Iq option vale a pena 2020 at 2019 SpaceX-Hyperloop that zips from zero-to-200 mph on cushion of air.

A sustainable and cost competitive transport system, based on autonomous, electric trucks, that has the potential to transform road freight transport as we know it by reducing CO2-emissions by 90lower operating costs by 60 and radically improve road safety. Our system imitates the agility and mobility that ants exhibit when carrying objects, each wheel of the System is like an ant that moves around independently being equipped with an independent power system as well as a power wheel with controller which means all of our power wheel models move autonomously as well as form into an optimal arrangement to carry objects collaboratively according to the shape weigh of the objects.

Airless system for bicycles by Air Fom. Air Fom is a patented Hi-tech multiple layer insert that completely elliminates flat tires, pressure maintenance. Air Fom is super lightweight, very low rolling resistance and highly durable. Once you install Air Fom into your favorite tire you never have to worry about tire maintenance again. The Ujet electronic scooter is not just a vehicle, but rather, an advanced tech solution that aims to address the challenge of smart mobility by combining design innovation and engineering.

We aim to showcase our capabilities in the world of mobility through the use of new technology and advanced materials. Scooter2Infra Safety System is the first-ever solution focusing on scooter safety. It consists of roadside facilities, Smart Pillars, and scooter devices, Smart Tags, to enhance road hazard protection for scooter riders. It watches road blackspots 24 7 and warns upcoming riders when hazard is detected. It is an interactive and scooter-oriented safety service that has been proved by 8,600 scooters to reduce accident up to 50.

Insight by Renovo Auto. Insight is the first product on the market to collect, send, and manage advanced vehicles data over the cloud using edge computing. It greatly cuts down the time and cost that AV and OEMs use on transferring data from the vehicle to the computers. Insight offers AV ADAS companies an edge over their competition, allowing them to develop features faster and decreasing their time to market.

It is the first to enable highly precise sensing in all environment conditions. Arbe s proprietary chipset platform has resolved some of today s most pressing radar challenges, which include eliminating false alarms, processing massive amounts of information generated by 4D imaging in real-time, and mitigating mutual radar interference. We are able to measure real-time responses to stimuli in terms of long-term memory, engagement, emotional intensity and attention.

The RS-LiDAR-M1 Smart LiDAR Sensor has its own embedded AI algorithm and SoC that transforms overpriced traditional LiDAR systems also known as solely information collectors to a full data analysis and comprehension system. It provides the best solution for autonomous driving with a streamlined design, low cost, and high stability and manufacturability.

Artec Leo by Artec 3D. The Artec Leo is the first AI-based 3D scanner to offer onboard automatic processing. As you scan your object, you can see the 3D replica being built in real time on Leo s touch panel screen. Ontosight Explore is an AI-powered engine that enables and accelerates the exploration, detection, and building of various direct and indirect connections between drug, target, pathway, and disease.

It can provide the most intuitive workflow, making 3D scanning as easy as taking a video. Our self-learning life science ontology has more than 30 million concepts and terms and brings together more than 1 trillion data connections. Aisera is the industry s first proactive, personalized, and predictive AI Service Management AISM solution that is purpose-built to automate tasks and actions for IT, HR, Facilities, and Customer Service delivering exceptional AI Service Experience to customers and employees.

Using AI and language insights derived from customer interactions, Persado guides customers through the ideas, concepts and words that inspire audiences, while informing strategic thinking with data-backed creative insights to drive ideation and campaign direction. NeOse Pro by Aryballe. IBM Watson Studio Desktop was created for business analysts and data scientists to help them prepare and analyze their data and build predictive models within a single environment.

Aryballe s NeOse Pro is a small, universal odor detection device that effectively mimics the human sense of smell through the capture and analysis of odor signatures. Conversational AI technology solves a big problem for businesses how to immediately understand and respond to the needs of customers during sales conversations over the phone or via text. It also enables organizations to actually predict the needs of consumers, deliver highly personalized experiences and increase sales. SentinelOne Ranger by SentinelOne.

SentinelOne Ranger turns every protected endpoint into a network detection device that can identify and control every connected device on a network. Hunt-as-a-Service HaaS was designed to hunt for and stop intruders who have already defeated an organization s existing security technologies. HaaS applies a human-machine approach to today s sophisticated threat environment; equipping its cyber defenders with advanced detection and proactive defensive technology to identify signs of planned and active attacks, allowing defenders to execute actions to neutralize threats.

