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Run AR Apps in Android Emulator. The Android Emulator lets you run ARCore apps in a virtual environment with an emulated device that you control. Android Emulator 27. Install Android Studio 3. Get Android Studio and SDK tools for ARCore. In Android Studio, go to Preferences Appearance and Behavior System Settings Android SDK. Under Android 8.

Select the SDK Platforms tab and check Show Package Details. 1 Oreoselect Google APIs Intel x86 Atom System Image API Level 27, version 4 or later. Click OK to install iqoption tutorial selected packages and tools. Select the SDK Tools tab and add Android Emulator 27. Click OK again to confirm changes. Accept the license agreement for the Component Installer. Create a virtual device with AR support.

For more information, see the Android Studio instructions to Create a Virtual Device. In Android Studio open the AVD Manager by clicking Tools AVD Manager. Create a new Android Virtual Device AVD. Click Create Virtual Deviceat the bottom of the AVD Manager dialog. Select or create your desired Phone hardware profile and select Next. Select an x86 or x86_64 system image running API Level 27 or later and select Next. While physical ARCore devices are supported on API Level 24 or later, Android Emulator support requires API Level 27 or later.

Only x86-based Android Emulator architectures are supported. Other architectures such as arm64-v8a iqoption tutorial, armeabi-v7are not currently supported. macOS only with ARCore SDK 1. As a workaround, use an x86 system image. Click Show Advanced Settings. Verify that your virtual device is configured correctly. Make sure that Camera Back is set to VirtualScene. Click Finish to create your AVD. Use the Android Emulator to test AR scenarios without a physical device.

0 or later Due to a known issue, Android Emulator x86_64 system images are not supported on macOS with ARCore SDK 1. Test an ARCore app on an AR-supported virtual device in the emulator. To do this, you can follow the Android Studio instructions to Run an app in the Android Emulator. Update Google Play Services for AR. The version of Google Play Services for AR on the emulator is likely out of date. Follow these instructions to update it.

Start the desired AVD, then drag the downloaded APK onto the running emulator, or install it using adb while the virtual device is running. Repeat these steps process for any additional AVDs you d like to use. Control the virtual scene. When your app connects to ARCore, you ll see an overlay describing how to control the camera and a status bar below the emulator window. Move the virtual camera. Use the following controls to move the camera. Press and hold Option macOS or Alt Linux or Windows to access camera movement controls.

Platform Action What to do macOS Move left or right Hold Option press A or D Move down or up Hold Option press Q or E Move forward or back Hold Option press W or S Change device orientation Hold Option move mouse Linux or Windows Move left or right Hold Alt press A or D Move down or up Hold Alt press Q or E Move forward or back Hold Alt press W or S Change device orientation Hold Alt move mouse.

Download the latest Google_Play_Services_for_AR_1. Install the downloaded APK into each AVD you d like to use. apk from the GitHub releases page. Release Option or Alt to return to interactive mode in the emulator. Use the Virtual Sensors tab in Extended controls for more precise device positioning. Add Augmented Images to the scene.

Load images into the emulator s simulated environment to test Augmented Images. Use the Camera tab in Extended controls to add or modify Scene images. There are two image locations, one on the wall and one on the table. To view these image locations in the scene, launch your emulator, then move the camera to the dining room area through the door behind the camera s starting position.

If your ARCore app launches and you see an AR Core not supported message, check the revision on your system image. Make sure you are using API Level 27 Revision 4. If your ARCore app fails to open the camera when it launches, make sure that Camera Back is set to VirtualSceneas described in the configuration steps above. Samsung Galaxy S II with Android 4. 0 update for Samsung s Galaxy S II smartphone.

0 hands-on video. A brief look at the Android 4. Share All sharing options for Samsung Galaxy S II with Android 4. Samsung galaxy s ii touchwiz android 4. Samsung started rolling out an update for its Galaxy S II handset today, finally bringing Android 4. 0 to Samsung s flagship. In case you re not able to update yet, here s a little look at what s new in the move from 2.

To cut straight to the disappointment, not much has changed. Of all the new visual elements in Google s latest OS, only the multitasking menu has been included. Everything else aside from a new lock screen has been made to look as similar to the Android 2. 3 TouchWiz interface as possible. Widgets can t be resized, there s no unified app and widget drawer, and barely a hint of Roboto. Samsung has taken a colossal update and turned it into an iterative one, with very little of Google s Holo theme retained.

The whole experience feels very Gingerbread-like, but this is most definitely Ice Cream Sandwich. Users will now have the latest versions of all the Google apps and widgets, and the whole package feels a little snappier. We ran the obligatory Quadrant benchmark test and achieved a score of 4,032, a slight improvement over the 3812 achieved on Gingerbread.

There s one final bit of good news contrary to Samsung Philippines rapidly retracted statement, Adobe Flash still functions iqoption tutorial normal after updating to Android 4. The update will be rolling out across various territories in the coming weeks, but as always, those of us with carrier-specific models may be waiting a little longer for your TouchWiz-ified Android 4. 0 experience. In stark contrast to our experience with the stock Gingerbread build, battery life seems strong, and there s not a hint of slowdown anywhere in the OS.

1 Honeycomb Update Rolling Out Now. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10. Samsung has started rolling out the Android 3. 1 I O Edition Android 3. 1 Honeycomb update for the Galaxy Tab 10. 1 I O edition tablets. Samsung and Google gave these tablets as gifts to each of the Google I O attendees. The Android 3. 1 Honeycomb update for the Tab 10.

The update also brings new features like USB host functionality, unlimited number of apps in the multi-tasking pane, inline HTML5 playback and the ability to resize widgets. The update also adds the Google Books app, and removes some apps like the Amazon, Kindle, Samsung Apps, Music Hub and WeatherBug. Galaxy Tab 10. 1 brings some much needed performance and stability improvements. Users who have not got the OTA update notification, can manually pull the update from Samsung s server by going to About Tablet Software Updates option.

1 I O edition owners, who have rooted their device, need not worry as the update preserves your root access. Users also need to create a Samsung account, before they can download and install the OTA update. Tab owners should make sure that they have not encrypted the data on their device, before installing the update. 1 I O edition is also slated to receive an update in the future, which will replace the stock Android installation on the device with TouchWIZ 4.

The Galaxy Tab 10. The best free streaming music for you to enjoy in your mobile phone. 0 downloads last 7 days. Shuffly Music for Android. There are lots of different apps and ways to listen to music from your mobile phone, but if you are looking for a free one, you can use Shuffly Music. Shuffly Music uses the whole Soundcloud catalogue as if it were a huge play list. With Shuffly Music, you can enjoy thousands of free songs in streaming.

Music styles, play lists, tag filters and many more options to enjoy the best music. These selections show different play lists so that you can have the music that you need in each moment. In the same way, you can use the app search engine to find your favourite singer or band that you can filter thanks to the use of tags. Tags are really useful to avoid showing results of singers or bands that you do not like. This streaming music app also has interesting options such as the possibility to choose among different music styles and also different moods.

With this, all the searches will give you the results that you are looking for. You can tag the results that you want to avoid. Shuffly Music is an app to listen to good music in a free way. Go and get it. Ratings about Shuffly Music for Android. It is one of the best for listening to music. 3 years and 8 months ago. I recommend it to all my friends. The music and the use of the app. The sound quality is good what adds value to the app. 4 reviews from our community.

Many lot of free music. 3 years and 3 months ago. Alternativas a Shuffly Music for Android. LIsten to all the music that you have in Google Drive directly in your Android device. Now, no matter where you are to have your music with you. The app that every music lover will want in their collection. Get more than 20 million songs to enjoy on your Android at any time. The best DJs and your favorite music in the palm of your hand with this app. A social app designed for music lovers that want to know what s happening in music.

The app from Apple so that you can listen to your favourite music everywhere. SocketImpl This class is the base of all streaming socket implementation classes. SocketOptions Known Indirect Subclasses. DatagramSocketImpl The abstract superclass for datagram and multicast socket implementations. Defines an interface for socket implementations to get and set socket options. It is implemented by the classes SocketImpl and DatagramSocketImpl.