Using AI to monitor access to every IoT device, Ranger autonomously protects and notifies of vulnerabilities, rogue devices, and anomalous behaviors. The world s first AI Autonomous Response technology, Darktrace Antigena intelligently contains cyber-attacks within seconds, preventing high-impact compromises without interrupting business. In March 2019, Antigena s scope was extended across the digital business to cover both cloud and email ushering in a new era of autonomous cyber defense.

HARVI I TE by Kennametal Inc. Now, machinists shaping the components for aircraft, automobiles and more have ONE tool to mill multiple metals, faster and more efficiently. The patented HARVI I TE end mill sets new performance standards in metal milling, a key manufacturing technique that typically requires multiple tools. MIRDC developed a comprehensive, systematic smart solution for fasteners and rapidly expanded to fastener makers through cloud services for quick response and flexible production, reducing reliance on labor and providing real-time information for customized smart manufacturing solutions.

Having reliable cell service is essential for safety, productivity and staying connected. weBoost Home Complete by Weboost. Often cell signal strength and connectivity is compromised due to obstructions such as steel and concrete building materials as well as proximity to cell towers. Wilson Electronics created weBoost cell signal amplifiers to ensure that everyone has access to safe and reliable cell service all the time, no matter where you live.

Arrcus is a modern-day OEM focused on democratizing the networking industry by delivering the best-in-class software with the most flexible consumption model at the lowest total cost of ownership TCO. Qualtrics CoreXM by Qualtrics. CoreXM delivers expert-built tools for accelerating customer experience, employee experience, and market research.

XM solutions combine best practices, easy distribution, and standardized reporting dashboards to enable faster configurations, study deployment, and data analysis. IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management is a first in its class platform that enables clients to streamline their business operations across multiple cloud environments.

Through a single viewpoint users are provided with increased transparency, consistent governance, and application automation across all of their cloud infrastructures. X Line Objectives by Olympus Corporation of the Americas. Olympus has developed a proprietary lens polishing technology to manufacture X Line Objectives with ultra-thin convex and concave lenses. The X Line Objectives break optical barriers and improve optical performance such as numerical aperture, image flatness, and chromatic correction.

Goodix invented the world s first optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR for LCD display. Goodix applies innovative optical system designs, proprietary algorithms, and the latest CMOS image sensor CIS design to solve the industry challenge of existing in-display fingerprint technologies not supporting LCD display. The platform addresses its users needs by offering a streamlined workflow for data analysis and developing models, all in a secure environment to work in.

Assure by Velo3D. Assure provides substantiation of part quality needed for volume production with 3D metal printing. It detects process anomalies, flags them, and highlights the corrective actions required so errors are not repeated. Through real-time, multi-sensor, physics-based detection algorithms, Assure delivers unprecedented traceability of part quality. This decreases variation and provides comprehensive documentation for validation. The NX Gemini two-module-in-portrait 2P horizontal single-axis solar tracker optimizes lifetime value and performance for solar developers and solar asset owners worldwide.

Designed for ultra-high winds and challenging terrain, NX Gemini has the highest power density of any tracker on the market. Evolv Express by Evolv Technology. It screens 3,600 people per hour, 10X faster than metal detectors, eliminating the need for venues to choose between safety and convenience. Leidos Xpose Portable Xray Xpose XP system extends law enforcement, military, customs, and security personnel s ability to search for and render-safe explosives, weapons, narcotics, and other contraband.

The device provides multi-mission flexibility to capture small targets in real-time and larger targets using mosaic imaging panels. Powered by the Evolv Cortex AI software platform, Evolv Express is the only free-flow weapons detection smart enough to differentiate weapons from personal items while visitors walk through naturally. The Battery Condition Annunciator App is the first-of-its-kind safety response mobile application that informs first responders of the hazard status of an energy storage system, including information on state-of-charge SOC and temperature of the Battery Energy Storage System BESS.

Printed Battery - HP by Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited AND Neosen Energy. NAMI s Printed Battery-HP is a thin and flexible battery made with eco-friendly materials. Developed with advanced materials designed for good printability and high electrochemical performance, the battery features low internal resistance and provides superior rate performance, allowing unprecedented power output with a compact form factor.

It enables you to feed energy from your EV back into your house or directly back into the grid. A virtual power plant that orchestrates 1,000 residential batteries to support grid stability and reliability, whilst rewarding customers for using their solar energy for the benefit of all grid users. xGrids is KEPCO s flexible power grid management platforms which comprise three sub platforms, which are platform of power grid analysis, platform of power systems integration and platform of intelligent application developments.

xGrids made a power grid as a service coming up with a lot of benefits in electricity quality, cost reduction and many more perspectives. H1500 series thermal pad is the next generation thermal interface materials, based on NAMI s nanocomposites and material alignment technique, providing strong, directional and efficient heat transfer for superior thermal management system required for 5G telecommunication system.

Sorbent Polymer Extraction And Remediation System SPEARS by ecoSPEARS. Sorbent Polymer Extraction And Remediation System SPEARS a clean water remediation technology of scalable mat-lined spikes that absorbs toxic contaminants like a sponge. Quasar is the world s first bidirectional charger for your home that allows bidirectional charging between your home, the grid and your electric vehicle EV. SPEARS eliminates the need to dredge, transport and incinerate sediments, significantly mitigating costs and carbon emissions.

Our first of its kind sensor provides real-time, actionable data containing key information to help predict the ripening of fresh produce. RipeTime is developing a cost-effective solution to help reduce waste of fresh produce throughout the cold food chain. This data will allow key decision-makers to create informed decisions which result in less waste. Renmatix invented the Plantrose Process, which uses only water, heat and pressure to convert plant material into food ingredient Nouravant and beauty product ingredient Celltice to meet consumer demand for sustainable, affordable clean label food and personal care products.

PIXALUX by Rohinni. Like Edison, Rohinni did not invent light, we simply invented a way to bring it to everyone. PIXALUX is the machine, jointly developed by Rohinni and K S, that can place mini and micro LEDs on virtually any substrate. We have developed a placement process that is bringing micro LED technology to consumers in the products they use every day in consumer electronics, automotive and mobility, and display backlights markets.

The white Mid-Power LED features a unique Quantum Dot material with a narrow band red emission. Its high spectral purity enables excellent light quality with a minimum CRI of 90 while delivering record breaking efficacy lm W. The SMC Smart Motor System by Software Motor Company. BrainBox AI is a unique technology combining deep learning, cloud-based computing and algorithms to support a 24 7 self-operating building. BrainBox AI is the first autonomous artificial intelligence AI technology for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems HVAC.

Its vision is to redefine building automation and to be at the forefront of the green building revolution. Leveraging the Internet of Things, TOTO and GP PRO innovated the PUBLIC RESTROOM OF THE FUTURE, providing consumers a clean, comfortable experience EVERY TIME. Gone are empty toilet tissue and paper towel dispensers, dripping faucets and leaking toilets. Now public restrooms are well maintained. VIE TECHNOLOGIES by VIE Technologies.

A process-in-a-box, OPA provides everything needed to modernize and optimize a maintenance operation hardware, connectivity, cloud analytics and an intuitive, condition and incident management app. The OPA Runtime Solution is a personalized, predictive maintenance system which increases asset reliability while reducing maintenance cost.

Despite ambitious company goals, facility managers often lack clear direction, expertise and tools to reduce water use. The free Ecolab Smart Water Navigator enables facilities to assess and improve water management through a simple assessment linked to action steps. Systema Leonardo is a circular economy based manufacturing technology that utilises otherwise environmentally destructive byproducts to manufacture high-quality building materials.

At the same time, it substantially reduces the environmental impact of the resource-intensive conventional building material industry. Systema Leonardo by Vecor Ltd. Loop is a circular shopping platform that enables consumers to shop for a wide range of everyday products in waste-free, durable, reusable packaging. It shifts ownership of the package from the consumer back to the manufacturer.

Our Italian RubberJet Valley company has installed the first industrial scale plant in the world for the 100 -recycling of OTR tires using a proprietary high-pressure water jet that breaks down large truck and mining off-the-road OTR tyres in an environmentally-friendly way. Please, see the video attached in this apply on the innovative Plant installed in the North of Italy based on our High Pressure Water Jet Technology.