SocketImpl DatagramSocketImpl. int IP_MULTICAST_IF2 This option can be used to set one specific interface on a multihomed host on which incoming connections are accepted. Constants int IP_MULTICAST_IF This option specifies the interface which is used to send multicast packets. int SO_BINDADDR This option can be used to set one specific interface on a multihomed host on which incoming connections are accepted.

int SO_BROADCAST This option can be used to enable broadcasting on datagram sockets. int SO_KEEPALIVE This option specifies whether socket implementations can send keepalive messages if no data has been sent for a longer time. int IP_MULTICAST_LOOP This option specifies whether the local loopback of multicast packets is enabled or disabled.

int SO_LINGER This option specifies the behavior of the close method if there is still some buffered data to be sent while closing the socket. int SO_OOBINLINE This option specifies whether sending TCP urgent data is supported on this socket or not. int SO_RCVBUF Buffer size of the incoming channel. int SO_REUSEADDR This option specifies whether a reuse of a local address is allowed even if an other socket is not yet removed by the operating system.

int SO_TIMEOUT Timeout for blocking accept or read receive operations but not write send operations. int TCP_NODELAY This option specifies whether data is sent immediately on this socket, as a side-effect though, this could lead to a low packet efficiency. Public Methods. int SO_SNDBUF Buffer size of the outgoing channel. public static final int IP_MULTICAST_IF. This option specifies the interface which is used to send multicast packets. It s only available on a MulticastSocket.

public static final int IP_MULTICAST_IF2. This option can be used to set one specific interface on a multihomed host on which incoming connections are accepted. It s only available on server-side sockets. This option supports setting outgoing interfaces with either IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. public static final int IP_MULTICAST_LOOP. This option specifies whether the local loopback of multicast packets is enabled or disabled. This option is enabled by default on multicast sockets. public static final int IP_TOS.

This may be ignored by the underlying OS. Values must be between 0 and 255 inclusive. See RFC 1349 for more information. public static final int SO_BINDADDR. This option specifies the value for the Type-of-Service TOS field of the IP header. public static final int SO_BROADCAST. This option can be used to enable broadcasting on datagram sockets.

This option specifies whether socket implementations can send keepalive messages if no data has been sent for a longer time. This option specifies the behavior of the close method if there is still some buffered data to be sent while closing the socket. If the value of this option is set to 0 the method closes the TCP socket forcefully and returns immediately. Is this value greater than 0 the method blocks this time in milliseconds. If all data could be sent during this timeout the socket is closed normally otherwise forcefully.

Valid values for this option are in the range 0. Larger timeouts will be treated as 65535s timeouts; roughly 18 hours. public static final int SO_LINGER. public static final int SO_OOBINLINE. public static final int SO_KEEPALIVE. public static final int SO_RCVBUF. This option specifies whether sending TCP urgent data is supported on this socket or not.

Buffer size of the incoming channel. public static final int SO_REUSEADDR. This option specifies whether a reuse of a local address is allowed even if an other socket is not yet removed by the operating system. public static final int SO_SNDBUF. Buffer size of the outgoing channel. public static final int SO_TIMEOUT. Timeout for blocking accept or read receive operations but not write send operations. The argument value is specified in milliseconds, with 0 meaning no timeout and negative values not allowed.

An InterruptedIOException is thrown if this timeout expires. public static final int TCP_NODELAY. This option specifies whether data is sent immediately on this socket, as a side-effect though, this could lead to a low packet efficiency. The socket implementation uses the Nagle s algorithm to try to reach a higher packet efficiency if this option is disabled. public abstract Object getOption int optID. Gets the value for the specified socket option. optID the option identifier.

the option value. SocketException if an error occurs reading the option value. public abstract void setOption int optID, Object val. Sets the value of the specified socket option. int IP_TOS This option specifies the value for the Type-of-Service TOS field of the IP header. If you happen to own the Sony Tablet P, then you will be pleased to hear that in select markets, the Sony Tablet P will be on the receiving end of the Android 4.

0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system update. The update was first introduced to the Sony Tablet S in April a couple of months ago, and it is nice to see that the Tablet P has not been left out from the update bandwagon. The Tablet P does not take the standard issue tablet form factor so to speak, as it comes in a clamshell design, making it resemble somewhat like the old school Game Watch models from Nintendo. At least folding up the displays would mean reducing the chances of them screens experiencing any damage in the process of transporting the Tablet P.

Just what kind of improvements to the Tablet P are in store with the Android 4. 0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. Apart from a more pleasant layout to your eyes, it also will see an improvement in performance as well as better multitasking. Not only that, Sony did say that one can gain direct access to an SD memory card, as well as enhanced photo viewing options.

Those who own the Tablet P if you have received the Android 4. 0 Ice Cream Sandwich update on your Tablet P, why not share with us which market you are at. Sony Tablet P gets Android 4. 0 Ice Cream Sandwich in selected markets. The long-rumored Sony Xperia SL smartphone has just been officially launched by the Japanese handset maker. Sony Xperia SL Officially Unveiled with Android 4. 7 GHz Dual-Core CPU.

Since it got leaked online, the Xperia SL was considered a refresh of the Sony Xperia S, but with better hardware and software configuration. However, details on the handset s availability and pricing options have yet to be unveiled. According to Sony, the Xperia SL is equipped with a dual-core Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon S3 processor clocked at 1.

7 GHz, which is slightly more powerful in comparison with Xperia S 1. Aside from the processor inside, the smartphones feature similar specs sheets, so expect the SL to boast an impressive 12-megapixel rear photo snapper with autofocus, LED flash and full HD 1080p video recording, as well as secondary 1. 3-megapixel front facing camera for video calls.

4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system out of the box, while Xperia S runs the same version of the platform due to a recent update. Both Xperia phones feature similar 4. 3-inch LED-backlit LCD capacitive touchscreen displays that support HD 720 x 1280 pixels resolution and 16 million colors. Moreover, they feature scratch-resistant glass for extra protection. Sony Xperia SL will be shipped with Android 4. On the inside, the Xperia SL packs 1GB of RAM and 32GB storage.

Although the phone does not come with microSD card slot for memory expansion, Xperia SL owners will receive 50GB of cloud storage for a limited time. When it comes to connectivity, the device offers HSDPA and HSUPA, along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI and GPS support. 5 GHz dual-core CPU. Sony Xperia SL drains energy from a 1750 mAh Li-Ion battery, which is rated by the Japanese handset manufacturer for up to 420 hours of standby time or up to 8 hours and 30 minutes of talk time. There s no word on pricing options and availability yet.

Our Android Course will contain all the study material in the form of eBooks and pdf books as well. What is Android Courses. UPSC IAS Pre Mains History GS Geography GS. UPSC IAS Pre Mains History GS Geography GS Polity GS CSAT International Relations Science Technology Ecology Env. All Govt Exams SSC Bank Combo SSC Exams Bank Exams SSC MTS Exam SSC Stenographer Bank IT Officer GS Course By Dr Vipan SSC CGL - AAO. Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Jharkhand. Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Jharkhand Bihar Punjab Rajasthan Uttrakhand Chhattisgarh Odisha Andhra Pradesh Karnataka Maharashtra Haryana Tamilnadu Telangana Gujarat Assam Himachal Pradesh West Bengal Delhi.

UPSC Opt - Geography UPSC Opt - Psychology UPSC Opt - Management UPSC Opt - Political Science IR UPSC Opt - Philosophy UPSC Opt - Sociology UPSC Opt - Public Administration. RRB Non-Tech Exams RRB TC - Ticket Collector ALP - Electrical ALP - Electronics Comm RRB JE - Electronics Tech NonTech RRB JE - Civil Tech NonTech RRB JE - Electrical Tech NonTech RRB JE - Mechanical Tech NonTech. Our Android Course is one of the latest and innovative courses which you can play on your any android phone.

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2 7 inch Tablet PC Android 4. Storage Options Scroll Basic Plus V. Wondering if any one can help, I cant seem to find anywhere or any information in to replacing the screens. It is cracked, and I am on the verge of thinking no one sells them, I checked eBay,Amazon, Google. Maplin have new ones - B-grade but pretty good usually - for only 28. Don t try to repair it - not worth it.

System Requirements for Spotfire for Android 1. 0 on your mobile Android device. This page lists the system requirements for installing and running TIBCO Spotfire for Android version 1. System requirements for TIBCO Spotfire for Android version 1. Hardware Device. Any phone or tablet device that can run Android 5. 1 Lollipop or later. 1 Lollipop or later, with Google Play Services installed.