Great Stuff Smart Dispenser by DuPont Performance Building Solutions. This patented innovation has changed the game of foam dispensing. It solves the decades old problem of messiness and lack of reuse. The Smart Dispenser is usable for up to 30 days while eliminating messy foam drips. Using market intelligence and end user studies, we developed the Smart Dispenser as an innovative solution to make air sealing easier, cleaner, more precise and with less product waste.

Designed to be an all-in-one hydration sidekick, Drinkfinity combines a unique stainless steel, reusable bottle with a range of flavorful and functional pods that empower users to transform 20 oz. of water into their very own enhanced beverage. TetraBIN by Sencity Corporation. TetraBIN is the first of its kind, an AI and IoT enabled interactive receptacle. TetraBIN refashions the trash cans and traditional information kiosks as an innovative piece of interactive urban furniture that encourages positive behavioral shifts and brings joy to the everyday necessity of waste disposal.

TetraBIN also enables cities and local businesses to create new income opportunities by forging joyful engagements. TheEcoDryer with Sanafor antimicrobial protection, is placed over a floor register or against a baseboard register, which allows heat air to circulate throughout and to the top of the wet gear garment, drying from the inside out. Safe to leave 24 hours a day, using ZERO extra electricity in your home, school or office.

EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor creates smart workplaces that optimize the use of space through digital floorplans and occupancy analytics, improve comfort and employee experience and enhance productivity by the use of well-being analytics, and reduce facility service costs in new or retrofit buildings. ppod by Living Solutions, LLC. ppod the future in long term senior care.

A portable senior environment you don t buy or maintain, ppod s are leased. ppod has the onboard care tools the growing 44 million family caregivers need. Less than 1 of US homes have the required design features to handle senior mobility. Designed for all socioeconomic groups of seniors. ppod allows seniors to age at home with family, with higher outcomes more affordably.

Curbless showers are in high demand for accessibility, necessity or pure design but very difficult and expensive to build. Rapid Recess is a set of brackets that allows anybody to create the most difficult part - the elevation difference between the shower pan level and the rest of the bathroom floor level without traditional expenses in money, time and material thus making it affordable for everyone. SPIKE Prime by LEGO Education. LEGO Education SPIKE Prime is a new design that will redefine STEAM education, all while instilling confidence and developing the skills needed for the 21st Century workforce through hands-on learning.

The SMC Smart Motor System, the world s most energy-efficient, intelligent, and reliable electric motor, automation, and cloud control system, radically reduces energy consumption from the world s largest consumers of electricity buildings. zSpace Experiences delivers STEM lessons utilizing augmented and virtual reality AR VR technology, head tracking glasses, and styli.

It combines familiar LEGO bricks, a programmable multi-port Hub, sensors, motors and the block-based visual programming language, Scratch. Students observe cause and effect, collect live data, and change conditions through lifelike, immersive lessons based on Next Generation Science Standards. Everything you need for hands on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics experiments for ages 8.

Each box activates thinking, questioning, inquiring, and original creation as we guide children through the SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY ENGINEERING DESIGN PROCESS. Molekule Air Mini by Molekule. Every box includes an ENGINEERING DESIGN CHALLENGE. Molekule Air Mini is a new home air purification device that leverages the power of Molekule s patented Photo Electrochemical Oxidation PECO technology to destroy pollutants and deliver truly clean air.

Air Mini is offered at a lower price point and perfect for smaller spaces up to 250 square feet. Created to solve all of the problems with the 100-year-old technology of traditional screens, FlexScreen is the world s first flexible window screen. Beautifully invisible, nearly indestructible, and incredibly easy to install, remove, clean and store - FlexScreen is the future of the window screen industry. o is a revolutionary breakthrough in carpet giving consumers a hypoallergenic, completely recyclable alternative to traditional carpet as well as offering retailers a simpler-to-install, easy-to-service product.

Made almost entirely of recycled materials and 100 recyclable, worry-free Air. o is a great choice for families, and the planet. The Organic Skirt - The World s First Digitally Customizable 3D Printed Skirt by Julia Daviy. The Organic Skirt is the first available in the market skirt, which production methodology is based on 3D design, virtual fashion, large-format 3D printing and a developed customizing software.

The methodology permits to 3D print clothes with almost zero-waste using 100 recyclable TPE and deliver customized consumer products with perfect fit quickly. Reebok s Forever Floatride GROW is a trailblazing innovation in sustainable footwear a plant-based running shoe that rivals the best performance running sneakers on the market.