Software Operating system Android 5. TIBCO Spotfire software Connection to a TIBCO Spotfire Server, version 7. 4 KitKat or later. Any phone or tablet device that can run Android 4. And yes there is no doubt that iBall is one of the biggest computer peripherals and accessories producer in India. When I listen about iBall then an image of computer accessories manufacturer comes in my mind.

Tech News Magazine. But now iBall has deiced to wet there feet in other very competitive market to gain some market share. iBall has launched range of budget smartphones in India s market against its main competitor Micromax. Recently iBall has launched Andi 2 which is the successor of Andi. iBall Andi 2 Dual SIM Budget Android Smartphone. Andi 2 will run on Android 2. 2 Froyo operating system which could be its negative point in the market because already we have so many Android 2.

3 smartphones in this price range so it could be bit difficult for Andi 2 perform better against such competitors. Andi 2 is powered by 800MHz processor and has 3. iBall Andi 2 Android Smartphone. 5-inch capacitive touchscreen display. Andi 2 has two cameras, 3MP rear camera and front facing VGA camera. Andi 2 is a Dual SIM Android phone with Dual Standby and for connectivity, Andi 2 supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS and 3G.

It also supports microSD card slot which is expandable up to 16GB. It has good battery support for good power backup. Andi 2 is equipped with 1450 mAh battery. Andi 2 will cost you around Rs. 9,999 allover India. Now see how this smartphone is going to perform in such a competitive market because it already has tough competition with other Dual SIM Android phones, Spice Mi-350n, Micromax A75 and Micromax A73 that are cheaper and runs on Android 2. 3 Gingerbread OS in this price range. Comments Leave a Comment Categories Smart Phones.

BOX OneCloud Cloud Service that makes Data Sharing within Apps Quite Easy. If you are using iPad or iPhone then I must say you can t live without apps those are supported by these devices. Undoubtly, iPhone and iPad have lot power due to the apps around them and I don t feel hesitate to say these apps are like blood cells for these devices those are mandatory to keep alive user interest and engagement with iOS devices. Beside of all these great lines with very good words I feel something is missing within these apps, don t take me wrong here I am not going to say that these apps are not too great but I want to point out that data transferring from one app to another is not too easy and smooth as it should be or could be.

But don t worry here is one company exist on this planet which understands your problem and value of your time, so they have launched OneCloud mobile cloud to help businesses and users to solve these problems, the company name is BOX. Box has already many competitors in the market like Dropbox and SugarSync but BOX outstands itself with online storage and collaboration tools unlike its competitors. Main focus of BOX is to target big enterprises to give them reliable and strong IT solutions because with the help of BOX OneCloud, iOS users can directly work with data within apps and have it automatically saved back to that Box account.

Comments Leave a Comment Categories Apple, Apps. I think, this OneCloud cloud will outstand itself in the market because people at enterprise level can save their lots of time to transfer the data from one app to another app which is quite enough to increase the productivity of work. Sony Xperia S is ready to make its Appearance in India on 10, April.

Almost a year back Sony Xperia series smartphones were the dream samrtphones for everyone. But with the invention of android and windows smartphones Xperia series have lost their place in markets. Windows and Android based smartphones have better configurations and functionalities with lots of powerful apps than Xperia series.

But Sony has deiced to regain their position in the market with the launch of Sony Xperia S in India on 10 of April. Xepria S was introduced by Sony at CES earlier this year. And it is first smartphone by Sony in India after Sony bought Ericsson s stake in the handset joint venture. Sony Xperia S Smartphone. But I have doubt on the success of this smartphone because it ll come with Android 2.

3 OS which is now quite outdated because we have many options today with Android 4. 0 ice-cream sandwich OS that has many outstanding features. But Sony said Android 4. 0 update will be available for this smartphone in the second quarter of the Year but I say if you are launching something new in such a competitive market then you should come with very good package and should not promise to make it better package after sometime because as a buyer I know if I have money in my pocket and I go to buy something then I go for better package in current time and I ll not buy something which is promising to me that I ll be better after sometime.