The product is the latest example of Reebok s commitment to reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics in footwear by making products with plants. ProTect by ProAgni Pty Ltd. Patent pending antibiotic-free nutrition supplementation. The technology allows production systems to remove antibiotics from the feeding system without negatively impacting animal health or production efficiency. Pivot Bio PROVEN is the first renewable, clean alternative to synthetic fertilizer that produced 99.

5 fewer emissions than the current manufacturing process which emits 2 of the world s GHGs and uses 1 of the world s energy. Farmers achieve better outcomes with a lighter footprint. The global agriculture industry is a diverse mixture of complex seeds. Crops can have selectively enhanced traits to optimize their yield and harvest productivity but are lacking in traceability.

With Ontera a farmer and lab can quickly run a complete sample-to-answer diagnostic on seeds and crops to identify traits such as GM, mutations and plant health. Earlens Contact Hearing Solution by Earlens Corporation. Earlens delivers audibility across the broadest bandwidth of any hearing solution on the market. As the world s first and only nonsurgical direct drive technology, Earlens overcomes limitations of acoustic hearing technology for a richer hearing experience with unparalleled streaming sound quality.

With a beautiful, state-of-the-art design, and Eargo s best sound fidelity ever, Eargo Neo enables the millions of people suffering from hearing loss to easily bypass the social stigma and broken distribution model of traditional hearing aids, and once again hear life in full, rich sound. GN Hearing, in collaboration with Google and Cochlear, introduced a new hearing aid specification, Audio Streaming for Hearing ASHAmaking Android devices more accessible to those with hearing loss by allowing direct audio streaming while maximizing battery life.

GN was first to offer hearing aids using ASHA. INNOVO by Atlantic Therapeutics, LLC. Through patented Multipath technology, INNOVO delivers 180 perfect pain-free muscle contractions in a pair of shorts. It s the only non-invasive pelvic floor exercise that treats the root cause of bladder weakness. This lens solves for a significant unmet need for up to 32 million Americans.

It came to life through a combination of cutting-edge technologies to create a seamless design of optical correction and mechanics; resulting in a lens that is exceeding expectations for both comfort and visual acuity. Easy to use, comfortable to wear FDA cleared, INNOVO is a truly non-invasive, long-term solution that helps you safely treat stress incontinence by strengthening and retraining the pelvic floor muscles. LetsGetChecked is a health insights company that allows consumers direct access to a wide range of health tests and clinical services from home.

Abbott Amplatzer Piccolo Occluder by Abbott. Nearly 12,000 premature babies are born in the U. Founded in 2015, LetsGetChecked combines health data and diagnostic results to provide insights that enable better personal healthcare. annually with a naturally occurring hole in the heart that doesn t spontaneously close shortly after birth.

Abbott Piccolo is the first minimally invasive medical device approved to treat babies with this condition weighing as little as two pounds. Willow forever changed the way women pump with the first ever quiet, all-in-one, in-bra wearable breast pump. Our life-changing breast pump discreetly tucks into a bra, without cords, dangling bottles, or loud sucking noises freeing moms up to pump wherever life takes them. TIS proud to have made this this ceiling Healthy Air Sensor includes COCO2 and VOCs, temperature and humidity senor, a motionlights intensity sensor, a microphone, 3 digital inputs, and 32 lines of logic and timers.

SleepTuner by Beddr. This smart solution prevent Mold to grow on walls, detect CO or bad smell, act as baby monitor, prevent hot temperature that cause the risk of sudden infant death syndrome SIDSconnect to nurse call. Beddr delivers precision sleep health to increase access, engagement and affordability for those with chronic sleep issues. Beddr targets the root causes of these via FDA-cleared SleepTuner TM sensor, mobile app, nationwide telemedicine network of sleep physicians and expert sleep coaches.

DFree is the first wearable device for urinary incontinence. DFree stands for diaper-free and helps to prevent accidents. DFree monitors how much urine is in your bladder with a non-invasive ultrasound sensor and notifies you when it s time to go to the bathroom via an app on your smartphone or tablet. It is the cuff type bp monitor to press only 1 artery radial artery to have the stable signal for accurate measurement with smallest, sized 25mm width x 14mm thickness and weighted 43g.

The smallest and lightest wristband blood pressure monitor In the world. it has been approved by KFDA Korean FDA as a medical device with the tolerance within -5mmhg, based on clinical trial by the university hospital in Korea. Bisu Body Coach by Bisu. Bisu is a smart urine analyzer that provides personalized diet and lifestyle advice. It consists of a disposable test stick which is used to capture a urine sample, a stick reader which automates the test procedure, and an app which displays results in 2 mins with a set of recommendations.

Healium is open-eyed meditations that allow the user to SEE their feelings heal virtual worlds. Healium is powered by the user s own EEG brainwaves heart rate via a brain-sensing headband or a smartwatch. In 3 peer-reviewed journals, Healium s AR and VR escapes have quickly reduced anxiety by a third in as little as four minutes potentially decreasing the need for pharmaceuticals for anxiety or pain in the opioid crisis. This one-of-a-kind ECG Simulator is used in nursing and health science programs to train students on accurate placement of ECG EKG leads on the body through rib palpation; how to read 3- 4- 5- and 12-lead rhythms; and how to recognize those rhythms on screen and in hard copy.

WalterLorenz Surgical Assist Arm by Zimmer Biomet. Walter is an electromechanical third arm that gives surgeons seamless control of the instruments in their operating room. This capability has the potential to optimize surgical outcomes, improve surgeon and staff ergonomics, enhance trainee learning, and widen access to surgical care. The ORISE Gel Submucosal Lifting Agent is pseudoplastic non-Newtonian viscous gel with blue dye in a 10 ml prefilled luer lock syringe used for the creation of submucosal cushions beneath polyps, adenomas, or early-stage cancers or other GI mucosal lesions, prior to excision with a snare or other suitable endoscopic device.

An ultra-thin, flexible, high-resolution single-use endoscope that enables access to multiple unserved indications and improves usability and diagnosis quality while eliminating the risk of infections caused by contaminated, reused endoscopes and dramatically reducing healthcare costs. The Future of Orthopedics AUTOGRAFTA Synthesis of Living Grafts for Skeletal Reconstruction by Octane Orthobiologics Inc.

Variants of AUTOGRAFTA address a range of debilitating orthopedic injuries and diseases to restore mobility and enhance quality of life. AUTOGRAFTA is a living tissue graft synthetically produced from a patient s cells via the Cocoon bioreactor production technology. IsoSpeak is the first automated informatics software for advanced, single cell mapping which can reveal critical insights for advancing the future of personalized medicine. Applications include bone, cartilage and tendon reconstruction.

IsoSpeak uses machine learning techniques to reveal critical differences in cells that were hidden without this technology. ITRI developed the manufacturing technology of the world s only biomimetic knobby magnetic beads, named iKNOBEADS, which perfectly suits for the ex vivo activation and expansion of human T cells. Easy Denture by Easy Denture. Fastest, most affordable, most accessible denture option available in the world.

Totally new category in dentures dentist or user customizable. 5 minutes and less then 400 vs 4 weeks 1,250. The latest consumer-tech collaboration that s disrupting a 12 billion industry. A 3D printed smile powered by SmileDirectClub and HP. HP and SmileDirectClub are mass producing more than 50,000 customized mouth molds a day using HP s 3D printers.

Made from 100 purified, medical-grade cotton, Richmond Soft BiteBlock is engineered to provide consistent pressure performance to protect patients from biting their tongue, cracking their teeth or compressing the airway device causing a decrease in oxygenation emerging from general anesthesia. The partnership opens doors to democratizing access to affordable, convenient teeth straightening solutions.

Cala Trio by Cala Health. Cala Trio is the only non-invasive personalized therapy for essential tremor. The wrist-worn device is calibrated to each patient s hand tremor and uses neuromodulation to provide relief. Cala Trio is a safe and effective therapeutic option to surgery or drugs. It is available by prescription. TRIKAFTA elexacaftor tezacaftor ivacaftor and ivacaftor is a single breakthrough medicine with the potential to treat the underlying cause of the disease for up to 90 of all people with cystic fibrosis in the future.

The Spiration Valve System is an innovative endobronchial therapy that offers patients with severe emphysema, that are medically maximized yet still symptomatic, a customized, minimally invasive treatment option for lung volume reduction with a favorable risk-benefit profile. Patients treated with the Spiration Valve System in clinical trials experienced improvements in breathlessness, lung function, and quality of life.