I talked about OS of the smartphone so it s time to have a look to its configuration. But that s their problem not mine and I think I should continue with the news. Sony Xperia S wil feature a 4. 1 MP rear camera with 1080p HD video recording, a 1. 3 MP front camera with 720p video recording, NFC and DLNA support. 3-inch 1280 720 pixel display, a 12. Sony Xperia X will be powered by 1. 5GHz dual-core Qualcomm processor with Adreno 220 GPU and it ll have I GB RAM to support this processor.

If you talk about Xperia S internal storage then it has 1. 5GB of internal storage and it also has support for Wi-Fi Direct. Price of Sony Xperia is supposed to be around Rs. 35,000 which is quite fair for a smrtphone with such powerful features. Comments Leave a Comment Categories Smart Phones, Sony. HTC One X QuadCore Smartphone is coming to India in next Month.

Iqoption tutorial must say we are the witness of fastest technology changes era in the world now and from the last one and half year we have seen lots of changes in Smartphone industry. Now Smartphones have very fast processors those can compare your Laptops and Desktops for many tasks and with the invention of quad-core processor Smartphones are much more powerful than earlier. Today we have many Qud-Core Smartphones in US and European markets but they are still not available for Indian Subcontinent which brings some disappointment in my heart.

But I think my disappointment is going to over soon because HTC has decided that they are going to launch their first Quad-Core smartphone in India next month and this smartphone will be known as One X. HTC One X QuadCore Smartphone. But time will tell how this service is going to perform and how much love it will get from the people at enterprise level. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, HTC has declared that they will launch HTC One X with Airtel in India but now it is supposed that One X will be launched unblocked and you can use any carrier that suits you better.

I think that s very good move because I am very old user of any other network in India and I am quite happy with their services and don t have any reason to change it. So if I choose One X as my next phone then I have to change my carrier which could make me think many times should I go with this smartphone or not. Sorry I forgot it s not a time to get personal and I think I should continue with news. As I mentioned earlier HTC One X is a quad-core smartphone so it ll have quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor that clocks at 1.

HTC One X has very good configuration that you can expect any quad-core smartphone with such an experience smartphone maker giant. HTC One X will have 4. 7-inch screen with 1,280 x 720 pixels and 720p high-definition display. HTC One X will have two cameras and both are quite powerful. HTC One X will have 1. 3 MP front camera for video chats and 8. 0 MP rear camera with 1080 pixels resolution for video recordings. HTC One X will come with 1 GB in-built storage option extendable up to 32 GB and it ll run on Android 4.

HTC One X is supposed to be very slick device that will have thickness of only 8. Other features include a 3. 5 mm audio jack, Beats Audio tech, an HDMI port and NFC capabilities. HTC has also tied up with DropBox to give users 25GB of data storage free for two years. But the most impressive feature about the HTC is definitely its cameras. 0 cam comes fitted with an ImageChipwhich provides excellent processing power to the camera. With the One X, the user can click photos even while he she is recording a video.

If we talk about the price of this smartphone then I am not sure how much is going to cost you but you can expect it as a high end smartphone that ll have price between Rs. Comments 1 Comment Categories HTC. Android Budget Tablets Wishlist Launched Two Android Budget Tablets. Hi folks, I am back after three months and missed everyone here lot. I am not sure you guys missed me or not but I did lot.

I had strong reason for disappearing so Sorry if you missed me or still sorry if you didn t miss me. I want to start today with something really interesting topic and topic is related with one of my favorite gadget which is Tablet. I am not aware very well with what happened in last three months with this industry and gadgets but recently I came to know that an Indian IT products Manufacturer company has launched android based tablets at very low cost. And It is expected that these tablets are second cheapest tablets of the world after Aakash.

Wishtel Low Cost Android Tablet. Company name is Wishtel which is located in Mumbai has launched two versions of low cost android based tablets. IRA and IRA Thing are the two models those cost around Rs, 4,000 and Rs. 5,500 respectively. Both models are almost same in configuration but you can say IRA Thing has quite powerful RAM and extra storage capacity. Both tablets runs on Android 2. 2 Froyo operating system and have 800MHz processor. Both tablets are missing camera but as we said earlier these are low cost tablets so you can expect this.