Rad-97 is a one-of-a-kind monitor that uses iq option vale a pena 2020 sensitive fingertip sensor to continuously measure whether your body is getting enough oxygen when taking opioids and, working with other Masimo automation and connectivity technologies, alerts you, your caregiver and clinician when you are not. It also provides a variety of other noninvasive measurements and allows your clinician to monitor you from anywhere in the world.

Purpose built for healthcare, the Vocera Smartbadge is used by clinicians to communicate hands-free, send and receive secure messages, manage alert and alarm notifications, and get help in emergency situations with a touch of a button. The wearable, voice-controlled Smartbadge also makes it fast and easy to reach the right person simply by saying a name, role or group. The MyCareLink Heart mobile app is designed to securely and wirelessly send cardiac device data to the Medtronic CareLink network via smartphone technology, eliminating the need for a dedicated bedside monitor or other remote monitoring hardware.

The Axonics System by Axonics Modulation Technologies, Inc. The Axonics System is a miniaturized neurostimulator that is implanted into the pelvic area to correct the communication pathway and restore normal urinary and bowel function. The MAGNEZIX CSc 4. 8 is a magnesium-based bioabsorbable implant used in orthopedic and trauma surgery for the internal fixation of bones. This unique metal screw implant degrades in the body and transforms into bone and thus, eliminates the need for a second surgery for implant removal.

Senella is a new generation of absorbable breast implant, made from a non-silicone-based biocompatible polymer used in the clinic for 30 years. Senella guides the growth of natural tissue from lipoaspirate, which is derived from the patient s own body via a routine liposuction procedure. Rad-97 by Masimo. Habib EndoHPB Bipolar Radiofrequency Catheter by Boston Scientific. The Habib EndoHPB endoscopic radiofrequency ablation catheter is intended to ablate malignant or benign tissue in the pancreatic and biliary tracts, notably to perform endoscopic biliary drainage or decompression, prior to stent placement or afterwards, to clear an occluded stent.

Introducing AcrySof IQ PanOptix Trifocal Intraocular Lens IOLthe first and only trifocal lens available in the US. It is now possible to have 20 20 vision at near, intermediate and distance with one lens. SAFETY ISOLATION BAG the world s first ready to insert in-bag morcellation device with single or multiple instrument channel prevents the spillage of tissues during power morcellation and thereby prevents the chances of secondary and parasitic fibroids growth and also keep away the internal organs from the field of morcellation.

BrainRobotics by BrainCo, Inc. The BrainRobotics prosthetic hand is the world s most advanced and affordable AI-powered prosthetic hand. It gives amputees the ability to intuitively control their prosthetic hand with unlimited gestures and grip patterns, making the prosthetic an innate extension of the user. Socket-less Socket addresses prosthetic device interfaces which have remained unchanged for over 30 years. Utilizing lightweight and breathable materials and a minimalist design to conform to patients bodies, it provides greater comfort, improved range of motion and increased activity levels.

The Tactra Malleable Penile Prosthesis is a next-generation device designed around a nitinol core, facilitating efficient implantation of a durable system providing patients with a natural feeling, easy-to-use device. QuantX Advanced by Qlarity Imaging. QuantX Advanced is the first-ever, FDA-cleared, computer-aided diagnosis software for radiology. There s hope for cataract sufferers not only to remove their cataracts, but also to restore vision.

The state of the art system enables doctors to see both tumour and healthy tissue in real-time and adapt radiation doses at the time of treatment. Elekta Unity is the world s first radiation therapy system to integrate high-field MR imaging with precision radiation dosing for cancer treatments. The Eniware Portable Sterilizer, EPS-25 by Eniware, LLC. The 25 Liter Eniware Portable Sterilizer EPS-25 effectively sterilizes surgical instruments and equipment for essential surgery without electricity, heat, or water.

State-of-the-art nitrogen dioxide gas-based sterilization technology is being adapted for application in a rugged, portable form, affordable and functional in any setting. Cycle time 4 hours. Uses consumables for each cycle. SciCan StatClave G4 is a class B vacuum sterilizer that incorporates both a pre-sterilization vaccum to improve steam penetration and a post sterilization vacuum to improve drying.



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