Students can also read course content for CBSE, ICSE, state boards, engineering, medical as well as of other higher education. Both tablets have 7-inch TFT LCD display Capacitive touchscreen, Resolution 800 480 pixel, Wi-Fi and 3G compatible, One USB 2. 0 port and 2800mAh Battery. Dimensions of both tablets are almost same, both tablets have 203mm x 137mm x 14. These tablets target mainly School or College students for study purpose because these tablets have eBook reader app that supports Hindi and other Indian regional languages so that students can choose any language that they feel comfortable.

But now I make you sure that I ll try my best to give enough time to this blog. 5mm Dimension and Weight around 370 grams. As I said earlier the main difference between two tablets are of memory and storage capacity. IRA tablet has 256MB RAM and 2GB internal memory while IRA Thing tablet has 512MB RAM and 4GB internal memory. Now its upto you which model you choose according to your need but I hope that student will like it lot.

Comments Leave a Comment Categories Tablets. Sony Ericsson Xperia Update schedule for Android 4. Anyone who currently has a Xperia smartphone from Sony Ericsson then there is bad news for you because I know all of you should have already mentally set to update your Xperia smartphone with latest Android 4. According to news Sony Ericsson has reschedule the Android 4.

0 updation for Xperia Series and finally the Xperia 2011 device owners can expect to receive Android 4. 0 Ice Cream Sandwich by March end and early April 2012. Already In mid November, the Japanese-Swedish company has given green light to a corresponding Android 4. 0 update to the Xperia series. This Android 4. 0 update will come first to Xperia Arc S, V and Neo Ray smartphones. According to statement made on Sony blog Xperia Smartphone owners can expect to receive Android 4.

These include the Xperia arc S, V, and the Xperia neo ray. In the second step the mobile phone group will provide Android 4. 0 Ice-cream Sandwich operating system but you have to wait for this latest android operating system. The second round is scheduled for late April to early May. Currently the developers are still busy trying to unite the new features that bring the Android update with itself, with the Xperia s own system.

0 to Xperia arc, Xperia Play, Xperia neo, Xperia mini and mini pro and Xperia pro, Xperia active. The rollout of the new updates will be done in phases and be drawn out over several weeks, so will not supply all phone models at the same time. The question is iqoption tutorial the update for the Xperia own phone is ready or even a little patience is required, clears itself only through a notification sent by the manufacturer.

Once the phone will announce its willingness for update, the download can be make directly on the phone or via PC. Disables animations during instrumented tests you run from the cammand line. Specifies whether to use on-device test orchestration. Property Description animationsDisabled. Options for running tests. Name of the reports directory.

Name of the results directory. Block Description unitTests. Configures unit test options. boolean animationsDisabled. If you set this property to truerunning instrumented tests with Gradle from the command line executes am instrument with the --no-window-animation flag. By default, this property is set to false. This property does not affect tests that you run using Android Studio. To learn more about running tests from the command line, see Test from the Command Line. String execution.

If you want to use Android Test Orchestrator, you need to specify ANDROID_TEST_ORCHESTRATORas shown below. By default, this property is set to HOSTwhich disables on-device orchestration. Sometimes it feels like we ve been running Google s mobile OS on our Android devices forever. However, it s actually been just over a decade since the first official Android phone hit store shelves. Full Article Founding of Android The Android logo The launch Android version history Future of Android Comments.

The history of Android The evolution of the biggest mobile OS in the world. The key decision in Android history was Google s commitment to make Android an open-source operating system. That allowed it to become highly popular with third-party phone makers. Just a few years after the launch of Android 1. 0, smartphones powered by the new OS were everywhere. The OS has become the most popular mobile operating system in the world, defeating its many competitors like Symbian, BlackBerry, Palm OS, webOS, and Windows Phone.

12 years later, we are celebrating the launch of Android 11. Apple s iOS is the only platform still standing as a serious competitor to Android, and that situation doesn t look like it will change anytime soon. Let s take a look at the history of Android OS. The founding of Android. The history of Android begins in October 2003 well before the term smartphone was widely used and several years before Apple announced its first iPhone and iOS.

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